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Second Passport

Second U.S. Passport

The issuance of a second valid passport should be considered an exception to the regulations, and is to be approved on an individual basis only where justified.  These second passports are issued for a validity of two years, provided a justification for issuance exists.

The Department of State will consider issuance of a second fee passport when:

 - An individual travels so frequently that their passport is needed both for travel and submission for foreign visa applications simultaneously and/or;

- Primary passport is held by UKBA or other foreign embassy;

 - A foreign country will deny a visa or entry to the bearer of a passport containing markings or visas showing travel to certain other countries.

When applying for a second U.S. passport, depending on your circumstances, you may apply by courier or in person through a pre-arranged appointment. 

Application by mail  (for applicants who can surrender their passport for the required processing time)

You will need to bring the following:

  • Your 10-year passport and your previous 2-year second passport (if applicable);

Information for residents of England and Wales on submitting their application by mail is available by clicking here; for residents of N. Ireland here and for residents of Scotland here.

Application in person (for applicants who cannot surrender their passport for the required processing time) 

You will need to bring the following:

What can I bring into the Embassy?

Attending the Embassy in London

  • Prohibited items icon

    Electronic devices such as laptops are not allowed within the Embassy grounds.  For a list of prohibited items and storage facilities within the vicinity of the Embassy, please click here.  

    Large bags, such as backpacks, suitcases or packages classed above cabin-size allowance are also not allowed within the Embassy grounds. Please see this PDF file for a list of Left Luggage storage facilities (PDF - 36kb).

    Visitors who do not follow these instructions will experience considerable delays at the security check point, which could result in the interview being cancelled.