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Money Transfers Through Western Union

Money Transfers to the United Kingdom

You have several options for transferring funds to friends or loved ones in need in the United Kingdom.  Western Union operates throughout the United States and United Kingdom.  There are also several money collection locations at the London-area airports.  The Department of State also offers a money- transfer service. 

Western Union

Western Union operates throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.  The quickest and most efficient option to transfer funds is Western Union's 24-hour "Will Call" system.  Anyone (almost - it depends on the State) in the United States can call a toll-free number and provide credit card details over the phone to send money to the United Kingdom.  If the person sending funds doesn't have a credit card, or if the State in which the person lives doesn't allow transfer via credit card, the sender can go to the nearest Western Union office and deposit funds.  The recipient then calls a toll-free number in the United Kingdom to confirm that the money has arrived, and to find the location of the nearest Western Union agent.

U.S. person sending money:  Western Union at 1-800-325-6000

UK person receiving money:  Western Union Freephone 0800-833-833

To place a collect call (or "reverse the charge" as it is known in the United Kingdom) to the United States, dial 155.

Money can usually be collected within 30 minutes of the stateside transaction.  If the person sending funds is using a credit card, he or she must obtain confirmation from Western Union that the transaction has been processed, as well as a Money Transfer Control Number, which should be shared with the person retrieving the funds in the United Kingdom.  If the depositor does not stay on the line with Western Union long enough to confirm the credit card transaction and obtain the Money Transfer Control Number, the transfer may take up to four hours to reach the United Kingdom. 

The person receiving funds normally will need to present some form of identification, such as a passport or driver's license.  If you do not have any photo identification, obtain a police report to present to Western Union (and to the Embassy when replacing your passport, if needed).  While some branches of Western Union near the Embassy have stated they will release funds to Americans with no picture identification, but who do have a police report,   this is always at the discretion of the Western Union agent.  We cannot guarantee that the funds will be released if you have no photo identification. 

During the Embassy's business hours, you should first come to the Embassy and submit an application for a new passport, if needed.  You will be issued with a letter from the Embassy stating that we are processing a passport application for you.  This letter, along with the police report, should allow you to retrieve the funds sent to you.

London airport locations for money collection

 London Heathrow Airport  

  • American Express
    Terminal 3 & 4, First floor Departures
    Tel: +44(0)20-8759-4221
  • Exchange International
    Terminals 1, 2, 3 : Adjacent to the Underground exit
    Tel: +44 (0)20-8897-6829

London Gatwick Airport

  • TTT Money Corp : North Terminal
    Check-in, Departures Lounge lower and mezzanine, and Baggage Reclaim.
    Tel: +44 (0)12- 9356-8687
  • TTT Money Corp : South Terminal
    Check-in, Trains Exit, Departures Lounge upper and lower.
    Tel: +44 (0)12- 9356-8689

London Stansted Airport

  • TTT Money Corp: Check-in, Departures Lounge, Baggage Reclaim, and Satellite 3. 
    Tel: +44 (0)12 7968-12