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DX Secure Courier Service

Successful visa applicants are required to use the Embassy appointed courier service, Secure Mail Services, Ltd, which operates under the brand-name DX Secure and is part of the DX Group, for the return of their passport; there is no other method of delivery available.

Envelopes for the return of the passports will be on sale from the DX Secure representative at the Embassy on the day of the interview. Applicants will be required to purchase an envelope after the visa interview.

Fees for this service begin at £14:50, payable by debit or credit card only. If you do not have a debit or credit card of your own, please visit the DX Secure website for further information. DX Secure provide next workday delivery for most areas of the United Kingdom once the passport has been released to them. Further information will be available from the DX Secure representative on the day of your interview.

Why is the use of DX Secure a requirement of the visa application process?

Security and expediency. DX Secure provides for the secure delivery of documents to and from the Embassy. They also offer next workday delivery for most of the United Kingdom once they are in receipt of the passport.

If the passport is being returned by a courier service, can I expect to receive it the next workday?

The Embassy does not offer a same day visa service. Routine visa processing takes approximately 5 business days; petition based applications 5 - 10 business days. Your passport will not be released to the courier company until the application has been processed.

Applicants who are advised at the time of their interview that their application requires additional administrative processing will be handed back their passport while the Embassy conducts the administrative processing. The Embassy will notify the applicant when they are ready to proceed with the application. The applicant will then be required to contact DX Secure to arrange for the delivery of their passport to and from the Embassy. Further information is available from their website at

DX Secure Tracking Service

  • DX Secure couriers

    You can track the progress of your passport on-line by visiting once DX Secure are in receipt of it.  You will need your invoice number and the postcode quoted on the invoice.

    Reminder: Your passport will not be handed to the courier company until the Visa Section has processed your application. The average processing time for nonimmigrant and immigrant visa applications is 5 business days; the period is 5 – 10 business days for nonimmigrant petition based applicants.  If the application was suspended under Section 221(g) INA, 5 - 7 business days should be allowed for the processing of the application before the passport is handed to the courier company. 

    Note:  If your passport has not been handed to the courier company, you will receive a message saying "Sorry, this combination of tracking number and postcode do not correspond with our records. Please check and try again".