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Britain's Memorial to Franklin Roosevelt

Britain's Memorial to Franklin Roosevelt

The Roosevelt Memorial was funded in 1946 entirely through the sale of a souvenir brochure to the British public. This was the brain child of The Pilgrims, a society dedicated to the enhancement of friendship and understanding between Great Britain and America. So enthusiastic was the public response to the subscription that the total sum required was reached and exceeded in a mere six days from the day that British Prime Minister announced the opening of the appeal on the radio. More than 160,000 separate donations had been received.

On April 12, 1948, the statue was ceremonially unveiled by Eleanor Roosevelt and dedicated by U.S. Ambassador Lewis W. Douglas in front of an audience including the Royal Family, the Prime Minister Clement Attlee and the Leader of the Opposition Sir Winston Churchill.

  • Sculptor: Sir William Reid Dick (1878 - 1961) 
  • Architect: B.W.L. Gallanaugh (1900 - 1957).

Cover Text

The cover text of the souvenir book picture above is thus:

"THIS SOUVENIR BOOK is given to you in grateful acknowledgement of your donation of five shillings to the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Fund. It has been produced and distributed without cost to the Fund. It is hoped that as many persons as possible will contribute five shillings in order that the memorial may be thoroughly representative of the British people's wishes to commemorate Mr. Roosevelt"

History of the Embassy

  • History of the Embassy Taken from a report of the History of the U.S. Embassy (PDF) in London, as prepared by  Mrs. Margaret Bryant, Embassy Librarian, circa 1953.