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Flag of the Republic of Iran (Wikimedia Commons)

Iran News

Large room in the Senate building, Senate members on left, Secretary Kerry on right with members of the Press arranged on the floor

Secretary Kerry Testifies About Iranian Nuclear Deal Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington, D.C.

Secretary Kerry at a table with his counterparts from Germany, China, the EU, France, the UK, and Russia in before the P5+1 partner nations resume direct negotiations with Iranian officials about the future of their country's nuclear program.

30 March - Secretary Kerry sits with his counterparts from Germany, China, the EU, France, the UK, and Russia in before the P5+1 partner nations resume direct negotiations with Iranian officials about the future of their country's nuclear program. [DoS]

16 September US Official: Iran Nuclear Deal Going Forward  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's national security adviser said Tuesday that despite the best efforts of opponents to "demonize" the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S. is moving forward with the agreement.

10 September 2015 Secretary Kerry on Senate Vote on the Iran Deal  "Today’s vote by the U.S. Senate is an important step forward toward the United States and its international partners implementing the agreement reached in Vienna on July 14, 2015, to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. This agreement, when implemented, will make the United States, our friends and allies in the Middle East, and the entire world safer."

02 September 2015 Secretary Kerry's Remarks on Nuclear Agreement With Iran  "Without this agreement, Iran could continue expanding its stockpile of enriched uranium, which is now more than 12,000 kilograms – enough, if further enriched, for multiple bombs. With this agreement, that stockpile will shrink and shrink some more – a reduction of some 98 percent, to no more than 300 kilograms for 15 years."

11 August 2015 Kerry's Interview with Reuters on Iran's Nuclear Program  "But the bottom line is that under this agreement, Iran is in a much tighter box, if you will, because they have to live up to the international agreement with the threat that all the sanctions will snap back if they don’t. And they will snap back automatically. One nation alone can bring them back."

06 August 2015 Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal President Obama: The agreement now reached between the international community and the Islamic Republic of Iran builds on this tradition of strong, principled diplomacy.

03 August 2015 Secretary Kerry to Address GCC Concerns About Iran Deal (VOA)  Secretary [Kerry] is meeting Monday in Qatar with his counterparts from the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as he seeks to ease concerns about last month's international agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

30 July 2015 Carter: Nuclear Deal Limits Iran, Not the Defense Department  The U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement limits Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear bomb but puts no limits on the Defense Department or the United States, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told a Senate panel today.

28 July 2015 Secretary of State John Kerry Opening Remarks Before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs  "We are convinced that the plan that we have developed with five other nations accomplishes the task that President Obama set out, which is to close off the four pathways to a bomb. And I think as you listened to Ernie Moniz particularly on the technical components and see the whole deal, I really believe that that is a conclusion that everybody can come to. I'm not saying they will, but can."

24 July 2015 Kerry at Council on Foreign Relations in New York  "But the nuclear deal with Iran is straight security, literally day-to-day security and the structure of the potential of future relationships within the Middle East, which everybody knows has been on fire. Many of us believe that – and I’m not betting on it, I want to make that clear. I’m not saying this will be a consequence. But I know that a Middle East that is on fire is going to be more manageable with this deal and opens more potential for us to be able to try to deal with those fires, whether it’s Houthi in Yemen or ISIL in Syria and Iraq, than no deal and the potential of another confrontation with Iran at the same time. And the possibilities of Sunni-Shia explosion that were to come out of that other confrontation nobody should underestimate."

23 July 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement Review (Secretary Kerry’s Opening Remarks Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee)    "So, the outcome cannot be guaranteed by sanctions alone. ... The only viable option here is a comprehensive, diplomatic resolution of the type that was reached in Vienna."

22 July 2015 The Case for the Nuclear Deal With Iran  Op-ed by Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.
See also: Nineteen Days in Vienna: Behind the Scenes at the Iran Nuclear Negotiations (Flickr)

21 July 2015 US Defense Chief Visiting Saudi Arabia for Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter is visiting Saudi Arabia Wednesday, as part of a regional tour aimed at convincing skeptical allies about the benefits of the Iran nuclear deal.

20 July 2015 Ambassador Power's Explanation of Vote at U.N. on Iran Nonproliferation  (via IIPDigital)   Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at a UN Security Council Vote on Resolution 2231 on Iran Non-proliferation.

19 July 2015 State Dept. on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for Iran (   Pursuant to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, today the State Department transmitted to Congress the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, its annexes, and related materials. ... Therefore, Day One of the 60-day review period begins tomorrow, Monday, July 20.

16 July 2015 DoS Sherman Briefing to the Press on the Iran Nuclear Deal  "This is an issue that was created by the world. It was created by the United Nations Security Council resolutions. It was solved by the world in the P5+1 and the European Union facilitating, and now will be endorsed in a UN Security Council resolution that was introduced by Ambassador Power yesterday and joined by the P5 and, we hope, by every member of the Security Council for passage – we hope early next week. The world has worked hard to resolve this peacefully, and as we come to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, it is fitting that, in fact, multilateral diplomacy can be shown to work."

14 July 2015 Obama's Call with Saudi Arabian King Salman on Iran  The President spoke today with King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia. The President offered his personal condolences over the passing of Prince Saud al-Faisal. He shared details of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action  regarding Iran’s nuclear program agreed to among the P5+1, the European Union, and Iran.

14 July 2015 Secretary Kerry’s Interview with BBC on Iran

14 July 2015 Amb. Power on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran

14 July 2015 Obama’s Call with Russian President Putin on Iran (via IIPDigital)

14 July 2015 Statement by President Obama on Iran  "Today, because America negotiated from a position of strength and principle, we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region.  Because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon."

14 July 2015 Background Conference Call on Iran  Senior administration officials brief reporters via conference call on the comprehensive deal between the P5+1 and Iran.

14 July 2015 Kerry in Vienna on Iran Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to reporters in Vienna, Austria, to announce the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.

14 July 2015 Obama’s Calls with European Leaders on Iran’s Nuclear Program The White House releases a summary of President Obama’s calls with leaders of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Union on Iran’s Nuclear Program. (via IIP Digital)

14 July 2015 Statement by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on the Iran Deal 

13 July 2015 Diplomats say Historic Iran Nuclear Deal Reached   Diplomats in Vienna say Iran and six world powers have reached a historic deal capping nearly a decade of diplomacy that would curb Tehran's atomic program in return for sanctions relief.

09 July 2015 Kerry on Nuclear Negotiations with Iran "And I emphasize, given that the work here is incredibly technical and that the stakes are very, very high, we will not rush and we will not be rushed, and we won’t let ourselves be rushed through any aspect of this. All that we are focused on is the quality of the agreement, and that is what will continue to define our work."

08 July 2015 Obama's Teleconference with U.S. Negotiating Team on Iran (IIPDigital)   The President reviewed the progress of negotiations to date, and provided guidance related to our ongoing efforts to achieve a good deal between the P5+1 and Iran that meets our requirements.

08 July 2015 U.S., Iranian Nuclear Negotiators Meet in Vienna  Top U.S. and Iranian negotiators met for at least three hours Wednesday in Vienna to try to iron out differences in a nuclear agreement, one day after world powers extended yet another deadline to reach a final deal.  

The foreign ministers of the five other nations at the negotiating table have left Vienna.

07 July 2015 Iran Nuclear Talks Enter Overtime After Missed Deadline   Iran and major international powers continue nuclear negotiations in Vienna on Wednesday, after blowing through a second self-imposed deadline.   A Western diplomat in the Austrian capital said late Tuesday the talks with Iran are not "open-ended" and have just been extended for the last time.

05 July 2015 Secretary Kerry's Remarks on the Iran Negotiations in Vienna  "In many ways, this negotiation has been going on for literally a number of years. And over the past few days, we have in fact made genuine progress. But I want to be absolutely clear with everybody: We are not yet where we need to be on several of the most difficult issues. And the truth is that while I completely agree with Foreign Minister Zarif that we have never been closer, at this point, this negotiation could go either way"

03 July 2015 Secretary Kerry's Remarks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Before Their Meeting (

07 May 2015 Dempsey: U.S. Stands Ready After Iranian Waterway Actions   While the Strait of Hormuz appears calm in the aftermath of two reported Iranian acts of aggression toward commercial ships, U.S. military resources can respond quickly, said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey.

27 April 2015 Kerry, Zarif to Meet as Iran Nuclear Talks Continue  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will meet Monday in New York for the first time since announcing a framework deal to curtail Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

23 April 2015 U.S. 'Concerned' Iran Fleet Carrying Arms to Yemen   Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the United States is "certainly concerned" a fleet of Iranian ships reportedly headed toward Yemen is carrying weapons for Shi'ite Houthi rebels. 

20 April 2015 Yemen Brings US, Iran Closer to Naval Face-off Rising tensions over the conflict in Yemen appear to be pitting the United States against Iran in a sensitive showdown in the Gulf of Aden.   Citing current instability and the need to ensure that vital shipping lanes in the area remain open, U.S. naval officials said Monday they are sending two more ships to the waters off the coast of Yemen to take part in “maritime security operations.”

15 April 2015 Iran: US Congress Meddling in Nuke Deal   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Iran is in talks to reach a final nuclear agreement with six world powers, not with U.S. lawmakers. 

12 April 2015 Secretary Kerry interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC This Week.   On the agreement with Iran.

04 April 2015 President Obama's Weekly Address: Reaching a Comprehensive and Long-Term Deal on Iran’s Nuclear Program  "The deal, announced on Thursday, meets our core objectives of cutting off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. It is both comprehensive and long-term, and includes robust and intrusive inspections of the country’s nuclear program."

02 April 2015 Statement by the President on the Framework to Prevent Iran from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon 

02 April 2015 Kerry, Zarif Meet as Iran Nuclear Talks Continue Thursday  The extended negotiations on Iran's nuclear program continued Thursday in Lausanne, Switzerland, with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

01 April 2015 Iran Talks Continue Past Deadline  Ministerial talks between six world powers and Iran on the future of its nuclear program continue in Lausanne, Switzerland the day after the deadline for reaching an interim agreement had passed

31 March 2015  Hours Before Deadline, Gaps Remain in Iran Nuclear Talks  Negotiations on curbing Iran's nuclear program entered their final hours Tuesday before a self-imposed midnight deadline, with teams from Iran and a group of six world powers trying to resolve 18 months of talks into the outline of a comprehensive agreement

30 March 2015 Foreign Ministers Gather for Iran Nuclear Talks on Eve of Deadline   Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is meeting Monday in Switzerland with his counterparts from the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany, as the two sides try to beat their deadline for agreeing to an outline of a long-sought deal on Iran's nuclear program.

27 March Iran US Continue Nuclear Talks Ahead of Deadline   U.S. and Iranian negotiators are set Friday to continue a final round of talks on Tehran's nuclear program, as a March 31 deadline to reach a framework deal draws closer. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Thursday with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in Lausanne, Switzerland. Both sides have expressed optimism a deal can be reached.

27 March 2015 Obama’s Call with German Chancellor Merkel on Iran (via IIPDigital)   The President spoke today with Chancellor Merkel of Germany concerning the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. They reaffirmed their commitment to achieving a long term comprehensive deal that fully and verifiably ensures that Iran's nuclear program is exclusively peaceful going forward, while noting that Iran must make the decisions necessary to resolve several remaining issues.

21 March 2015 Secretary Kerry's Remarks to the Press on Iran Negotiations  "Over the past few days, I’ve had lengthy negotiations with the Iranian team about the steps that Iran must take to demonstrate that its nuclear program now and ongoing in the future is exclusively for peaceful purposes. Over the past months, the P5+1 have made substantial progress towards that fundamental goal, though important gaps remain. In London, we will share ideas this evening about how to resolve the remaining sticking points, as I did yesterday on the telephone with Foreign Minister Lavrov and Foreign Minister Wang Yi."

20 March 2015 Obama Urges Progress on Iran Nuclear Deal   President Barack Obama has delivered a new year's message to Iranians, telling them this year represents the "best opportunity in decades" to pursue a different relationship between their two countries.  In the video remarks, Obama said Iran's leaders should choose between what he called a "reasonable" nuclear deal, which he said would end Iran's international isolation and provide "greater opportunities for the Iranian people."

09 March 2015 Iran's Next Step in Building a 'Halal' Internet  "For years now, Iranian officials have talked about building a “Halal Internet” – essentially a giant Intranet for all of Iran that would seal off Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world.  ...  That said, the government there recently unveiled its next step in their effort to continue where its citizens can go and what they can say online: an Iran-only search engine called “Yooz".

09 March 2015 Obama: US Could Still 'Walk Away' from Nuclear Deal with Iran   President Obama said that while progress in nuclear talks with Iran has been made, gaps in the negotiating positions remain.

04 March 2015 Secretary Kerry's Remarks in Switzerland on Iran Nuclear Talks  

02 March 2015 Obama: Iran Must Freeze Sensitive Nuclear Activity for At Least a Decade  U.S. President Barack Obama says Iran must freeze its sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years in order for an agreement to be successful.  In an interview with the Reuters news agency, the U.S. leader also conceded that the chances of reaching such a deal are still less than 50 percent.

27 January 2015 State's Blinken Perspectives on the Strategic Necessity of Iran Sanctions  "We continue to believe that the best way to do that is to negotiate a comprehensive plan of action that, when implemented, will ensure that, as a practical matter, Iran cannot acquire a nuclear weapon and that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively peaceful."


EU High Representative Ashton and Secretary Kerry (AP Images)

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, left, and Secretary Kerry confer at U.N. headquarters September 22 about plans for a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

31 December 2014 U.S. Lists More Individuals, Entities Under Iran Sanctions Orders    The U.S. Treasury Department has designated nine individuals and entities under various existing Iran-related authorities for their support of the Iranian government’s sanctions evasion efforts and human rights-related abusers, including those engaged in censorship.

18 December 2014 U.S. Envoy at U.N. Security Council Briefing on Iran and Resolution 1737  Remarks by Ambassador David Pressman, U.S. Alternate Representative to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs, at a Security Council Briefing on Iran and Resolution 1737.

12 December 2014 Acting Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman Travel to Geneva (   "Acting Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman and the American negotiating team will meet on December 15–16 with Iranian officials in Geneva. These bilateral consultations will take place in the context of the P5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran, led by EU Special Advisor Cathy Ashton. Deputy Secretary General for the EU's External Action Service Helga Schmid will join for part of the bilateral meetings."

07 December 2014 Kerry on Charges in Iran Against U.S. Citizen Jason Rezaian  The United States is deeply disappointed and concerned by reports that the Iranian judiciary has charged Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian with unspecified charges, and that the judge denied his request to be released on bail. We are also distressed by reports that Jason was not allowed access to an attorney, which is a clear violation of Iran’s own laws and international norms

24 November 2014 Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Through 30 June 2015  International powers and Iran extended talks on a comprehensive deal over Iran's nuclear program, with new deadlines reaching into next year.    More than a year of intensive talks and the direct involvement of seven foreign ministers for the last several days failed to settle differences over how much nuclear enrichment capability Iran will be allowed to have, and how quickly economic sanctions will be lifted.
 • Kerry's Press Conference in Vienna on Iran's Nuclear Talks

17 November 2014 Background Briefing on Upcoming P5+1 Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program 

16 October 2014 State Dept. Briefing on Talks with Iran in Vienna 

26 September 2014 Background Briefing on P5+1 Trilateral Meeting With EU High Representative Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif 

29 August 2014 U.S. Sanctions Networks Linked to Iran

29 July 2014 State’s Sherman on Status of Negotiations with Iran  Under Secretary of State Sherman: "Although there are many aspects of these deliberations that I will discuss today, the participants have agreed that, to give this process the best chance of success, we will refrain from speaking in public about the specific details of the negotiation. With that caveat, I will be as frank as possible. "

29 July 2014  Treasury’s Cohen on Status of Negotiations with Iran   Cohen: "I will focus my testimony today on our efforts to continue to maintain pressure on Iran in order to achieve a successful outcome in the negotiations over its nuclear program."

21 July 2014 Iran Nuclear Talks Will Continue, Diplomats Announce  Iran and six world powers agreed to continue talks and to extend their deadline for reaching an agreement over Iran’s nuclear program for another four months, diplomats who have been meeting for months in Vienna announced July 18.

•18 July 2014 Kerry: Extension of Iran Nuclear Talks

18 July 2014 Briefing on Iran Nuclear Negotiations (

15 July 2014 Kerry: ‘Real Gaps’ Remain in Iran Nuclear Talks   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has ended three days of talks in Vienna with his Iranian counterpart without breaking the deadlock over the future of Iran’s nuclear program. But lower level-talks will continue at least until a July 20 deadline to reach long-term agreement.

13 July 2014 Obama's Call with U.K. Prime Minister Cameron   The President spoke today with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom to discuss the situations in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as the status of the P5+1 talks with Iran taking place in Vienna.

12 July 2014 U.S. Officials on P5+1 Negotiations with Iran  

04 July 2014 State Dept. Official on P5+1 Talks on Iran’s Nuclear Program 

30 June 2014 Kerry: Iranian Nuclear Deal Still Possible, But Time Running Out   "Our negotiators will be working constantly in Vienna between now and July 20. There may be pressure to put more time on the clock. But no extension is possible unless all sides agree, and the United States and our partners will not consent to an extension merely to drag out negotiations. Iran must show a genuine willingness to respond to the international community’s legitimate concerns in the time that remains."

20 June 2014 State Dept. Background Briefing on P5+1 Talks 

20 June 2014 Remarks by Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman on P5+1 Talks (

16 June 2014 State Dept. Background Briefing on P5+1 Talks 

15 May 2014 State Dept. Background Briefing on P5+1 Talks

13 May 2014 Senior U.S. Official on New Talks with Iran

09 April 2014 State Dept. Briefing on P5+1 Talks with Iran over Nuclear Program 

04 April 2014 Background Briefing on the Upcoming P5+1 Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program

20 March 2014 U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Discusses Iran With Israeli Defense Minister (via DoD)   During a phone conversation with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon yesterday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel expressed his deep concern about Yaalon’s reported comments on U.S. policy towards Iran and reiterated the U.S. commitment to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John K18irby said in a Defense Department news release.

19 March 2014 State Dept. Briefing on P5+1 Negotiations on Iran Nuclear Program 

14 March 2014 Background Briefing on Next Week's EU-Coordinated P5+1 Talks With Iran ( 

12 March 2014 Message to the Congress -- Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iran (  "Nevertheless, certain actions and policies of the Government of Iran are contrary to the interests of the United States in the region and continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. For these reasons, I have determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency declared with respect to Iran and to maintain in force comprehensive sanctions against Iran to deal with this threat. "

22 February 2014 Round Table on Iran in Jerusalem by State’s Sherman  Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy R. Sherman Roundtable With Journalists

20 February 2014 State Dept. Background Briefing on P5+1 Talks  Senior Official: "Good morning, everyone. You have just heard Lady Ashton and Foreign Minister Zarif say a few words at the end of this first round of comprehensive negotiations that are meant to ensure that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon and that the international community has confidence that Iran has only a peaceful nuclear program."  

17 February 2014 Background Briefing on P5+1 Talks with Iran    Special briefing with a Senior Adminstration Official in Vienna, Austria.

04 February 2014 First Steps Made in Nuclear Scale-Back in Iran   U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman appeared before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on to account for the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action forged between Iran and the P5+1 nations in November 2013.
 • State's Sherman on Negotiations with Iran

20 January 2014 Spokesperson Psaki on the Implementation of the Joint Plan of Action  Psaki: "Today marks the first day of implementation of the Joint Plan of Action that the United States, the European Union, and our P5+1 partners negotiated with Iran over its nuclear program."

20 January 2014 State Dept. Briefing on Iran and Implementation of the Joint Plan of Action Senior official: "The basic point is that you’ll recall last week the P5+1 countries and Iran agreed that January 20th would be the start date for the Joint Plan of Action, and that would be based on an IAEA report that Iran was complying with its responsibilities in the JPOA."

14 January 2014 White House on Iranian Honoring Lebanese Hezbollah Leader  The United States condemns the decision taken by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari to place a wreath at the grave of Imad Mugniyah, a former leader of Lebanese Hezbollah responsible for heinous acts of terrorism that killed hundreds of innocent people, including Americans

13 January 2014 Obama, Kerry Discuss Negotiations with Iran   Secretary of State John Kerry says the international community has taken “a critical, significant step” toward reaching a resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  At the same time, the international community will provide Iran with limited and targeted relief from the most stringent economic sanctions it has imposed, Kerry said. The relief will be phased in to match Iran’s efforts to meet its commitments.

13 January 2013 Background Briefing on the Implementation Plan of the P5+1 and Iran's First Step Nuclear Agreement 

12 January 2014 Obama on Action on First Step Agreement on Iran Nuclear Program  "Today’s agreement to implement the Joint Plan of Action announced in November marks the first time in a decade that the Islamic Republic of Iran has agreed to specific actions that halt progress on its nuclear program and roll back key parts of the program. ... In return, over the next six months the United States and our P5+1 partners -- the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China, as well as the European Union –- will begin to implement modest relief so long as Iran fulfills its obligations and as we pursue a comprehensive solution to Iran’s nuclear program."

12 January 2014 Secretary Kerry's Update on P5+1 Agreement with Iran on Nuclear Program     "We've taken a critical, significant step forward towards reaching a verifiable resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  On January 20, in just a few short days, we will begin implementation of the Joint Plan of Action that we and our partners agreed to with Iran in Geneva."


12 Dec 2013 Treasury’s Cohen at Senate Hearing on Joint Action Plan on Iran (via IIPDigital)

11 December 2013 Nuclear Deal Will Protect U.S. Security, Contain Iran Secretary of State John Kerry is urging congressional leaders to allow diplomacy to work and let an international agreement on Iran’s nuclear development move forward as negotiated by the six participating nations.

10 December 2013 Secretary Kerry on the P5+1's First Step Agreement with Iran on its Nuclear Program   Opening remarks by Secretary of State John Kerry before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the P5+1’s First Step Agreement with Iran on its Nuclear Program.

29 November 2013 Regarding Significant Reductions of Iranian Crude Oil Purchases  Secretary Kerry: "The effectiveness of the international sanctions regime has proven essential in bringing Iran to the table to negotiate and agree to the Joint Action Plan that, for the first time in nearly a decade, halts the progress of the Iranian nuclear program and rolls it back in key areas."

26 November 201 Secretary Kerry's Video Message on the Geneva Talks With Iran (transcript)  "First of all, this is a beginning. It's a first step. Over the coming months, we're going to roll up our sleeves and keep working with the parties at the table in order to reach a final, comprehensive agreement that ensures Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon and that the nuclear program that they do have will be entirely peaceful. And that has to be absolutely verifiable. ... On enrichment, we are eliminating Iran's stockpile of already enriched - 20% enriched - uranium. ... On plutonium, we're putting on hold the most meaningful parts of their reactor that's currently under construction in a place called Arak, Iran."

24 November 2013 Obama: New Agreement Halts Iranian Nuclear Program     President Obama says an agreement reached between the six world powers and Iran in Geneva is an initial step that will halt progress of the Iranian nuclear program for the first time in a decade.   The initial steps agreed upon by six major powers and Iran will provide limited, temporary, targeted and reversible relief to Iran, senior administration officials said during a background briefing from Washington. This agreement does not recognize that Iran has a right to process uranium or plutonium, which is essential in building nuclear weapons.
 • Senior U.S. Officials on Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Program

24 November 2013 Secretary Kerry’s Remarks After P5+1 Talks in Geneva

20 November 2013 Biden's Meeting on Iran with Democratic Senators

19 November 2013 Bomb Attacks in Lebanon (State Dept. link) Secretary Kerry press statement on the terrorist bombings at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut.

14 November 2013 Remarks by President Obama on Philippines, Iran  "Well, let me make a couple of points. Number one, I've said before and I will repeat: We do not want Iran having nuclear weapons. And it would be not only dangerous to us and our allies, but it would be destabilizing to the entire region, and could trigger a nuclear arms race that would make life much more dangerous for all of us. So our policy is Iran cannot have nuclear weapons. And I'm leaving all options on the table to make sure that we meet that goal."

10 November 2013 Kerry in Geneva on P5+1 Talks with Iran over Nuclear Program

10 November 2013 Kerry’s Interview on Iran with NBC News  "We are absolutely determined that this would be a good deal or there’ll be no deal. Now, that’s why it’s hard. That’s why we didn’t close the deal here in the last couple days, because we are together unified, pushing for things that we believe provide the guarantees that Israel and the rest of the world demand here."

07 November 2013  White House Press Briefing  "The P5-plus-1 is engaged in serious and substantive negotiations with Iran that offer the possibility of a verifiable diplomatic agreement that will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Those talks are continuing today in Geneva, where the United States is represented by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman."

06 November 2013 Senior U.S. Official Previewing Iran P5+1 Talks 

01 November 2013 Secretary Kerry's Meeting With International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano (  "Secretary Kerry highlighted the importance of the IAEA’s verification role in Iran to the United States and the international community, especially in the context of ongoing efforts to prove that Iran’s nuclear program will be used solely for peaceful purposes".

17 October 2013 Iran Nuclear Talks Open, Detailed  The White House says an Iranian proposal regarding its nuclear development program presented during two days of lengthy diplomatic talks in Geneva showed a level of seriousness and substance that had not been seen before.  

16 October 2013 State Dept. Briefing on Geneva Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program 

15 October 2013 U.S. Seeks Confidence-Building Measures with Iran  The Obama administration is encouraged by Iran’s stated desire to improve relations with the international community, and it is seeking to “test those assurances” in talks taking place in Geneva.

14 October 2013 Background Briefing on Iran P5+1 Negotiations (via   A Special Briefing by a Senior Administration Official in Geneva, Switzerland. 

03 October 2013 U.S. Will Negotiate with Iran, but Will Enforce Sanctions   Until a verifiable resolution of Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program is in place, tough sanctions will remain in place, says Wendy Sherman, U.S. under secretary of state for political affairs.

27 September 2013 Obama, Iran's Rouhani Discuss Resolving Iranian Nuclear Dispute   President Obama spoke with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by telephone, the first direct contact between an American and Iranian president in 34 years, in an effort to reach agreement over Iran’s secretive nuclear development program.   Obama said he has directed Secretary of State John Kerry to continue pursuing diplomatic efforts with the Iranian government.

25 September 2013 Kerry, Major Powers to Meet with Iran on Nuclear Dispute  President Obama announced during his address to the United Nations that Secretary of State John Kerry will pursue a renewed diplomatic effort with the five permanent Security Council members plus Germany and Iran’s new foreign minister over his country’s nuclear weapons development program.

24 September 2013 U.S. Officials on Relations with Iran  Press gaggle by a Senior Administration Official on Iran at the Pool Hold,United Nations, New York, NY.

09 September 2013 U.S. Exposes Iranian Attempts to Evade Oil Sanctions  The U.S. Treasury Department has identified a network of six individuals and four businesses as subject to sanctions for attempting to evade oil sanctions placed on Iran’s government.   The actions are part of ongoing U.S. efforts to prevent sanctions evasion by individuals and companies acting on behalf of the Iranian government.

06 September 2013 Secretary Kerry on Significant Reductions of Iranian Crude Oil Purchases "Today’s determination is another example of the international community’s commitment to convince Iran to meet its international obligations. A total of 20 countries and economies have continued to significantly reduce the volume of their crude oil purchases from Iran. We have brought significant pressure to bear on the Iranian Government, and we will continue to work with our partners to ratchet up the pressure on Iran to meet its international obligations."

05 September 2013 Ambassador Power at U.N. Security Council Briefing on Iran  "Like others here, the United States hopes that the inauguration of President Rouhanicreates an opportunity for Iran to act quickly to resolve the international community’s serious concerns about Iran’s nuclear intentions.  Unfortunately, we have not yet seen any clear signs that Iran is committed to addressing the most pressing concerns about its nuclear program. To the contrary, recent developments trouble us."

28 August 2013 Kerry on U.S. Citizens Detained or Missing in Iran

04 August 2013 White House on Inauguration of New President in Iran

25 July 2013 U.S. Acts to Ensure Iran’s Humanitarian Imports Continue  The U.S. Department of the Treasury took actions to reinforce long-standing U.S. government efforts to ensure that the extensive economic and financial sanctions on Iran — adopted to encourage Iran to comply with its international obligations — do not impede Iran’s humanitarian imports.

15 July 2013 Ambassador DiCarlo at U.N. on Iran  "Iran’s longstanding violations of its obligations with regard to the nuclear program are irrefutable. As we heard last month from IAEA Director General Amano, Iran has not shown a serious willingness to address the agency’s and this Council’s demands on the nuclear front. The Director General’s latest report again shows Iran moving full speed ahead with its prohibited activities. Iran has now accumulated a stockpile of over 6,300 kilograms of uranium hexafluoride enriched to 3.5% and 182 kilograms enriched to 20%, and hundreds of advanced centrifuges have been installed at its facilities."

16 June 2013 Kerry on Result of Iranian Presidential Election   "President-elect Rouhani pledged repeatedly during his campaign to restore and expand freedoms for all Iranians. In the months ahead, he has the opportunity to keep his promises to the Iranian people."

15 June 2013 White House on Election in Iran  "It is our hope that the Iranian government will heed the will of the Iranian people and make responsible choices that create a better future for all Iranians. The United States remains ready to engage the Iranian government directly in order to reach a diplomatic solution that will fully address the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program."

06 June 2013 The Rial Is Next Target for Pressuring Iran on Nuclear Activities  Starting July 1, the United States will be able to impose sanctions on financial institutions that conduct significant transactions or hold accounts that are dominated by Iran’s currency, the rial. The measure is the latest in long-standing U.S. efforts to deter Iran from its illicit nuclear activities.

05 June 2013 Secretary Kerry: Regarding Significant Reductions of Iranian Crude Oil Purchases (via  "The United States and the international community stand shoulder to shoulder in maintaining pressure on the Iranian regime until it fully addresses concerns about its nuclear program. That is why today I am pleased to announce that China, India, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Taiwan have again qualified for an exception to sanctions outlined in section 1245 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012, based on additional significant reductions in the volume of their crude oil purchases from Iran or for reducing those purchases to zero and remaining there."

04 June 2013 State's Sherman at Senate Hearing on Iran Sanctions 

03 June 2013 New Steps Tighten Enforcement of Sanctions Against Iran As part of its ongoing efforts to intensify sanctions pressure on Iran, the U.S. Department of the Treasury took a series of related actions to disrupt efforts to evade sanctions on the Iranian regime. The department sanctioned a company that Treasury said has aided Iran’s efforts to evade sanctions by attempting to conceal oil transactions with the government of Iran and an aircraft procurement network supporting Iran’s airlines that previously have been sanctioned for involvement in Iran’s support for terrorism around the world.
Announcement of Additional U.S. Sanctions on Iran

31 May 2013 Companies Sanctioned under Iran Sanctions Authorities (via   The Administration imposed sanctions today under Executive Orders (E.O.) 13622 and 13599 on a series of companies related to Iran’s petrochemical industry. ... Also today, the Department of State and the Department of the Treasury took actions to impose sanctions, including a visa ban on corporate officers, on Ferland Company Limited (Ferland) under both the Iran Sanctions Act, as amended by the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 (TRA), and Executive Order 13608 for efforts to evade U.S. sanctions on Iran.

16 May 2013 Iranians Deserve Better from Their Government, Diplomat Says  Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told a congressional panel that the Iranian regime has chosen to isolate its people, stunt the country’s economic growth, repress freedom of expression and align the nation with global terrorism and extremist groups.

09 May 2013 State Department Actions on Iran’s Nuclear Program  Today the Secretary of State imposed sanctions on four Iranian nuclear support companies and one individual as Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and their Supporters pursuant to Executive Order 13382. These entities and individual were designated because they provide the Iranian government goods, technology, and services that increase Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and/or construct a heavy water moderated research reactor, both of which are activities prohibited by UN Security Council Resolutions.

20 March 2013 Obama Challenges Iran to Resolve Nuclear Standoff Diplomatically President Obama said the United States seeks to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and he urged Iran’s leaders to resolve their dispute with the international community through diplomatic means.  The president said the United States and Israel agree that a nuclear-armed Iran would be “a threat to the region, a threat to the world and potentially an existential threat to Israel.”
Obama, Israeli PM Netanyahu's Joint Press Conference

14 March 2013 Companies Sanctioned for Work with Iranian Oil   Today, the United States imposed sanctions on Greek national Dr. Dimitris Cambis and Impire Shipping for disguising the Iranian origin of crude oil by concealing the control of a vessel by the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC). The United States also imposed sanctions on Kish Protection and Indemnity Club (Kish P&I), and Bimeh Markazi-Central Insurance of Iran (CII) for providing insurance or reinsurance to NITC. The Department of State is acting under the Iran Sanctions Act, as amended by the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 (TRA), and the TRA.

06 March 2013 Ambassador Rice on the Iranian Nuclear Issue "The Iranian nuclear issue remains one of gravest threats to international security and a top priority for the Security Council. We meet today at a time of new opportunities but growing risks. In recent weeks, the IAEA Director-General reaffirmed yet again that Iran continues to advance its nuclear program and obstruct the IAEA’s investigation into the program’s possible military dimensions by refusing to grant the IAEA access to the Parchin site and to documents, personnel and equipment requested by the agency. These actions, as well as Iran’s continued enrichment and heavy-water related activities, are in clear violation of this Council's demands."

07 February 2013 U.S. Iran Sanctions Exempt Food, Medicine, Remittances  U.S. sanctions have been steadily tightening on Iran as a result of the Iranian government’s continued failure to live up to its international obligations regarding its nuclear and ballistic missile activities. However, Americans have remained free to send humanitarian assistance to help the Iranian people, including food, medicine and money, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.


13 December 2012 State Dept. on Sanctions Against Iranian Nuclear Networks   Today the Secretaries of State and Treasury have imposed sanctions on seven Iranian private sector companies and five individuals for proliferating weapons of mass destruction pursuant to Executive Order 13382. These entities and individuals were designated because they provide the Iranian government goods, technology and services that increase Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and/or construct a heavy water moderated research reactor, both of which are activities prohibited by UN Security Council Resolutions.

08 November 2012 State Dept. on Sanctions Against Iranian Entities for Censorship  Today, the U.S. Department of State reported to the Congress the designations of four Iranian individuals and five Iranian entities for having engaged in censorship or other activities that prohibit, limit, or penalize freedom of expression or assembly by citizens of Iran, or that limit access to print or broadcast media, including by jamming international satellite broadcasts into Iran, and related activities.

18 October 2012 Rewards for Justice - al-Qaida Reward Offers  The Department’s Rewards for Justice program is offering rewards for information on two key Iran-based facilitators and financiers of the al-Qaida terrorist organization.  The U.S. Department of State has authorized a reward of up to $7 million for information leading to the location of Iran-based senior facilitator and financier Muhsin al-Fadhli and up to $5 million for information leading to the location of his deputy, Adel Radi Saqr al-Wahabi al-Harbi.

25 September 2012 World Cannot Contain Challenge of Nuclear-Armed Iran, Obama Says   President Obama says the United States “will do what we must” to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon because of the global and regional threat that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose.

21 August 2012 U.S. Treasury Authorizes Assistance for Iran Earthquake Victims  “The United States has made it clear that it would offer assistance to the Iranian people as they recover and rebuild” following the August 11 earthquake that ravaged northwestern Iran, said an August 21 statement from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

15 August 2012 Panetta: Iran Increases Support to Assad Regime  Iran is increasing its presence in Syria, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said August 14, through apparent efforts to bolster the Bashar Assad regime by training a militia and other tactics.

12 August 2012 White House on Earthquake in Iran

10 August 2012 U.S. Sanctions Syrian Oil Company for Selling Gas to Iran  The United States has imposed sanctions on Syria’s state-run oil company for selling gasoline to Iran, saying it will “employ all available measures” to halt sales of refined petroleum products to Iran.

01 August 2012 Expanded U.S. Sanctions on Iran Focus on Petrochemicals, Banks  President Obama has broadened U.S. sanctions on Iran as concerns continue over the country’s nuclear program and its failure to comply with its international obligations to suspend uranium enrichment and demonstrate that it is not developing nuclear weapons under the guise of a civilian energy program.

31 July 2012 White House Fact Sheet on Additional Iran Sanctions  In July 2012, the Obama Administration took two actions to further isolate and penalize Iran for its refusal to live up to its international obligations regarding its nuclear program, and to hold accountable financial institutions that knowingly provide financial services to Iranian banks that are under U.S. sanctions for their connection to illicit activities. These steps are part of President Obama’s commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons by raising the cost of Iran’s defiance of the international community.
 • Obama on Additional Sanctions Related to Iran

12 July 2012 Announcement of Increased Sanctions Against Government of Iran  Today, the United States is imposing additional sanctions on Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile proliferation networks, and is also taking additional steps to prevent the evasion of sanctions by publicly identifying a group of Iranian front companies and banks. These actions are part of the United States government’s dual-track approach of increasing pressure to convince Iran to engage seriously and address the international community’s concerns about its nuclear program.
•  State Dept Fact Sheet : Increasing Sanctions Against Iran

11 June 2012 Clinton on Reduction of Oil Purchases from Iran  "Today I have made the determination that seven economies have all significantly reduced their volume of crude oil purchases from Iran. They join the 11 countries for which I made this determination in March. As a result, I will report to the Congress that sanctions pursuant to Section 1245(d)(1) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 will not apply to their financial institutions for a potentially renewable period of 180 days."

05 June 2012 U.S. Envoy Wood on Implementation of NPT on Iran  "The Director General's resulting conclusions are clear: the [IAEA] Agency is still unable to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore cannot conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities."

01 May 2012 Treasury: New Order Targeting Foreign Iran, Syria Sanctions Evaders  The President signed an Executive Order (E.O.), “Prohibiting Certain Transactions with and Suspending Entry into the United States of Foreign Sanctions Evaders with Respect to Iran and Syria,” providing the U.S. Treasury Department with a new authority to tighten further the U.S. sanctions on Iran and Syria.

24 April 2012 U.S. Government Targets Computer-Using Abusers in Iran, Syria  President Obama issued an executive order that targets people in Iran and Syria using information technology to commit human rights abuses.  The order places sanctions on people involved in computer or network disruption or who are engaged in monitoring that enables human rights abuses by the government of Iran or Syria, the U.S. Treasury Department said in an April 23 press release. The sanctions block any assets they may have in the United States and prohibit U.S. people from engaging in any transactions with them.
 • White House: Sanctions Against Those Complicit in Grave Human Rights Abuses Via IT in Syria and Iran

01 April 2012 Briefing on U.S. Sanctions on Iranian Oil-Related Transactions  Background conference call by senior administration officials on presidential determination required pursuant to Section 1245 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization act

22 March 2012 U.S. Exempts 11 Nations on Iran Oil Sanctions  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton praised 11 nations — 10 European nations and Japan — for substantially reducing their purchases of oil from Iran. The 11 nations — Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom — were granted waivers by Clinton and will not be charged with penalties under a U.S. law that would impose sanctions on those nations who buy oil supplies from Iran. The waiver is for a renewable period of 180 days.

20 March 2012 Statement on Significant Reductions of Iranian Crude Oil Purchases  Secretary Clinton: "I am pleased to announce that an initial group of eleven countries has significantly reduced their volume of crude oil purchases from Iran -- Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom."

05 March 2012 Obama Will Prevent Iran from Getting Nuclear Weapon  President Obama says he is dedicated to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, arguing that if Iran becomes a nuclear-armed power it would spark an arms race in the Middle East and Iran could supply a nuclear device to a terrorist group.

01 March 2012 Iran Sanctions Enter New Phase, U.S. Official Says The United States and its partners are tightening sanctions against Iran to compel it to stop its illicit nuclear program, a U.S. Treasury official says.

17 February 2012 U.S., EU Want Sustained and Productive Talks with Iran Clinton welcomed Iran's apparent readiness to return to talks, but said, "If we do proceed, it will have to be a sustained effort that can produce results."

16 February 2012 Sanctions on Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security 
Today the United States Government took three separate sanctions actions against Iran’s primary intelligence agency, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS). MOIS was designated for its involvement in the commission of serious human rights abuses against the Iranian people, as well as its support to terrorist groups, including al-Qa’ida, Hizballah and Hamas.

16 February 2012 Assistant Secretary Gordon’s Interview with BBC on Iran 

06 February 2012 Obama Orders Stricter Sanctions Against Iran  President Obama ordered stricter sanctions be imposed on Iran and its central bank for noncompliance with its international obligations to halt development of nuclear weapons.  He also cited weaknesses in Iran’s regime to fight money-laundering, which pose an unacceptable risk to the international financial system.

26 January 2012 U.S. Hits Key Iranian Bank with Sanctions  The United States has imposed sanctions on a key Iranian bank for its involvement in Iran’s sensitive nuclear program, the U.S. Treasury Department announced January.   Bank Tejarat, Iran’s third-largest bank, was designated by the department for providing services to Iranian financial institutions and companies that already are subject to international sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program.

23 January 2012 Obama, Clinton and Geithner Welcome New EU Sanctions on Iran  President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner welcomed new European Union sanctions on Iran, measures agreed to by the organization’s Foreign Affairs Council in an effort to increase the pressure on Tehran to address concerns surrounding its nuclear activities.

17 January 2012  Rescuing Iranian Sailors? U.S. Says It Is Just Doing Its Duty  Recent actions by U.S. Navy and NATO ships to rescue Iranian mariners endangered by shipboard mechanical problems or pirates reflect a longstanding international custom on the world’s high seas that whenever a seafarer is in distress, the first duty to respond outweighs any other concerns. In recent weeks, meeting the call of those in distress has happened several times.

11 January 2012 Ambassador DiCarlo’s Remarks at U.N. on Iran’s Nuclear Program  Obviously, Iran has no justification for enriching uranium at this level, not for peaceful uses. We have very serious concerns about this blatant disregard for fulfillment of their international obligations. We too have made very clear and called on Iran to cease uranium enrichment and to come back to negotiations with the P5 plus 1.

10 January 2011 Secretary Clinton on Iran’s Announcement on Qom Facility  The United States condemns the Iranian government’s decision to begin enrichment operations at its Qom facility, an act contrary to its obligations under multiple United Nations Security Council and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors resolutions. This step once again demonstrates the Iranian regime’s blatant disregard for its responsibilities and that the country’s growing isolation is self-inflicted.

07 January 2012  U.S. Rescues Iranians Held Hostage by Pirates  A U.S. Navy ship has rescued 13 Iranians being held hostage by pirates in the Arabian Sea, days after Iran warned U.S. vessels not to return to the Persian Gulf.   The U.S. Navy announced Friday that it detected the pirates' skiff alongside the Iranian fishing vessel, the Al Molai, on Thursday after receiving a distress call from the Iranian ship. The Navy said a team of military personnel from the destroyer USS Kidd boarded the Iranian vessel, or dhow, and detained 15 pirates who were holding the Iranians hostage.


21 December 2011  Ambassador Rice on Iran and Resolution 1737  The United States would like to express appreciation for the Panel's recent work, including its Midterm Report and its recent report on Iran’s space-launch activity, which involved both projects related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons and launches using ballistic missile technology in violation of resolution 1929 (2010).

07 December 2011 White House on Iran’s Blockage of Virtual Embassy Tehran

06 December 2011 Virtual Embassy Tehran

22 November 2011 Iran Cut Off from U.S., U.K. and Canadian Financial Systems   Iran’s continued violation of its international nuclear obligations, as outlined in a recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report, has been met with new sanctions from the United States that target its financial, petroleum and nuclear sectors, and President Obama has warned that Iran will face more isolation and pressure if it “continues down this dangerous path.”

21 November 2011 New Sanctions on Iran    Secretary Clinton: "The message is clear: If Iran’s intransigence continues, it will face increasing pressure and isolation....Today the United States is taking a series of steps to sharpen this choice."
 • President Obama on Additional Sanctions on Iran
 • Fact Sheet : New Sanctions on Iran
 • White House Executive Order -- Iran Sanctions

18 November 2011  International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors' Resolution on Iran  We welcome today’s resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Board of Governors to hold Iran accountable for its failure to cooperate on its nuclear program. The world has sent a clear and unified message to Tehran that it is deeply troubled by the evidence revealed in last week’s report by Director General Amano.

18 October 2011 Interim Report of the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran  "We welcome the first interim report by the UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in Iran, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, and take note of his assessment regarding the Iranian government’s “pattern of systemic violation” of its citizens’ rights. The UN Secretary General’s report on Iran’s human rights situation also described an “intensified” campaign of abuses."

15 October 2011 U.S. Seeks Iran Sanctions Enforcement After Assassination Plot  The United States is urging the international community to consider the ramifications of the alleged plot involving members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force to assassinate a Saudi Arabian diplomat. U.S. officials are asking other nations to join the Obama administration in implementing financial sanctions to further isolate Iran’s regime and pressure it to comply with international demands concerning its nuclear activities, support for terrorism and the repression of its people.

12 October 2011 Obama: Iranian Plot a Flagrant Violation of International Law  President Obama says an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir and kill Americans in the United States is “a flagrant violation of U.S. and international law.

12 September 2011 Bushehr Fuel Deal Shows There Is No Need for Iranian Enrichment  The Obama administration noted the official inauguration of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor and says the agreement by which Russia will be providing uranium for the facility as well as taking back its spent fuel “underscores the point that Iran doesn’t need its own enrichment facilities.”

07 September 2011 Ambassador Rice at U.N. Briefing on Iran and Resolution 1737  Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at a Security Council Briefing on Iran and Resolution 1737.

07 July 2011 Persecution of Religious Minorities in Iran  "We join the international community in continuing to call on the Iranian government to respect the fundamental rights of all its citizens and uphold its international commitments to protect them."

23 June 2011 Joint Statement on Iran Sanctions  Joint statement by U.S. Department of State Secretary Hillary Clinton and U.S. Department of the Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Iran sanctions.

09 June 2011  U.S. Sanctions Iranian Security Forces for Rights Violations The United States is marking the second anniversary of the violent repression of Iran's opposition by imposing sanctions on the security forces involved in the crackdown.  The sanctions announced against Iran's Islamic Republican Guard Corps, the Basij militia, the national police and police commander Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam are the most recent in a series imposed on Iranian officials and organizations for violations of human rights.

11 May 2011 Human Rights and Democratic Reform in Iran  Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs.

29 March 2011 Announcement on Iran Sanctions Act

23 February 2011 U.S. Designates Iranian Officials for Human Rights Abuses  The U.S. State and Treasury departments have announced the designation of two Iranian officials for “serious human rights abuses in Iran.”


09 June 2010 Statement by Foreign Ministers of P5+1 on the Adoption of UNSCR 1929 on Iran   "We, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our determination and commitment to seek an early negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. The adoption of UNSCR 1929, while reflecting the international community's concern about the Iranian nuclear program and reconfirming the need for Iran to comply with the UN Security Council and IAEA Board of Governors requirements, keeps the door open for continued engagement between P5+1 and Iran."

18 May 2010 Remarks by Amb. Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations On the P5+1 Draft Sanctions Resolution on Iran


16 December 2009 Test Undermines Iranian Claims, Official Says  Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell today expressed concern over Iran’s reported test-fire yesterday of a medium-range missile, saying it undermines Tehran’s claim of peaceful intentions regarding its nuclear program.

30 September 2009 Background Briefing by Senior U.S. Officials on P5+1 Talks

28 September 2009 Iran's Obligations Under Nonproliferation Treaty  [From the State Department daily press briefing]. Assistant Secretary Crowley "Iran has obligations under the Nonproliferation Treaty.

14 September 2009 P5+1 Talks With Iran Being Planned for October 1st  "... We plan to address this issue of their not living up to their obligations head on. We – this is going to be front and center in our talks with them on October 1st. And we are not planning to start a whole new process here. This is just going to – we’re going to sit down and have the opportunity to explain to them directly what their choice is."

23 June 2009 Gulf Nations Support of Iraq Contains Iran (DoD)   Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today urged Persian Gulf countries to work together and with the United States on securing Iraq and containing Iranian ambitions.

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