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Instructions for Immigrant Visa (K) Applicants Applying for a Visa in London

The Immigrant Visa Unit at this Embassy is processing your application for a visa. You should now prepare for that appointment and take the following three steps.

Step One

Complete the nonimmigrant visa application Form DS-160 for each family member applying for a visa and print the confirmation sheet as this must be presented on the day of the interview.  If a question does not apply to you, please mark it with a N/A.  

Children born abroad to a U.S. citizen may have claim to U.S. citizenship.   If your child is a U.S. citizen s/he will require a U.S. passport to travel to the United States. If your child's eligibility for citizenship has not yet been determined, you should contact the American Citizen Services at the Embassy for further information.

Step Two

Assemble all of the documents required in support of your application and submit the Notification of Applicant(s) Readiness form to the Immigrant Visa Unit. Click HERE to submit the form. 

Step Three

Schedule a medical examination with the Embassy approved physician. Visa applicants, regardless of age, require a medical examination prior to the issuance of a visa.  Please note:  The appointment for your visa interview will not be scheduled until the Immigrant Visa Unit is in receipt of the results of the medical examination. Click here for further information.      

What Happens Next?

On receipt of the forms the Immigrant Visa unit will process your application and schedule the appointment for the visa interview.  Please allow 6 weeks from the date on which you complete and transmit the Notification of Applicant Readiness Form for the Immigrant Visa Unit to process your application and send you an appointment letter.  Please note, an appointment will not be scheduled for you unless the Immigrant Visa Unit has received your medical examination. 

When to contact us

We will not respond to status of case inquiries when an application has been pending less than 6 weeks.  You should contact us, however, if the circumstances of your application have changed.

For example:

  • Change of address;
  • Change of Marital status;
  • Death of petitioner; or
  • Birth or adoption of additional children.


Children of U.S. Citizens