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U.S. Embassy for Kids

Kids Newsletter

Come visit our blog and check out our quarterly Kids Newsletter.

Did you know?

  • Kids living in Jamestown in 1607 ate breakfast from a breakfast bowl - just like you!
  • It is 400 years since the first English children made a home in America.
  • It's possible to run a marathon in outer space!
  • Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt shared a great friendship.

Fun and Games

Learn about America by tackling these puzzles.

Learn about America

Follow the links to U.S. Government web sites for kids.

For Teachers

Sources of information for teachers in the U.K.

Education Matters! Follow the Resource Center on our blog for the latest on Education in the U.S.

For Outreach to Schools

The U.S. Embassy Speaker Bureau offers schools the chance to hear from Americans first-hand on topics of interest.