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Our Web Presence

U.S. Embassy London
The official website of the U.S. Embassy in London may be accessed at

Our blogs are hosted at and a list of the active ones is on this page.

In addition the U.S. Consulates Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Edinburgh (Scotland) also have seperate web presences:

U.S. Consulate-General Belfast

U.S. Consulate-General Edinburgh

VPP Wales
Our Virtual Presence Post Cardiff/Wales provides specific information on how to make business contacts with American firms, education in the U.S.A. and news from the Welsh Affairs Office.

U.S. Consulate-General Hamilton, BERMUDA

Official U.S. Government Sites
All official websites of the United States government utilize domain names ending with a ".gov" suffix.  U.S. Embassies may also provide suitable web aliases in their host country and they may also host additional websites such as the ones for our Consulates and VPP. 
It is important to note that ONLY the ".gov" websites are the official U.S. embassy websites containing official press releases and materials. 

Embassy Websites Worldwide
The U.S. Department of State maintains as a list of all U.S. government Embassy, Consulate and Virtual Presence Post (VPP) websites.