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NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization


10 July 2015 Designation of Tunisia as a Major Non-NATO Ally (   On May 21, President Obama announced his intent to designate Tunisia as a Major Non-NATO Ally during the visit to Washington of Tunisian President Caid Essebsi. Today, the Administration announced that the designation process is complete, making Tunisia the 16th Major Non-NATO Ally of the United States.

22 June 2015 Defense Secretary Carter Outlines U.S. Support for NATO Task Force  U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that the U.S. will provide multiple capabilities to NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, a component of its Response Force, while speaking at a news conference in Munster, Germany.

08 June 2015 Multinational Baltic Defense Exercise Showcases Interoperability   The U.S. has joined 16 other NATO and partner nations in a Baltic regional maritime exercise, Baltic Operations 2015 (BALTOPS). BALTOPS is an annual multinational exercise to enhance flexibility, interoperability and demonstrate the resolve of Allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region.

26 May 2015 NATO Secretary General thanks President Obama for strong U.S. leadership   NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US President Barack Obama discussed the Alliance’s response to key security challenges at the White House in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

26 May 2015 Obama, NATO’s Stoltenberg After Their Meeting 

13 May 2015 Kerry’s Remarks to Press at NATO Ministerial Event in Turkey "[] The United States stands very firmly behind the Wales commitments, with respect to NATO. We believe very strongly in NATO’s role, particularly on the southern flank in dealing with Libya, in dealing with some of the problems of migrants."

12 May 2015 U.S. European Command and Georgia Join for Exercise 'Noble Partner'  The Defense Department announced today the start of Exercise “Noble Partner” between U.S. European Command and the Republic of Georgia, which will assist in fulfilling troop commitments to the NATO Response Force.

21 April 2015 United States Welcomes Polish Missile Defense Tender The United States welcomes today's announcement from the Polish Ministry of Defense that Raytheon’s PATRIOT system has been awarded the “Vistula” integrated air and missile defense tender. 

26 March 2015 State's Blinken at the Atlantic Council's NATO Transformation Seminar 2015   "These principles, that the borders and territorial integrity of a democratic state cannot be changed by force; that is – it is the inherent right of citizens in a democracy to make their country’s decisions and determine its future; that linguistic nationalism, something we thought was confined to the dustbin of history, must not be allowed to be resurrected; and that all members of the international community are bound by common rules and should face costs if they don’t live up to the solemn commitments they make – and I want to pause on this last one for just a second because it resonates particularly and in interesting ways in the context of the Ukraine crisis."

03 March 2015 Leaders Discuss Keeping NATO Strong in Challenging World  NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Slovak President Andrej Kiska to NATO on March 3 for talks on current security challenges.

25 February 2015 NATO Commander on European Security Challenges  (via IIPDigital) 

06 February 2015  Hagel: NATO Must Continue to Change in Face of New Threats   The NATO alliance is transforming to address new threats, and it must continue to do so, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Brussels.


Flags flying outside of NATO headquarters (AP)

The NATO symbol and flags of the NATO nations mark the entrance to NATO headquarters in Brussels, site of the June 2014 NATO Foreign Ministerial meeting.

16 December 2014 Secretary-General Tells Ukrainian PM, ‘NATO Stands with You’ (via IIPDigital)

03 December 2014 NATO Foreign Ministers Announce Interim Spearhead Force  NATO foreign ministers announced that an interim Spearhead Force would be operational early in 2015 to improve the alliance’s readiness, and they agreed to maintain a continuous NATO presence in the eastern part of the alliance through 2015.

02 December 2014 NATO Stands with Ukraine, Increases Support   NATO foreign ministers stated their political and practical support for Ukraine as its new government embarks on key reforms.  The NATO ministers held talks with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, who participated in the meeting via video link from Kyiv.

06 November 2014 NATO Chief to Afghans: 'You Will Not Stand Alone'   The new head of NATO made an unannounced visit to Kabul on Thursday, telling Afghans that the Western military alliance would continue supporting the country after foreign combat troops withdraw at the end of the year.

06 October 2014 NATO Will Defend Every Ally, Secretary-General Stresses in Poland  (via IIPDigital)

08 September 2014 Hagel: U.S. Backs Georgia’s New NATO Standing  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made his first official visit to Georgia on following his participation at the NATO Summit in Wales, meeting with government and military leaders and congratulating the U.S. military partner on its new status as an enhanced NATO partner.

06 September 2014 NATO Wales Summit Declaration  "Our Alliance remains an essential source of stability in this unpredictable world. Together as strong democracies, we are united in our commitment to the Washington Treaty and the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. Based on solidarity, Alliance cohesion, and the indivisibility of our security, NATO remains the transatlantic framework for strong collective defence and the essential forum for security consultations and decisions among Allies."

04 September 2014 FACT SHEET: Wales Summit – NATO’s Changing Role in Afghanistan   At the Wales Summit, NATO Allies and partners reaffirmed their intent to conduct a non-combat train, advise, and assist mission in Afghanistan beyond 2014, known as Resolute Support, contingent upon the Afghans signing a Bilateral Security Agreement and a status of forces agreement with NATO.

03 September 2014 President Obama on Defending Baltic Allies Against Russia (IIPDigital) 

03 September 2014 Obama Stresses NATO Commitment to Baltics (IIPDigital)  

01 September 2014 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will begin his 16th international trip Includes Wales NATO Summit

28 August 2014 NATO Wales Summit: Family of Nations Committed to Peace, Freedom  This blog post by Douglas E. Lute, the U.S. permanent representative to NATO, was originally published on the State Department's blog.

14 August 2014 NATO Head Says It Must Adapt to New Security Challenges  NATO must adapt to security challenges such as Russia’s illegal actions in Ukraine, Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said during a visit to Norway.  “For the first time since the end of the second world war, one country in Europe has seized the land of another by force, and we have to adapt,” Rasmussen said.

05 August 2014 British Prime Minister Joins NATO Heads to Discuss Ukraine  British Prime Minister David Cameron joins NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove to discuss the impact of the Ukraine crisis on NATO’s collective security.

16 July 2014 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Allied Land Component (LANDCOM) Operational Update 

26 June 2014 Foreign Ministers Finalize Plans for NATO Mission in Afghanistan  NATO foreign ministers and their counterparts from International Security Assistance Force partner nations met in Brussels to review progress in the ISAF mission, take stock of the ongoing election process and firm up operational plans for the launch of a new NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces after 2014.
 • United Kingdom to Host 2014 NATO Summit in Wales 
 • Afghanistan Transition Tops 2014 NATO Summit Agenda

25 June 2014 NATO Foreign Ministers Agree Alliance Is Open to New Members   NATO foreign ministers have agreed that the Alliance’s door remains open to new members, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said June 25 at the start of the second day of ministerial talks.   Over dinner on June 24, the ministers reviewed the progress made by the four aspirant countries; Georgia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

24 June 2014 NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting to Focus on Ukraine, Afghanistan  NATO’s support to Ukraine and the implications of Russia’s actions, the future of its mission in Afghanistan, and preparations for the NATO Summit in Wales top the agenda of a two-day meeting of the alliance’s 28 foreign ministers in Brussels that starts June 24.  A more detailed discussion on the summit will be held on June 25 during the first working session of the North Atlantic Council, according to a June 23 NATO press release.

20 June 2014 Hagel, German Defense Minister Discuss NATO, Security Challenges   Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen met June 19 at the Pentagon, reaffirming the two nations’ strong friendship and alliance, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.

18 June 2014 NATO, Partners Mark 20th Anniversary of Partnership for Peace  (via IIPDigital)   The Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) met June 17 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Partnership for Peace, which has transformed Euro-Atlantic security and NATO itself by erasing dividing lines, inspiring reforms and building peace and security through consultation and cooperation based on common democratic values.

05 June 2014 Hagel Urges European NATO Members to Boost Defense Budgets  NATO European allies must dedicate more money to defense spending, and all are ready to do their part in the follow-on operation in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said at NATO headquarters in Brussels on June 4.

03 June 2014 European Reassurance Initiative and Other U.S. Efforts in Support of NATO Allies and Partners  Since early March, the United States has taken action, both bilaterally and through NATO, to reassure allies of our solemn commitment to their security and territorial integrity as members of the NATO Alliance.  A persistent U.S. air, land, and sea presence in the region, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, is a necessary and appropriate show of support to allies who have contributed robustly and bravely to Alliance operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere and who are now deeply concerned by Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea and other provocative actions in Ukraine.
 • A Persistent Presence: American's Continued Commitment to European Security

20 May 2014 NATO Defense Chiefs to Discuss Russia, Afghanistan  The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, will discuss the situation in Eastern Europe, Europe’s southern flank, and the way forward in Afghanistan during the NATO Chiefs of Defense meetings in Brussels this week.  The NATO Chiefs of Defense meetings are held twice a year, and this one is a lead-in to the NATO Summit that’s slated in Wales in September.

15 May 2014 NATO Secretary-General Calls on Allies to Remain Vigilant  NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says the NATO allies have to remain vigilant and ensure they are able to defend freedom, democracy and the rule of law in Europe.

08 May 2014 NATO Justified in Reinforcing Allies, Secretary-General Says  Washington — NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the alliance was fully justified in reinforcing the defense of Poland and other allies in the wake of the Ukraine crisis

03 May 2014 Hagel Calls for NATO Meeting on Defense Investment   At a Wilson Center forum here May 2 on NATO’s 21st-century security challenges, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called for the creation of a new NATO ministerial meeting focused on defense investment that includes finance ministers or senior budget officials.

02 May 2014 Hagel on NATO Enlargement, European Security (IIPDigital)

01 May 2014 NATO's Relevance to Peace Remains Strong, Biden Says   NATO remains as relevant to the peace and security of Europe as it did when it was founded 65 years ago, says U.S. Vice President Biden.   Speaking before NATO foreign ministers, ambassadors and other government officials, Biden said: “The growth of the Euro-Atlantic community has turned out to be one of the greatest forces in human history for advancing peace, prosperity, security and democracy.”

29 April 2014 Hagel Steps Up Consultations With Eastern European Allies (via   Hagel is committed the defense of NATO allies and has also directed U.S. European Command Commander Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove to consult with allies to update defense plans as the security situation in Europe evolves.

29 April 2014 Kerry at Atlantic Council on NATO, Ukraine  "If we want a Europe that is both whole and free, then we have to do more together immediately, with a sense of urgency, to ensure that European nations are not dependent on Russia for the majority of their energy."

29 April 2014 Events in Ukraine a “Wake-up Call” for NATO, Kerry Says   “The crisis in Ukraine now calls us back to the role that this alliance was originally created to perform, and that is to defend alliance territory and advance trans-Atlantic security,” Kerry said in remarks delivered April 29 at a conference hosted by the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based nonpartisan think tank.

28 April 2014 RAF deploys Typhoon jets to bolster NATO air policing mission (via gov.UK)   Four Royal Air Force Typhoons have deployed today to take part in the Nato Baltic air policing mission over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  [UK] Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced this to the House of Commons in March. The deployment forms part of a series of measures taken by Nato to support and reassure its eastern member states.

15 April 2014 NATO Leader Emphasizes Defense Cooperation  NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the Ukraine crisis has amplified the need to strengthen cooperation between NATO, the European Union and close partners.

14 April 2014 NATO Leader to Russia: De-escalation Starts on the Ground   "Today, Russia is speaking and behaving not as a partner, but as an adversary. ... In recent weeks, Russian officials have accused NATO of breaking its promises, interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, and escalating the crisis. It is time to see these claims for what they are: a smokescreen designed to cover up Russia's own broken promises, interference and escalation."

11 April 2014 Russia's accusations -setting the record straight (PDF, 400Kb, 4 pages)   Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has led to Russia’s international isolation, including NATO’s suspension of all practical cooperation with Russia. To divert attention away from its actions, Russia has levelled a series of accusations against NATO which are based on misrepresentations of the facts and ignore the sustained effort that NATO has put into building a partnership with Russia.  Russia has also made baseless attacks on the legitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities and has used force to seize part of Ukraine’s territory.

11 April 2014 NATO Defends Accuracy of Satellite Images With Additional Proof (via   "NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) defends the accuracy of the images that were released to media on April 10, 2014. The dates of the images released by SHAPE were collected by the DigitalGlobe satellite 'Constellation' between late March and early April 2014. The images are unclassified and are commercially available in DigitalGlobe's public archive. SHAPE did not alter or edit the images in any way prior to release."
 • Related: NATO Tumble images here and here

02 April 2014 Kerry Says Crimean Crisis is Wake-Up Call for NATO   NATO is facing one of its toughest challenges from Russia since the end of the Cold War in the 1990s. ...  NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on April 1 announced that the alliance will “suspend all practical civilian and military cooperation between NATO and Russia.”

01 April 2014 Secretary Kerry's Press Conference at NATO Foreign Ministerial in Brussels

31 March 2014 Secretary Kerry on Anniversaries of NATO Enlargement  "On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I welcome the five, ten, and fifteen-year anniversaries of three rounds of NATO enlargement. I am proud to celebrate the important milestones in NATO’s history that have strengthened the Alliance."

27 February 2014 Hagel Says U.S. Defense Strategy Demands Closer European Ties   Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels that U.S. defense strategy calls for a closer partnership with European allies while protecting readiness and enhancing modernization.  Hagel added, “Ahead of this year’s Wales Summit, the [NATO] secretary-general is putting a focus on improving NATO’s military capabilities so that we can make a down payment on meeting shortfalls.”
 • Hagel Press Briefing at NATO Headquarters in Brussels 

03 February 2014 NATO Secretary General in London for talks on Wales Summit (via   NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen discussed preparations for this September’s NATO Summit in Wales and thanked the United Kingdom for hosting the high-level meeting in talks with Prime Minister David Cameron. “This summit will shape the future of our Alliance. We will make sure that NATO has the equipment and skills we need to deal with the threats we face, such as terrorism, unstable states, piracy, missile and cyber attacks,” said the Secretary General.


04 December 2013  Kerry Cites Goals for 2014 NATO Summit   The 27-member NATO alliance is preparing for a 2014 summit in Britain and is focusing on three crucial issues: its future supporting Afghanistan security, future military capabilities and its partnerships with more than 44 nations, Secretary of State John Kerry says. 

03 December 2013 Background Briefing on NATO Ministerial, Kerry’s Trip in Europe   The foreign ministers are expected to discuss Afghanistan and NATO’s plans to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces after forces from the United States and NATO are withdrawn in 2014, according to a senior State Department official.  The ministers are also expected to discuss how best to sustain NATO’s military capability after operations conclude in Afghanistan.
 • Secretary Kerry's Solo Press Availability at NATO

15 November 2013 NATO Secretary General announces dates for 2014 Summit (via  " I am pleased to announce that the next NATO Summit will take place on September 4‑5, 2014. I also welcome the recent announcement by the British Prime Minister David Cameron that the UK will host NATO Heads of State and Government in South Wales."

24 October 2013 NATO Defense Ministers Lay Groundwork for 2014 Summit  NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels October 22–23 focused on laying the groundwork for the 2014 summit that will be hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron.  NATO leaders will review implementation of the alliance’s Strategic Concept, which the leaders agreed to during the 2010 Lisbon Summit, and pursue NATO’s transformation to ensure it builds the capabilities to address future challenges.

23 October 2013 Hagel, NATO Defense Ministers Gather at "Inflection Point"  NATO defense ministers are meeting this week as the alliance faces what many here call an inflection point: how to preserve hard-earned NATO operational capabilities while winding down operations in Afghanistan over the coming months.

22 October 2013 Hagel in Brussels for NATO Defense Meetings  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived here October 21 for a gathering of NATO defense ministers set to start October 22 and continue through the next day.

03 June 2013 Hagel Arrives in Brussels for NATO Defense Meetings   Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived June 3 to join NATO and partner defense ministers for discussions on topics including Afghanistan, cybersecurity, a possible Libya training mission and collective defense.  Senior defense officials traveling with the secretary noted the ministerial gathering here comes at a time when NATO capabilities and members’ defense spending are important issues.

31 May 2013 Obama, NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen After Their Meeting  President Obama and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen discuss the bilateral relationship, Afghanistan and NATO forces in remarks after their meeting.

23 April 2013 NATO Allies in Agreement on Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea  The United States and its NATO allies are in unanimous agreement about Afghanistan never again becoming a haven for terrorists, about the need for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to leave power and for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to cease its provocations, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

23 April 2013 Kerry at NATO Headquarters in Brussels  "Europe is America's partner of first resort, and this alliance is a vibrant and critical institution for ensuring the security not just of our region but all across the globe."

22 April 2013 Senior State Dept. Official on NATO Ministerial in Brussels 

18 April 2013 Implementation of the European Phased Adaptive Approach  Deputy Assistant Secretary Rose , Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, speaking at the Polish National Defense University, Warsaw, Poland.

28 March 2013 Obama on Nomination of Next Supreme Allied Commander Europe "Today I am proud to announce my intention to nominate General Philip Breedlove as the next Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Commander of U.S. European Command.…If confirmed by the Senate, General Breedlove will replace Admiral Jim Stavridis as the Supreme Allied Commander in late Spring.

25 March 2013 Admiral Presses for More NATO-Russia Dialogue  Noting increased cooperation between NATO and Russia in several key areas, the top NATO and U.S. European Command commander emphasized March 25 the importance of working through stumbling blocks in what he called a “complicated partnership.”

23 February 2013 Final Drawdown to Begin After Afghan Elections, Panetta Says  The United States will maintain more than 60,000 troops in Afghanistan through the spring and summer fighting season, cutting to 34,000 by February 2014 and staying at that strength through the Afghan elections set for 2014, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said here today.

22 February 2013 NATO Secretary-General Pledges New Afghan Mission Post-2014   Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke February 22 to open the session of NATO and non-NATO troop-contributing nations here on the last day of a two-day NATO defense ministers meeting. The International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan will end late in 2014, when Afghan forces will have assumed security responsibility for their nation’s people, he said.

17 January 2013 Panetta Urges New Focus for NATO   As the International Security Assistance Force transitions to a sustaining role in Afghanistan by the end of 2014, will NATO retreat from its responsibilities, or innovate to develop and share the capabilities needed to meet growing, global security challenges?   Defense Secretary Panetta delivered a speech at King's College here today, built around that question.

15 January 2013 In Europe Remarks, Panetta Stresses NATO Commitment  In a joint news conference here with Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenes Eulate, and in an earlier event today with Portuguese Defense Minister Jose Pedro Aguiar-Branco, the secretary praised NATO allies’ resolve over the past 10-plus years of war, and urged their continued commitment to the transatlantic alliance.


05 December 2012 Clinton Applauds NATO for Global Security Cooperation  Secretary of State Clinton and her counterparts from the NATO alliance discussed a wide range of global economic, security and political issues during a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.  The meeting of the NATO-Russia Council covered the group’s extensive cooperation with Russia in places like Afghanistan. Clinton said members also spoke frankly about areas of disagreement between NATO and Russia, including Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the need for a political transition in Syria

11 October 2012 Panetta at NATO Cites Significant Progress in Afghanistan  Speaking at a NATO defense ministers conference Panetta said a surge of U.S. and International Security Assistance Force forces has concluded and was successful in regaining control of ground under Taliban insurgent control in 2011 and preventing the Taliban from regaining any of those areas. In addition, the surge forces were successful in pushing the Taliban out of even more areas in 2012, he said.

10 October 2012 Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta's Statement to NATO Defense Ministers

03 October 2012 NATO Extends Rasmussen's Term as Secretary General  The North Atlantic Council has extended Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s four-year term as NATO secretary general for another year, until July 31, 2014, the council announced today.

18 September 2012 ISAF clarifies information on partnering with ANSF  (via     Recent media coverage regarding a change in ISAF's model of Security Force Assistance (SFA) to the Afghan National Security Forces is not accurate. ISAF remains absolutely committed to partnering with, training, advising and assisting our ANSF counterparts. The ISAF SFA model is focused at the battalion level and above, with exceptions approved by senior commanders. Partnering occurs at all levels, from Platoon to Corps. This has not changed.

06 July 2012 NATO to Strengthen Ability to Act with Global Partners  NATO seeks to assume a more global perspective, play its part globally and strengthen its ability to act with partners around the globe, says Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  In a speech at Chatham House, Rasmussen said forging closer links with partners in Asia, Africa and elsewhere is crucial to guaranteeing future security in the Euro-Atlantic area.

24 June 2012 Secretary Clinton on Syrian Shoot-Down of Turkish Aircraft "The United States condemns this brazen and unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms. It is yet another reflection of the Syrian authorities' callous disregard for international norms, human life, and peace and security."

21 May 2102 NATO Announces Interim Missile Defense Capability   NATO members announced that the alliance has achieved an interim ballistic missile defense capability, with plans for it to be fully operational in 2018. The capability is designed to defend NATO’s European populations and territories from a missile attack; the alliance said it is not directed against Russia and will not undermine Russia’s strategic deterrence capabilities.
White House Fact Sheet on NATO Capabilities
President Obama on Results of NATO Summit
NATO's Chicago Summit Declaration

21 May 2102 NATO Allies: Afghan Forces Will Take Security Control in 2013  President Obama and leaders of the United States’ NATO allies have formally agreed to transfer security responsibility across Afghanistan to Afghan forces in 2013, a significant step toward transition as U.S. and international forces prepare to end their combat mission in the country in 2014.
 • White House Fact Sheet on NATO and Afghanistan After 2014
 • NATO Summit Declaration on Afghanistan 

20 May 2102 Panetta Meets With UK Counterpart Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta met with his counterpart from the United Kingdom, Secretary of State of Defense Philip Hammond. The top defense officials met during the first day of the 25th NATO Summit, the largest and broadest in the alliance’s history.

20 May 2012 Obama at Opening of North Atlantic Council Meeting    "I look forward to our meeting with NATO’s neighbors and our partners around the world who have been so critical to NATO operations as in Afghanistan and Libya. It will be another reminder that NATO is truly a hub of a network of global security partners. There is nothing else like it on Earth."

20 May 2012 Obama, NATO Secretary-General Rasmussen Before Meeting at 2012 Summit 

14 May 2012 NATO Summit to Focus on Afghanistan, Missile Defense   Afghanistan will top the agenda items at the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago as coalition members consider an agreement on a long-term strategic partnership that promotes security and stability there, said Navy Admiral James Stavridis, NATO’s supreme allied commander for Europe.

10 May 2012 NATO Summit to Reaffirm Afghan Transition Plan  The May 20–21 NATO Summit in Chicago will focus on the alliance’s mission in Afghanistan, including its shift from a combat role to a supporting role for Afghan security forces, as well as defense capabilities and partnerships among member nations to meet the security challenges of the 21st century.

18 April 2012 Secretaries Clinton, Panetta at NATO Headquarters in Brussels  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta discuss Afghanistan and Syria during a press briefing at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

03 April 2012 Remarks of Secretary Clinton to the World Affairs Council 2012 NATO Conference 

21 March 2012 Fact Sheet on May NATO Summit in Chicago  The United States will host the NATO Summit May 20-21, in Chicago, Illinois. President Obama looks forward to welcoming leaders from NATO member and partner nations to his hometown for the Summit of the world’s most successful Alliance. At the NATO Summit, leaders will discuss the next major phase of transition in Afghanistan, agree to further steps to ensure NATO has the capabilities necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and further broaden and deepen its relationships with non-NATO partners.

12 March 2012 Obama: 2012 G8 and NATO Summits Scheduled for May  President Obama says he will host the 2012 Group of Eight (G8) summit of advanced economies outside Washington at the Maryland presidential retreat of Camp David to discuss long-term global economic recovery. He will also host the 28-member NATO Summit in Chicago this spring for talks on defense and security cooperation.  When the two summits were first announced, the White House had said it would host both events back-to-back in Chicago, the president’s hometown. But the president said during a news conference recently that splitting the two summits was an idea proposed to him after the initial announcement.

02 February 2012 Panetta Describes U.S. Military Transition in Afghanistan  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the United States is aiming to draw down combat forces from Afghanistan starting this year and end its combat role by late 2013, with a measured transition throughout 2014 to one of training and advising local security forces.

01 February 2012 Panetta to Meet With NATO Leaders in Brussels  Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said today he will stress during this week’s NATO defense ministers conference that ongoing coalition commitment is essential to success in Afghanistan.   “One of the pillars of our strategy is to build on successful partnerships, and NATO is, without question, one of the most successful military alliances in history,” the secretary told reporters traveling with him to Brussels.



08 November 2011 Obama, NATO Chief Discuss Libya, Afghanistan  President Obama and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met to discuss NATO’s just-ended mission to support Libya and to discuss goals for the 2012 Chicago summit, which will feature discussions on Afghanistan.  A significant part of their meeting in the Oval Office was focused on NATO’s defense capabilities to meet future security threats, which is expected to be a dominant theme at the next summit. Obama is hosting the 25th NATO summit May 20–21 in Chicago.

07 October 2011 Panetta Cites Progress, Gaps in NATO Defense  Countries of the NATO alliance must work together to defend common security interests now and in the future, said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. At his final press conference of the NATO defense ministerial, Panetta summarized key issues, praised the alliance and its success in Afghanistan and Libya, and detailed work that is needed to fill gaps in the alliance’s military capabilities. 

06 October 2011 Panetta Details Guidelines for Ending Libya Mission  Consensus exists among NATO members about how to decide when to end Operation Unified Protector in Libya, based on guidelines that can be used to evaluate conditions on the ground there.

05 October 2011 Defense Secretary Panetta Cites Need for Greater Investment in NATO  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Europeans that NATO members need to take this moment to make the case for a greater investment in the alliance so it remains relevant to the security challenges of the future. Many on both sides of the Atlantic have recognized that NATO nations are at a critical moment, he said.
 • Remarks by Defense Secretary Panetta at Carnegie Europe  

03 October 2011 Panetta Visits Middle East, NATO to Reaffirm Relationships  In his first visit as defense secretary, Leon Panetta will meet with Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian leaders and will travel to NATO headquarters this week to reaffirm the Defense Department’s security relationships.

10 June 2011 Gates Says NATO Security Gains in Afghanistan Can Be Sustained  Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the gains made in Afghanistan by the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force  over the past two years can take root and be sustained over time with proper allied support.   “Far too much has been accomplished, at far too great a cost, to let the momentum slip away just as the enemy is on its back foot,” Gates said in a speech to the Security and Defense Agenda conference in Brussels. His remarks came at the end of nearly three days of meetings by the NATO defense ministers.

10 June 2011 Reflections on the status and future of the transatlantic alliance  Secretary Gates said that "NATO has turned into a two-tiered alliance of members who consume security and those who produce it.  This is no longer a hypothetical worry.  We are there today.  And it is unacceptable.”

13 May 2011 Summary of Obama's Meeting with NATO Secretary General  The President and the Secretary General discussed Libya, where NATO and five partner nations are implementing the mandate of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 and are enforcing the no-fly zone, implementing the arms embargo, and protecting civilians from the violence inflicted on them by the Qadhafi regime.

07 March 2011 Readout of the North Atlantic Council Meetings on Libya  Special Briefing with Ivo Daalder, Permanent Representative to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Washington, DC.

13 January 2011 Gates Urges Support for Peace on Korean Peninsula  Peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula are in the common interest of China, Japan, South Korea and the United States, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says.  “This requires that [North Korea] cease its belligerent behavior and its provocations that have killed innocent victims, both military and civilian, in Korea,” Gates said at a January 13 press conference in Tokyo with Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa. Gates is meeting with political and defense leaders in China, Japan and South Korea during a five-day mission across Northeast Asia.

20 November 2010 Obama, NATO Sign Afghan Power Transfer Plan  President Obama has joined NATO allies in a formal agreement to transfer security control of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces to Afghan forces starting in 2011.  Speaking to reporters November 20 in Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of the 2010 NATO Summit, Obama said the transition of security forces would begin in July, with a target of completion by the end of 2014. He said the plan, proposed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, was endorsed by NATO partners.

20 November 2010 NATO Agrees on a Missile Defense Shield   President Obama says that NATO alliance leaders, for the first time, agreed to develop a missile defense capability that will cover all NATO European territory and populations, as well as the United States. Obama said that missile defense was part of the agenda at the NATO-Russia Council meeting, recognizing that the alliance and Russia share many of the same threats. Russia was asked to participate in the international missile defense system, which has been under discussion for more than a year.

20 November 2010 Obama's Press Conference After NATO Summit in Lisbon

18 November 2010 NATO, European Summits to Seek Answers to Global Challenges   President Obama arrives in Lisbon, Portugal, for two days of meetings starting November 19, with an agenda that includes demonstrating the central role of the United States’ relationship with Europe and the U.S.-European capability to meet global challenges.  Obama will be attending the 2010 NATO Summit and the U.S.–European Union Summit in Lisbon November 19–20.

16 November 2010 United States, NATO to Announce Afghan Power Transfer Plan   The United States and its NATO partners are preparing to announce plans to transfer security control of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces to the Afghans by the end of 2014, according to senior U.S. officials.  President Obama’s special assistant for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Doug Lute, said during a White House briefing November 16 that the military transfer will begin early in 2011 with plans for completion by the end of 2014. Lute said the transition was possible “based on conditions on the ground and as a result of the surge in international resources.”

14 October 2010 Clinton, Gates Urge NATO Reform to Meet 21st-Century Threats   Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged members of  NATO to individually and collectively focus on 21st-century threats such as cyberattacks and ballistic missiles and expressed support for a proposed Strategic Concept that was presented to alliance members in Brussels by NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
 • Secretaries Clinton, Gates Speak at NATO Headquarters in Brussels

14 October 2010 Clinton’s Interview on Afghanistan, NATO, Middle East

12 October 2010 NATO Ministers to Consider New Strategic Concept   When NATO foreign and defense ministers meet together for the first time in decades October 14 in Brussels, Belgium, they will discuss the future vision of the trans-Atlantic alliance, re-evaluate its command structure, assess reform efforts to keep it affordable and decide if NATO should build a missile defense for Europe, says a senior Defense Department official.

08 October 2010 Secretary Clinton Travels to Balkans, NATO Meetings    Secretary of State Hillary  Clinton is making a three-nation swing through the Balkans to show continuing U.S. support as the Balkan countries work to build democratic and prosperous nations and integrate into the European Union, says a senior U.S. diplomat.

22 February 2010 Secretary Clinton's Remarks on the Future of NATO   Speaking at the NATO Strategic Concept Seminar Secretary Clinton outlined some of the basic goals she hopes will define the new Strategic Concept.

27 January 2010 NATO Statement on Progress Before London Conference (from

19 January 2010 NATO and Europe : The Power Of Partnership  Remarks by Deputy Chief of Mission Richard LeBaron at the Higher Command and Staff Course at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in Shrivenham.

04 December 2009 NATO Allies to Send 7,000 More Troops to Afghanistan  Additional military forces, enhanced support for training Afghan security forces, and added civilian assistance will help keep Afghanistan from ever again becoming a terrorist safe haven and reverse the Taliban’s momentum, says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

01 December 2009 Secretary of State Clinton to Travel to Brussels  Secretary of State Clinton will travel to Brussels on 04 December 2009 to attend a meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) at the level of Foreign Ministers to be held at NATO Headquarters. On the agenda will also be a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers with Non-NATO ISAF contributing nations and a NATO-Russia Council working lunch. She will also meet with NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, as well as with newly appointed Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme and Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere, and EU leaders.

23 October 2009 NATO Looks at Boosting Afghanistan Support, Defense’s Gates Says  Defense Secretary Robert Gates said NATO allies are considering sending more military forces and civilian aid to Afghanistan as President Obama also is considering what course the United States will take there. Gates attended an informal meeting of NATO defense ministers in Bratislava, Slovakia, October 22–23, and Afghanistan was a featured topic on the ministers’ agenda.

19 October 2009 Biden to Visit Poland, Romania and Czech Republic  Vice President Biden will travel to Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic to discuss a range of issues at a critical time for East European nations that are transitioning from local agendas to a broader global security environment. All three nations are NATO members, all are involved in security operations in Afghanistan, and all are involved in the advancement of democracy, Tony Blinken, national security adviser to the vice president, said in a briefing with reporters before Biden leaves for Europe October 20. Biden will consult with leaders in Warsaw, Bucharest and Prague October 20–23.

29 September 2009 Obama, Rasmussen Consult on Afghanistan Strategy  President Obama and new NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen agreed at a White House meeting that the important thing to do in Afghanistan is first determine the best strategic approach, and then develop the resources to support it. "The first thing is not numbers. It is to find and fine-tune the right approach to implement the strategy already laid down, and all NATO allies are right now looking at [Army General Stanley] McChrystal’s review," said Rasmussen at a brief press conference.

08 June 2009 U.S. Ambassador Daalder’s Speech on NATO’s Agenda in 21st Century  Outlines a new opportunity for a new alliance.

15 April 2009 Partnerships Hold Key to Success in Europe, Beyond, General Says  Army Gen. Carter F. Ham, commander of U.S. Army Europe, emphasized international partnerships as being a key element in military operations.

06 April 2009 Youtube video of the original signing session of the North Atlantic Treaty (1949) including speech from President Truman

01 April 2009 North Atlantic Treaty Travels for First Time to Europe  The treaty that brought the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into being on April 4, 1949, has left the United States for the first time to be featured at the 60th anniversary NATO Summit. The North Atlantic Treaty, also known as the Washington Treaty, is a 14-article text that pledges its members to maintain international peace and security and promote stability and well-being in the North Atlantic area.

26 March 2009 Obama Urges Renewed NATO Effort in Afghanistan  As NATO prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday, President Obama calls for a renewed commitment to Afghanistan and other shared security challenges facing the 26-nation alliance.

23 March 2009 NATO Faces Growing Challenges as 60th Anniversary Approaches  Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will gather in France and Germany in April to celebrate the alliance's 60th birthday. The adjacent French and German cities of Strasbourg and Kehl on either side of the Rhine River will host the April 3–4 summit. Officials will welcome France back into the alliance as a full member, select a new secretary-general and forge a way ahead in Afghanistan.
 • Obama Welcomes France's Full Return to NATO

05 March 2009 NATO Agrees to Resume High-Level Ties with Russia  NATO must find ways to manage differences with Russia and work constructively in areas of common interest, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says. "It's time to explore a fresh start. We can and must find ways to work constructively with Russia where we share areas of common interest, including helping the people of Afghanistan, arms control and nonproliferation, counterpiracy and counternarcotics and addressing threats posed by Iran and North Korea," Clinton said at an informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.

February 2009

19 February 2009 Defense Secretary Gates Reflects on the Changing Nature of NATO  The U.S. believes that its NATO allies can make a significant, longer-term contribution in Afghanistan on the civilian side while U.S. forces work on strengthening the military side, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says.

05 February 2009 The United States and France Pledge Continued Transatlantic Alliance  Remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner after their meeting.

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