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President Barack Obama

President Obama waves as he enters the Waterfront in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as local schoolkids look on (Embassy photo)

President Obama waves as he enters the Waterfront in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as local schoolkids look on (Embassy photo)


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20 March 2015
President Obama and officials at Arlington National Cemetary

22 May 2015 - President Barack Obama reflects after laying a wreath at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill., on Memorial Day, May 31, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Close-up of President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron

15 January -President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron recommit to protect, safeguard and defend the values of the United Kingdom and the United States.

06 August 2015 Obama on Nuclear Deal  President Obama: The agreement now reached between the international community and the Islamic Republic of Iran builds on this tradition of strong, principled diplomacy.

04 August 2015 Obama, U.N.’s Ban Ki-moon After Their Meeting "As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, we can take great satisfaction in the success of the institution in resolving conflicts, in moving forward through its agencies on a whole range of development issues that are helping vulnerable peoples around the world." 

03 August 2015 Obama on America’s Clean Power Plan "Right now, our power plants are the source of about a third of America’s carbon pollution. That's more pollution than our cars, our airplanes and our homes generate combined. That pollution contributes to climate change, which degrades the air our kids breathe. But there have never been federal limits on the amount of carbon that power plants can dump into the air. Think about that." 
 • The Clean Power Plan

28 July 2015 Obama’s Remarks to the People of Africa "Africa and its people helped to shape America and allowed it to become the great nation that it is. And Africa and its people have helped shape who I am and how I see the world. In the villages in Kenya where my father was born, I learned of my ancestors, and the life of my grandfather, the dreams of my father, the bonds of family that connect us all as Africans and Americans."

25 July 2015 Remarks by President Obama at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit "So this is our first Global Entrepreneurship Summit in sub-Saharan Africa.  We wanted to come here.  I wanted to be here because Africa is on the move."

24 July 2015 Transcript of BBC Interview with President Barack Obama (via BBC)   "I will say this, that having the United Kingdom in the European Union gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union and is part of the cornerstone of institutions built after World War II that has made the world safer and more prosperous.  And we want to make sure that United Kingdom continues to have that influence. Because we believe that the values that we share are the right ones, not just for ourselves, but for Europe as a whole and the world as a whole."

22 July 2015 Obama's Videoconference with Afghan President Ghani  The President commended the progress made since the leaders met in Washington in March, including on efforts to curb corruption, revive the economy, and improve regional economic connectivity. ... The leaders discussed ways to continue to strengthen the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces as part of the U.S. train, advise, and assist mission and deepen the close U.S.-Afghanistan partnership to counter threats to Afghanistan and its people.

21 July 2015 Presidential Proclamation -- Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Chattanooga, Tennessee

20 July 2015 President Obama on 25th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act  "Thanks to the [Americans with Disabilities Act], the places that comprise our shared American life -- schools, workplaces, movie theaters, courthouses, buses, baseball stadiums, national parks -- they truly belong to everyone. Millions of Americans with disabilities have had the chance to develop their talents and make their unique contributions to the world. And thanks to them, America is stronger and more vibrant; it is a better country because of the ADA."
 • Fact Sheet: Celebrating 25 Years of Americans with Disabilities Act

14 July 2015 Obama's Call with Saudi Arabian King Salman on Iran  The President spoke today with King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia. The President offered his personal condolences over the passing of Prince Saud al-Faisal. He shared details of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action  regarding Iran’s nuclear program agreed to among the P5+1, the European Union, and Iran.

14 July 2015 Secretary Kerry’s Interview with BBC on Iran

14 July 2015 Amb. Power on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran

14 July 2015 Obama’s Call with Russian President Putin on Iran (via IIPDigital)

14 July 2015 Statement by President Obama on Iran   "Today, because America negotiated from a position of strength and principle, we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region.  Because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon."

14 July 2015 Obama’s Calls with European Leaders on Iran’s Nuclear Program The White House releases a summary of President Obama’s calls with leaders of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Union on Iran’s Nuclear Program. (IIP Digital)

10 July 2015 Statement by the President on the 20th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide   "As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Accords, we recall that the tragedy of Srebrenica helped mobilize the international community to halt the slaughter of civilians, and to finally end the war.  Today the United States stands committed to joining with our Balkan partners to continue helping heal the wounds of the past."
 • Secretary Kerry on 20th Anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide (IIPDigital)

08 July 2015 Obama's Teleconference with U.S. Negotiating Team on Iran (IIPDigital)   The President reviewed the progress of negotiations to date, and provided guidance related to our ongoing efforts to achieve a good deal between the P5+1 and Iran that meets our requirements.

06 July 2015 Obama Discusses Anti-ISIL Strategy With National Security Team at Pentagon   President Barack Obama discussed the strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant with civilian and military leaders of his national security team at the Pentagon today.
 • Obama's Remarks on Progress in Fight Against ISIL 

04 July 2015 Remarks by President Obama at 4th of July Celebration (

01 July 2015 Statement by the President on the Re-Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba   "The progress that we mark today is yet another demonstration that we don't have to be imprisoned by the past. When something isn't working, we can and will change."
 • Briefing on Re-establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba

29 June 2015 Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom   President Obama spoke with Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom today to express condolences and to offer support in the  aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack in Sousse, Tunisia, last Friday, which killed a number of British citizens.

26 June 2015 Obama on Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality "This morning, the Supreme Court recognized that the Constitution guarantees marriage equality. In doing so, they’ve reaffirmed that all Americans are entitled to the equal protection of the law. That all people should be treated equally, regardless of who they are or who they love."

26 June 2015 Secretary Kerry on Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality  "Today, by making marriage equality the law of the land, the Supreme Court reaffirmed one of our founding principles – and our highest ideal – that we are all created equal.  The Court’s decision also sends a clear message to every corner of the globe: no law that rests on a foundation of discrimination can withstand the tide of justice."
 • Obama on Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Equality
 • The U.S. Supreme Court and LGBT Rights

25 June 2015 Obama's Call from Russian President Putin  The leaders discussed the necessity of countering ISIL and developments in the Middle East, as well as the situation in Ukraine. President Obama reiterated the need for Russia to fulfill its commitments under the Minsk agreements, including the removal of all Russian troops and equipment from Ukrainian territory.

24 June 2015 Obama's Meeting with Chinese Representatives  The President acknowledged the importance of these annual ministerial-level mechanisms for expanding practical cooperation on regional and global challenges, while at the same time narrowing differences. The President and the Chinese Special Representatives agreed to further expand U.S.-China cooperation on climate and clean energy, and affirmed their unity of purpose in our approach to the Paris climate negotiations in December.

19 June 2015 Statement by President Obama on World Refugee Day  "World Refugee Day is a solemn occasion for the United States to join our partners in the international community in recognizing the dignity, value, and potential of every one of these lives.  It is a time to recall this Nation’s proud tradition of providing support to those who are most vulnerable, and a moment to challenge ourselves to continue being as generous and resourceful as we can in meeting their needs."

18 June 2015 Statement by the President on the Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina

18 June 2015 Obama on Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change

08 June 2015 Obama, Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi After Their Meeting (via IIPDigital)

08 June 2015 Obama After G7 Summit in Germany  "The G7 represents some of the largest economies in the world. But in our G7 partners, the United States also embraces some of our strongest allies and closest friends in the world. So, even as we work to promote the growth that creates jobs and opportunity, we’re also here to stand up for the fundamental principles that we share as democracies: for freedom; for peace; for the right of nations and peoples to decide their own destiny; for universal human rights and the dignity of every human being."

07 June 2015 Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom Before Bilateral Meeting  "We have no closer partner around the globe on a whole host of critical issues.  I would note that one of the great values of having the United Kingdom in the European Union is its leadership and strength on a whole host of global challenges.  And so we very much are looking forward to the United Kingdom staying a part of the European Union because we think that its influence is positive not just for Europe, but also for the world.

05 June 2015 Readout of President Obama's Call with President Poroshenko of Ukraine  President Obama spoke today with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the upcoming discussions about Ukraine at the G-7 Summit.

04 June 2015 First Lady Michelle Obama to Travel to the United Kingdom and Italy  In London, the First Lady will participate in events for the Let Girls Learn initiative.

04 June 2015 Senior White House Officials on Obama’s Trip to Germany Ben Rhodes, Dpt. National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, leads the call on the upcoming trip by President Obama to Germany for the G7 Summit in Munich.

2 June 2015 Israel Has Lost Credibility in Peace Process  Obama said Netanyahu's position "has so many caveats, so many conditions, that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met at any time in the near future. So the danger is that Israel as a whole loses credibility. Already, the international community does not believe that Israel is serious about a two-state solution."

29 May 2015 Presidential Proclamation-- LGBT Pride Month, 2015

22 May 2015 President Obama's Proclamation for Memorial Day 2015  "On Memorial Day, the United States pauses to honor the fallen heroes who died in service to our Nation. With heavy hearts and a sense of profound gratitude, we mourn these women and men -- parents, children, loved ones, comrades-in-arms, friends, and all those known and unknown -- who believed so deeply in what our country could be they were willing to give their lives to protect its promise."

15 May 2015 Obama Proclamation on World Trade Week 2015  "America's future depends on unlocking economic opportunities beyond our borders, where 95 percent of the world's customers live. Last year was the fifth straight record-breaking year for United States exports, supporting 11.7 million American jobs and contributing nearly one-third of our country's overall economic growth since 2009. Continuing this steady progress will strengthen America's middle class because businesses that export tend to hire more, pay their workers more, and invest more in innovation and research."

13 May 2015 Obama, Saudi Crown Prince Bin Nayef Before Their Meeting "This gives us an opportunity to discuss some of the bilateral issues, including the crisis in Yemen and how we can build on the ceasefire that’s been established to restore a process for an inclusive, legitimate government inside of Yemen. And it will also give us a chance to discuss some of the broader issues that will be the topic of the GCC-U.S. Summit tomorrow"
 • Obama Hosting Gulf Summit with Focus on Iran, Regional Conflicts 

11 May 2015 Obama at Global Entrepreneurship Event in Washington  "We’re here today because we believe in the power of entrepreneurship -- the basic notion that if you’ve got an idea and if you really work hard and you’re able to pick yourself up if you stumble a couple of times, you can eventually turn that idea into a reality."
 • Facts on U.S. Investment in Emerging Global Entrepreneurs

11 May 2015 Readout of the President’s Call with King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia (

02 May 2015 Statement by the President and First Lady Congratulating Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (  Michelle and I are delighted to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family, and all the people of the United Kingdom on the birth of the Royal Princess.

29 April 2015 Obama’s Call with Prime Minister of Nepal  (

29 April 2015 Statement by the President on the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Dachau

22 April 2015 Remarks by the President on the Impacts of Climate Change "So climate change can no longer be denied.  It can’t be edited out.  It can’t be omitted from the conversation.  And action can no longer be delayed.  And that’s why I’ve committed the United States to lead the world in combatting this threat. "

21 April 2015 Obama Proclamation on Earth Day 2015   President Obama speaks on the sigificance of Earth Day: " Today, our planet faces new challenges, but none pose a greater threat to future generations than climate change. [...] As a Nation, we must act before it is too late. That is why my Administration has taken a series of ambitious steps to combat climate change and protect our planet for our children and grandchildren." 

18 April 2015 President Obama's Weekly Address: Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored     President Obama speaks about his commitment to combatting the threat of climate change and keeping ourselves and future generations safe.

15 April 2015 Obama's Remarks Before Meeting West African Leaders on Ebola  "We have to be vigilant, and the international community has to remain fully engaged in a partnership with these three countries until there are no cases of Ebola in these countries. Health systems also have to be rebuilt to meet daily needs -- vaccines for measles, delivering babies safely, treating HIV/AIDS and malaria. And with our Global Health Security Agenda, we intend to do more to prevent future epidemics."

04 April 2015 President Obama's Weekly Address: Reaching a Comprehensive and Long-Term Deal on Iran’s Nuclear Program  "The deal, announced on Thursday, meets our core objectives of cutting off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. It is both comprehensive and long-term, and includes robust and intrusive inspections of the country’s nuclear program."

03 April 2015 Remarks by the President on Jobs in Solar Energy

02 April 2015 Statement by the President on the Framework to Prevent Iran from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon 

01 April 2015 Executive Order - Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities 

01 April 2015 Statement by the President on Executive Order "Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities"  "Today, I issued an Executive Order  that provides a new authority to respond to the threat posed by malicious cyber actors.  Cyber threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges to the United States, and my Administration is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront them.  As we have seen in recent months, these threats can emanate from a range of sources and target our critical infrastructure, our companies, and our citizens.  This Executive Order offers a targeted tool for countering the most significant cyber threats that we face. "
 • Fact sheet on the Executive Order
 • On-the-Record Press Call on the President's Executive Order
 • Letter - "Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities" (

24 March 2015 Obama, Afghanistan's President Ghani in Joint Press Conference   "President Ghani’s presence here today, along with Chief Executive Abdullah, underscores Afghanistan’s progress. In last year’s election, millions of Afghans defied the threats from the Taliban and bravely cast their ballots. In the spirit of compromise and putting their interests behind the interests of the nation, President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah ensured the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in Afghanistan’s history".

23 March 2015 Remarks by President Obama at White House Science Fair "So it’s not enough for us to just lift up young people and say, great job, way to go.  You also have to have labs to go to, and you’ve got to be able to support yourself while you’re doing this amazing research.  And that involves us as a society making the kind of investments that are going to be necessary for us to continue to innovate for many, many years to come."

23 March 2015 Obama at SelectUSA Investment Summit   "So the bottom line is this: America is proudly open for business, and we want to make it as simple and as attractive for you to set up shop here as is possible. That is what this summit is all about."
Facts on New Steps to Attract Foreign Investors to U.S. 

20 March 2015 Obama Urges Progress on Iran Nuclear Deal   President Barack Obama has delivered a new year's message to Iranians, telling them this year represents the "best opportunity in decades" to pursue a different relationship between their two countries.  In the video remarks, Obama said Iran's leaders should choose between what he called a "reasonable" nuclear deal, which he said would end Iran's international isolation and provide "greater opportunities for the Iranian people."

09 March 2015 Obama, European Council President Tusk in Washington "And let me just say at the outset that I think transatlantic unity is as strong as it’s ever been. We face a number of significant challenges. Obviously a major topic of conversation today will be the situation in Ukraine. We are all committed to making sure that we uphold the basic principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that have been threatened by Russian aggression. We’ve been able to maintain strong unity with respect to sanctions."

09 March 2015 Obama: US Could Still 'Walk Away' from Nuclear Deal with Iran   President Obama said that while progress in nuclear talks with Iran has been made, gaps in the negotiating positions remain.

08 March 2015 Statement of President Barack Obama Commemorating International Women's Day  "This gap between women’s inherent value and how many of them are treated every day is one of the great injustices of our time. On this International Women's Day, we recommit ourselves to closing that gap."
 • Secretary Kerry on International Women's Day

05 March 2015 Statement by President Obama on the 45th Anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty  "Forty-five years ago today the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty entered into force.  At the time that the treaty was signed, it was widely predicted that dozens of countries would develop nuclear weapons, a prospect that threatened to disrupt global stability and security.  Instead, thanks to worldwide collective efforts and commitment, the NPT has become the cornerstone of the nuclear nonproliferation regime, reinforcing international peace and security, and preventing the further spread of nuclear weapons while promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.  Today, global nuclear stockpiles are at their lowest levels since the 1950s."
 • Secretary Kerry on the 45th Anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

03 March 2015 Obama’s Videoconference with European Leaders on Ukraine    President Obama today spoke about Ukraine with his counterparts from France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom as well as European Council President Tusk. They reaffirmed their support for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine as expressed in the Implementation Plan agreed to on February 12 and the Minsk agreements signed in September 2014.

03 March 2015 Remarks by President Obama Before Meeting with Secretary of Defense Carter "I’ve said since before I became President that one of my primary goals in foreign policy would be preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons.  And with the help of Congress and our international partners, we constructed an extraordinarily effective sanctions regime that pressured Iran to come to the table to negotiate in a serious fashion. "

02 March 2015 Obama: Iran Must Freeze Sensitive Nuclear Activity for At Least a Decade  U.S. President Barack Obama says Iran must freeze its sensitive nuclear activities for at least 10 years in order for an agreement to be successful.  In an interview with the Reuters news agency, the U.S. leader also conceded that the chances of reaching such a deal are still less than 50 percent. 

27 February 2015 Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Leonard Nimoy  "Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy.  Leonard was a lifelong lover of the arts and humanities, a supporter of the sciences, generous with his talent and his time.  And of course, Leonard was Spock.  ... I loved Spock."

27 February 2015 President Obama on Murder of Boris Nemtsov (via   "The United States condemns the brutal murder of Boris Nemtsov, and we call upon the Russian government to conduct a prompt, impartial, and transparent investigation into the circumstances of his murder and ensure that those responsible for this vicious killing are brought to justice. "
 • Kerry on Murder of Boris Nemtsov in Russia

18 February 2015 Remarks by the President in Closing of the Summit on Countering Violent Extremism 

18 February 2015 Obama: Our Fight Against Violent Extremism  "The United States has made significant gains against terrorism. We've decimated the core al Qaeda leadership, strengthened homeland security and worked to prevent another large-scale attack like 9/11.  At the same time, the threat has evolved."

12 February 2015 Obama on Confirmation of Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary  "Ash Carter served as a key leader of our national security team in the first years of my presidency, and with his overwhelming bipartisan confirmation by the Senate today, I’m proud to welcome him back as our next Secretary of Defense. With his decades of experience, Ash will help keep our military strong as we continue the fight against terrorist networks, modernize our alliances, and invest in new capabilities to keep our armed forces prepared for long-term threats."

11 February 2015 Obama on Request to Congress to Authorize Force Against ISIL "As I’ve said before, I’m convinced that the United States should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the Middle East. That’s not in our national security interest and it’s not necessary for us to defeat ISIL. Local forces on the ground who know their countries best are best positioned to take the ground fight to ISIL -- and that’s what they’re doing."
 • Secretary Kerry on Support for Authorization for Use of Military Force (

11 February 2015 Obama on America's Leadership in Ebola Fight   "So the main reason we’re actually here today is for me to say thank you. Thank you to the troops and public health workers who left their loved ones to head into the heart of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa -- and many of them did so over the holidays. Thank you to the health care professionals here at home who treated our returning heroes like Dr. Kent Brantly and Dr. Craig Spencer. Thank you to Dr. Tony Fauci and Nancy Sullivan, and the incredible scientists at NIH, who worked long days and late nights to develop a vaccine."

10 February 2015 Obama's Call with Russian President Putin   President Obama today called President Vladimir Putin of Russia to address the escalating violence in eastern Ukraine and Russia’s ongoing support for the separatists there.

10 February 2015 Obama’s Call with President Poroshenko of Ukraine (IoPDigital) 

03 February 2015 Statement by President Obama on the Death of First Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh   "Today, we join the people of Jordan in grieving the loss of one of their own, First Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh, cruelly and brutally killed by ISIL terrorists.  On behalf of the American people, I offer my deepest condolences to Lieutenant al-Kasasbeh’s family and loved ones, to the brave men and women of the Jordan Armed Forces, and to King Abdullah II and the people of Jordan."

27 January 2015 Statement by the President on International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau   "The recent terrorist attacks in Paris serve as a painful reminder of our obligation to condemn and combat rising anti-Semitism in all its forms, including the denial or trivialization of the Holocaust.""

22 January 2015 Obama Seeks Authorization for Use of Force Against ISIL   In his State of the Union address, President Obama called on Congress to authorize the use of military force against the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.    In a speech largely focused on his domestic and economic agenda, Obama also touched on a myriad of topics related to the Defense Department, noting the start of the century “dawned with terror touching our shores.”

20 January 2015 Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address  Foreign policy excerpts from President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address.

20 January 2015 Obama Puts Forward Agenda He Says Will Secure US   In his 2015 State of the Union address, U.S. President Obama urges support for increasingly competitive workforce, continuing fight against terrorism.

16 January 2015 Presidential Proclamation for the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday, 2015 (   "A champion for justice, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., helped awaken our Nation's long-slumbering conscience and inspired a generation. Through a cacophony of division and hatred, his voice rang out, challenging America to make freedom a reality for all of God's children and prophesying a day when the discord of our Union would be transformed into a symphony of brotherhood. His clarion call echoed the promise of our founding -- that each of us are created equal -- and every day he worked to give meaning to this timeless creed."

15 January 2015 Obama Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day 2015  "From many faiths and diverse beliefs, Americans are united by the ideals we cherish. Our shared values define who we are as a people and what we stand for as a Nation. With abiding resolve, generations of patriots have fought — through great conflict and fierce debate — to secure and defend these freedoms, irrevocably weaving them deep into the fabric of our society. Today, we celebrate an early milestone in the long history of one of our country's fundamental liberties."

15 January 2015 Voice of Freedom Won’t be Muzzled, Say Obama, Cameron  President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron co-authored this commentary, published in the British newspaper, The Times. There are no republication restrictions.

12 January 2015 Obama’s Call with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel (via IIP Digital)

07 January 2015 Statement by President Obama on the attack in France   "I strongly condemn the horrific shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris that has reportedly killed 12 people. ... France is America’s oldest ally, and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security and the world."


President Obama at lectern

President Obama explains the airstrikes against the ISIL terrorist group in Syria from the South Lawn of the White House. (AP)

President Obama announced new sanctions against 20 Russian officials and individuals over the Crimean crisis. (AP)

President Obama announced new sanctions against 20 Russian officials and individuals over the Crimean crisis. (AP)

28 December 2014 President Obama on End of Combat Mission in Afghanistan   "Today's ceremony in Kabul marks a milestone for our country. For more than 13 years, ever since nearly 3,000 innocent lives were taken from us on 9/11, our nation has been at war in Afghanistan. Now, thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, our combat mission in Afghanistan is ending, and the longest war in American history is coming to a responsible conclusion."

20 December 2014 President Obama: America’s Resurgence Is Real  In his weekly address, President Obama reflected on the significant progress made by the United States in 2014.

20 December 2014 Obama Orders Trade Ban on Crimea for Russian ‘Occupation‘  President Barack Obama has imposed a wide-ranging trade ban on the Russian-annexed Crimea Peninsula, with an executive order that bars exports of key U.S. goods and services and blocks Crimean imports.

18 December 2014 Statement by the President on the Ukraine Freedom Support Act   "Today, I have signed H.R. 5859, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, into law. Signing this legislation does not signal a change in the Administration’s sanctions policy, which we have carefully calibrated in accordance with developments on the ground and coordinated with our allies and partners."

17 December 2014 Obama Charts New Course on Cuba Policy  The United States is taking historic steps to chart a new course in relations with Cuba and to further engage and empower the Cuban people, the president said, because decades of U.S. isolation from Cuba have failed to promote development of a democratic, prosperous, stable Cuba.
 • Obama on U.S. Policy Changes Regarding Cuba
 • White House Briefing on Cuba Policy Changes, Alan Gross Release

13 December 2014 U.S. Envoy at U.N. Security Council on Peace, Security in Sahel  "No matter how much humanitarian assistance is provided, without important governance, rule of law, and democratic reforms, no amount of international support will lead to the concrete positive gains that the people of the region desire, we all seek, and the region requires. We welcome Special Envoy Selassie’s efforts to continue to encourage the region’s leaders to undertake the kind of difficult institutional reforms needed for lasting peace."

11 December 2014 Letter from the President -- Six Month Consolidated War Powers Resolution Report   The Administrations' supplemental consolidated report to keep Congress informed about deployments of U.S. Armed Forces equipped for combat. Covers military operations in support of U.S. counterterrorism objectivies as well as military operations in Egypt and Jordan, U.S./NATO operations in Kosovo and regional security operations. 

11 December 2014 Obama at Export Council Meeting  "Obviously we've seen some significant economic progress here in the United States over the last year. Our businesses have added almost 11 million jobs over the past 57 months. This year our economy has already created more jobs [than] in any year since the 1990s, with still a month to go. All told, since 2010, we've created more jobs here in the United States than Japan, Europe, and all advanced nations combined."

09 December 2014 President Obama's Proclamation on Human Rights Day, Human Rights Week "On December 10, 1948, nations from six continents came together to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This extraordinary document affirmed that every individual is born equal with inalienable rights, and it is the responsibility of governments to uphold these rights. In more than 430 translations, the Declaration recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of all people and supports their right to chart their own destinies. On the anniversary of this human rights milestone, we join with all those who are willing to strive for a brighter future, and together, we continue our work to build the world our children deserve."

05 December 2014 Remarks by President Obama in Nominating Ashton Carter as Secretary of Defense 

29 November 2014 Presidential Proclamation on World AIDS Day 2014  "Since I took office, more people who are infected with HIV have learned of their status, allowing them to access the essential care that can improve their health, extend their lives, and prevent transmission of the virus to others. My Administration has made strides to limit new infections and reduce HIV-related disparities and health inequalities, and we have nearly eliminated the waiting list for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. For many, with testing and access to the right treatment, a disease that was once a death sentence now offers a good chance for a healthy and productive life."

26 November 2014 President Obama's Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day 2014  "Thanksgiving Day invites us to reflect on the blessings we enjoy and the freedoms we cherish. As we gather with family and friends to take part in this uniquely American celebration, we give thanks for the extraordinary opportunities we have in a Nation of limitless possibilities, and we pay tribute to all those who defend our Union as members of our Armed Forces. This holiday reminds us to show compassion and concern for people we have never met and deep gratitude toward those who have sacrificed to help build the most prosperous Nation on earth. These traditions honor the rich history of our country and hold us together as one American family, no matter who we are or where we come from."
 • A Labor of Love - Ambassador Barzun's Thanksgiving Day address 2014

24 November 2014 Obama, Hagel Remarks on Resignation of Defense Secretary 

20 November 2014 Obama Wields Executive Power to Improve U.S. Immigration System    In a November 20 televised address to the American people, President Obama laid out his plan to improve border security and enforce current immigration law more effectively within the scope of his executive authority, declaring his unwillingness to leave “this broken system the way it is.”
 • Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on Immigration

11 November 2014 China-U.S. Partnership Offers Global Benefits, Obama Says    “America is a thoroughly Pacific nation” and its security and prosperity are inextricably intertwined with that of Asia, President Obama told business leaders in Beijing.  Speaking at the Chief Executive Officer Summit sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, the president said “few global forums are watched more closely by the business community.”

07 November 2014 Presidential Proclamation -- Veterans Day, 2014

22 October 2014 President Obama on Shooting Incident in Canada (via IIPDigital)

15 October 2014 Obama: Fight Against ISIL Will Be 'Long-term Campaign'    There are no “quick fixes” in the battle against ISIL, Obama said. But with some 60 nations contributing to the coalition, he added, the world is united against the terrorist group.

15 October 2014 Obama's Videoconference with European Leaders Readout of the President’s Video Conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President François Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Ebola, ISIL and Ukraine.

14 October 2014 Obama After Meeting with Defense Officials from 21 Nations (via IIPDigital)

08 October 2014 Obama Meets at Pentagon With Hagel, Military Commanders   President Barack Obama today discussed a series of pressing issues affecting U.S. security, including the battle against Sunni terrorists in the Middle East as well as U.S. efforts to stop the spread of Ebola in Africa during a meeting at the Pentagon with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the military’s top commanders.

03 October 2014 Obama on Murder of U.K. Citizen by ISIL  "The United States strongly condemns the brutal murder of United Kingdom citizen Alan Henning by the terrorist group ISIL. Mr. Henning worked to help improve the lives of the Syrian people and his death is a great loss for them, for his family and the people of the United Kingdom."

24 September 2014 Obama: ‘Reject Cancer of Violent Extremism’   President Obama called on the world to join him in an effort to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the ISIL militants that have taken over large areas in Syria and Iraq.
 • Obama’s Address to 69th U.N. General Assembly (IIPDigital)

23 September 2014 Obama at U.N. Climate Change Summit  "So the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. The alarm bells keep ringing. Our citizens keep marching. We cannot pretend we do not hear them. We have to answer the call. We know what we have to do to avoid irreparable harm. We have to cut carbon pollution in our own countries to prevent the worst effects of climate change. We have to adapt to the impacts that, unfortunately, we can no longer avoid. And we have to work together as a global community to tackle this global threat before it is too late."

23 September 2014 Obama Hails Joint U.S.-Arab Strikes on ISIL Targets in Syria  President Obama hailed the coalition of Arab states that joined U.S. forces to pound ISIL targets in Syria, calling it a sign that Middle Eastern people were “standing up for the peace and security the region deserves.”

23 September 2014 Statement by President Obama on Airstrikes in Syria  "Last night, on my orders, America’s armed forces began strikes against ISIL targets in Syria.  Today, the American people give thanks for the extraordinary service of our men and women in uniform, including the pilots who flew these missions with the courage and professionalism that we've come to expect from the finest military that the world has ever known."

19 September 2014 Obama Reaffirms Commitment to Ukraine   President Obama has offered additional security assistance to Ukraine in its standoff with Russia.  Obama praised the Ukrainian leader for brokering a recent cease-fire in the conflict in the county’s east and for pushing through legislation granting areas controlled by pro-Russia rebels broader self-rule.

19 September 2014 Statement by President Obama on the Results of the Scottish Referendum 

18 September 2014 Obama on Congressional Approval to Train Syrian Opposition

16 September 2014 President Obama at CDC in Atlanta on Ebola Outbreak   "The reality is that this epidemic is going to get worse before it gets better. But right now, the world still has an opportunity to save countless lives. Right now, the world has the responsibility to act -- to step up, and to do more. The United States of America intends to do more."

13 September 2014 Statement by President Obama on the Death of David Haines   "The United States strongly condemns the barbaric murder of UK citizen David Haines by the terrorist group ISIL. Our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Haines and to the people of the United Kingdom. "

10 September 2014  Obama Pledges to Degrade, Destroy ISIL   “America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat,” President Obama told the American people in a televised address. “Our objective is clear: We will degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy.” The address came in the wake of a NATO Summit in Wales where leaders of allied nations discussed the growing threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and ways to counter it.
 • President Obama on Plans to Destroy ISIL
 • Facts on U.S. Strategy to Counter ISIL
 • Hagel on Obama’s Plans to Destroy ISIL (via IIPDigital)
 • Kerry on Obama’s Plans to Destroy ISIL (via IIPDigital)

05 September 2014 Obama: New NATO Force Sends Signal to Russia   President Obama said that the creation of a NATO “rapid-reaction” force will serve as a signal to Russia to avoid any future potential aggression similar to the ongoing fighting in Ukraine.

03 September 2014 Obama Urges Regional Strategy to Counter Islamic State    President Obama said U.S. airstrikes have blunted the momentum of Islamic State militants in Iraq, and that now a regional strategy is needed to “degrade and destroy” the group.

03 September 2014 Obama: Democratic Dreams of Free People Will Prevail   In a speech to students and civil society leaders at the Nordea Concert Hall in Tallinn, Estonia, the president praised Estonians for nurturing their dream of freedom “through centuries of occupation and oppression” to find “its most eloquent expression in your voices” in a democracy to which others look for inspiration.

03 September 2014 President Obama on Defending Baltic Allies Against Russia  

20 August 2014 President Obama on Murder of Journalist by Terrorist Group ISIL   "Today, the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group, ISIL. ... The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done. And we act against ISIL, standing alongside others."

20 August 2014 Secretary Kerry on Murder of Journalist by Terrorist Group ISIL   "James Foley went to the darkest of places to shine the light of truth. Nothing could stop him from sharing with the world the reality of what was happening on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the struggle against a brutal dictator in Libya, and he was just as determined to do the same from Syria."

19 August 2014 President Obama on Ongoing Operations in Iraq  "Today, with our support, Iraqi and Kurdish forces took a major step forward by recapturing the largest dam in Iraq near the city of Mosul.  ... Iraqi and Kurdish forces took the lead on the ground and performed with courage and determination."

19 August 2014 Obama on Ferguson: ‘We’re Going to Move Forward Together’ (via IIPDigital)    In too many American communities, men of color are "left behind and seen only as objects of fear," the president said, addressing Americans August 18. He pledged his commitment to changing both the perception and that reality.

18 August 2014 Obama on Destruction of Syria's Declared Chemical Weapons   "Today we mark an important achievement in our ongoing effort to counter the spread of weapons of mass destruction by eliminating Syria’s declared chemical weapons stockpile. The most lethal declared chemical weapons possessed by the Syrian regime were destroyed by dedicated U.S. civilian and military professionals[]."
Kerry on Destruction of Syria’s Declared Chemical Weapons

11 August 2014 President Obama on Recent Developments in Iraq   "The only lasting solution is for Iraqis to come together and form an inclusive government -- one that represents the legitimate interests of all Iraqis, and one that can unify the country’s fight against ISIL. Today, Iraq took a promising step forward in this critical effort. Last month, the Iraqi people named a new President. Today, President Masum named a new Prime Minister designate, Dr. Haider al-Abadi."

07 August 2014 Statement by President Obama on Iraq  "I’ve, therefore, authorized targeted airstrikes, if necessary, to help forces in Iraq as they fight to break the siege of Mount Sinjar and protect the civilians trapped there.  Already, American aircraft have begun conducting humanitarian airdrops of food and water to help these desperate men, women and children survive".
 • Statement by Secretary  Kerry on Iraq

01 August 2014 Obama, Russia's Putin Discuss Ukraine in Phone Call 

28 July 2014 Obama’s Teleconference with European Leaders on Ukraine, Middle East

27 July 2014 President Obama's Call with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel

22 July 2014 Obama Extends U.S. Condolences to the Dutch People 

16 July 2014 Obama on Ukraine, Iran, Gaza, Afghanistan  In a televised address at the White House on July 16, President Obama updated the American people on “foreign policy challenges” that he had discussed that afternoon with Secretary of State John Kerry.

13 July 2014 Obama's Call with U.K. Prime Minister Cameron   The President spoke today with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom to discuss the situations in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as the status of the P5+1 talks with Iran taking place in Vienna.

05 July 2014 Remarks by President Obama at Fourth of July Celebration ( 

04 July 2014 President Obama's Weekly Address: Celebrating Independence Day   In this week’s address, President Obama commemorated Independence Day by noticing the contributions and sacrifices from individuals throughout the history of this country – from our Founding Fathers, to the men and women in our military serving at home and abroad.

02 July 2014 Obama on 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act of 1964  "The Civil Rights Act brought us closer to making real the declaration at the heart of our founding – that we are all created equal. But that journey continues."

27 June 2014 President Obama Requests $58.6 Billion for Overseas Contingencies   The request calls for $58.6 billion for the Defense Department in the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2014.    “This is nearly $21 billion less than last year’s OCO request, representing a 26 percent reduction in OCO funding as our nation concludes 13 years of war and our mission in Afghanistan transitions to a training, advisory, and assistance role post-2014,” Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said in a written statement issued yesterday.

27 June 2014 President Obama's Message to Muslims on Ramadan  "On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world on the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan."

23 June 2014 President Obama's Call with Russian President Putin   President Obama spoke with Russian President Putin today about the situation in Ukraine. President Obama welcomed President Poroshenko’s peace plan and urged that Russia and separatist leaders work closely with the Ukrainian government to take concrete steps to implement it. The President called upon President Putin to press the separatists to recognize and abide by the ceasefire and to halt the flow of weapons and materiel across its border into Ukraine.

19 June 2014 President Obama on Situation in Iraq   After a meeting with his national security team, President Obama delivered a statement from the White House Press Briefing Room on the situation in Iraq and the U.S. response in Iraq.

16 June 2014 Obama Weighs Options for Intervention in Iraq   Citing the “huge investments and sacrifices” Americans have made in Iraq, President Barack Obama said today that he has asked his national security team to prepare a range of options to help Iraqi security forces stop rapidly advancing Sunni insurgents who have overrun much of the country’s north, control most of Anbar province and are now threatening the capital, Baghdad.

13 June 2014 Obama: Iraq Needs More Help from U.S., International Community  Calling the situation in Iraq “clearly an emergency situation,” President Obama said that the Iraqi government will need more help from the United States and the international community to keep jihadists from getting a permanent foothold in the region.

13 June 2014 President Obama Gives an Update on the Situation in Iraq (

06 June 2014 President Obama’s Remarks at 70th Anniversary of D-Day (via USNATO)

05 June 2014 Proclamation on D-Day National Remembrance Day 2014

04 June 2014  G7 Leaders’ Statement on Foreign Policy Issues

04 June 2014 Obama Lauds Poland as Inspiration for Democratic Change  Washington — President Obama marked the 25th anniversary of Polish elections that helped end the communist domination of Eastern Europe and said the sacrifices made by Poles have helped to strengthen democracy around the world.

03 June 2014 Obama Before Meeting with Central, Eastern European Leaders   

31 May 2014 Obama on Release of U.S. Soldier from Captivity in Afghanistan  "Today the American people are pleased that we will be able to welcome home Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, held captive for nearly five years. On behalf of the American people, I was honored to call his parents to express our joy that they can expect his safe return, mindful of their courage and sacrifice throughout this ordeal. ... For his assistance in helping to secure our soldier's return, I extend my deepest appreciation to the Amir of Qatar. The Amir’s personal commitment to this effort is a testament to the partnership between our two countries."
 • Statement by the President on the Release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl (
 • Secretary Kerry on Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl (via

30 May 2014 Press Briefing on the President's Upcoming Trip to Poland, Belgium and France (    Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes briefs reporters on President Obama's upcoming trip to Poland, Belgium and France. In Belgium, President Obama will have a meeting with King Philippe. Then he will attend the G7 summit.

28 May 2014 President Obama’s Commencement Address at West Point 
 • Obama Says Collaboration Is Best Response to Global Challenges
 • Senior Official on Obama's Address at West Point 

28 May 2014 President Obama on Passing of Maya Angelou  "Like so many others, Michelle and I will always cherish the time we were privileged to spend with Maya. With a kind word and a strong embrace, she had the ability to remind us that we are all God’s children; that we all have something to offer."

27 May 2014 Readout of the President’s Call with President-elect Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine  ( 

26 May 2014 President Obama at Memorial Day Ceremony Honoring U.S. War Dead

25 May 2014 Remarks by the President to the Troops at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

30 April 2014 Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Travel to Europe in June 2014

21 April 2014 President Obama's Proclamation on Earth Day  "The first Earth Day was a call to action for every citizen, every family, and every public official. It gave voice to the conservation movement, led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and pushed our Nation to adopt landmark laws on clean air and water. ... Today, we face another problem that threatens us all. The overwhelming judgment of science tells us that climate change is altering our planet in ways that will have profound impacts on all of humankind."

25 March 2014 Obama Commends Increased Commitment to Reducing Nuclear Material   In remarks at the end of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Netherlands, President Obama commended several participating countries for taking concrete steps to reduce the chances of excess nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists. 

25 March 2014 Obama’s Closing Remarks at Nuclear Security Summit  (IIPDigital)

24 March 2014 Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands After Bilateral Meeting  

22 March 2014 Obama to Visit with European, Asian, Middle Eastern Leaders   Over a span of five days, Obama will attend the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Netherlands; an impromptu Group of Seven (G7) summit on the sidelines of The Hague meeting; the U.S.-EU Summit in Brussels; a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Brussels; a meeting with Pope Francis at Vatican City; and a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah in Riyadh.
 • White House Press Briefing, Preview of Obama Overseas Trip (IIPDigital)

20 March 2014 Statement by the President on Ukraine  "As part of that process, I signed a new executive order today that gives us the authority to impose sanctions not just on individuals but on key sectors of the Russian economy.  This is not our preferred outcome.  These sanctions would not only have a significant impact on the Russian economy, but could also be disruptive to the global economy."
 • Obama Orders Sanctions on More Russian Officials over Crimea
 • White House Letter and Executive Order -- Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine
 •  Executive Order -- Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine (PDF, 3 pages)
 •  White House Letter -- Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine (PDF, 2 pages)

17 March  2014 Letter and Executive Order -- Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine 
Attached is the text of a letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate and an Executive Order signed yesterday regarding blocking property of additional persons contributing to the situation in Ukraine.
 • Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate (PDF, 2 pages)
 • Letter -- Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine
 • FACT SHEET: Ukraine-Related Sanctions

08 March 2014 Obama's Calls on Ukraine with 6 European Leaders  The President spoke separately with Prime Minister Cameron, President Hollande, and Prime Minister Renzi today about Ukraine. The President welcomed the strong, unified stance of the United States and the European Union regarding Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, including in the conclusions of the March 6 European Council. The leaders reiterated their grave concern over Russia’s clear violation of international law and reaffirmed their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

06 March 2014 Obama Says Proposed Crimean Referendum Illegal   President Obama said a proposed March 16 referendum on the future of Crimea that is being supported by Russia would be illegal.  At a White House briefing, President Obama said, “Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine.” The proposed referendum would violate the Ukrainian Constitution and international law, he said.  “In 2014, we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders,” he added.
 • President Obama’s Call with Russian President Putin on Ukraine (

04 March 2014 Obama Submits Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2015 to Congress   President Obama released his blueprint for how the federal government should spend its money in fiscal year 2015, which begins October 1, 2014. The request seeks authorization to spend nearly $4 trillion.
 • U.S. Officials on 2015 State Department, USAID Budget

02 March 2014 President Obama's Call with Russian President Putin  President Obama spoke for 90 minutes this afternoon with President Putin of Russia about the situation in Ukraine. President Obama expressed his deep concern over Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is a breach of international law, including Russia’s obligations under the UN Charter, and of its 1997 military basing agreement with Ukraine, and which is inconsistent with the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and the Helsinki Final Act. The United States condemns Russia’s military intervention into Ukrainian territory.

01 March 2014 Presidential Proclamation for Women's History Month, 2014 (via  "Through the grit and sacrifice of generations, American women and girls have gained greater opportunities and more representation than ever before. Yet they continue to face workplace discrimination, a higher risk of sexual assault, and an earnings gap that will cost the average woman hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of her working lifetime.  ... As we honor the many women who have shaped our history, let us also celebrate those who make progress in our time. Let us remember that when women succeed, America succeeds. And from Wall Street to Main Street, in the White House and on Capitol Hill -- let us put our Nation on the path to success. "

20 February 2014 Obama Condemns Ukraine Violence   President Obama reiterated his condemnation of the violence that has erupted in Ukraine, killing dozens and leaving hundreds more injured over the past few days.  “We have been deeply engaged with our European partners as well as both the Ukrainian government and the opposition to try to assure that that violence ends,” Obama said in brief remarks to journalists while in Mexico for the North American Leaders Summit.
 • Senior State Dept. Official’s Briefing on Situation in Ukraine

12 February 2014 Obama on New Cybersecurity Framework   "Today I was pleased to receive the Cybersecurity Framework, which reflects the good work of hundreds of companies, multiple federal agencies, and contributors from around the world. This voluntary Framework is a great example of how the private sector and government can, and should, work together to meet this shared challenge."

04 February 2014 Obama's Briefing on U.S. Support for Olympic Security   Today the President convened a meeting in the White House Situation Room to receive an update from his team on the U.S. Government’s efforts to support security for the Olympic Games in Sochi. The United States has offered its full support and cooperation to Russian authorities, which are responsible for the Games.

31 January 2014 Presidential Proclamation on National African American History Month, 2014 (PDF via   "As we pay tribute to the heroes, sung and unsung, of African-American history, we recall the inner strength that sustained millions in bondage. We remember the courage that led activists to defy lynch mobs and register their neighbors to vote. And we carry forward the unyielding hope that guided a movement as it bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice. Even while we seek to dull the scars of slavery and legalized discrimination, we hold fast to the values gained through centuries of trial and suffering."

29 January 2014 Obama Cites Expansive U.S. Global Engagement Through Diplomacy   President Obama, in his annual speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress, cited the crucial role of strong and principled American diplomacy in a world of challenges and threats. ... “Far from disengaging, America is proud to be more engaged than ever and, I believe, is playing as critical a role, perhaps as critical as ever, in pursuit of peace, prosperity and stability in various parts of the world,” Secretary of State Kerry told a Davos audience on 24 January.

State of the Union 2014

28 January 2014 President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address  In a world of complex threats, American “security and leadership depends on all elements of our power — including strong and principled diplomacy,” President Obama told the nation in his 2014 State of the Union address.
 • Obama Cites U.S. Diplomatic Goals in State of the Union Address

21 January 2014 Obama's Call with Russian President Putin  President Obama spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin today on a range of bilateral and global issues. ... The two Presidents also discussed how best to advance shared U.S.-Russian interests, including a safe and secure Sochi Olympics, for which the United States has offered its full assistance.

17 January 2014  Remarks by the President on Review of Signals Intelligence  "At the dawn of our Republic, a small, secret surveillance committee borne out of the “The Sons of Liberty” was established in Boston.  And the group’s members included Paul Revere.  At night, they would patrol the streets, reporting back any signs that the British were preparing raids against America’s early Patriots." 

17 January 2014 Fact Sheet: Review of U.S. Signals Intelligence   The Administration’s review examined how, in light of new and changing technologies, we can use our intelligence capabilities in a way that optimally protects our national security while supporting our foreign policy, respecting privacy and civil liberties, maintaining the public trust, and reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosures. On January 17, 2014, the President delivered a speech at the Department of Justice to announce the outcomes of this review process.

16 January 2014 Presidential Proclamation on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday  "Each year, America sets aside a day to remember a giant of our Nation's history and a pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement. During his lifelong struggle for justice and equality, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions, offered a redemptive path for oppressed and oppressors alike, and led a Nation to the mountaintop."

15 January 2014 Presidential Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day 2014  "Today, America embraces people of all faiths and of no faith. We are Christians and Jews, Muslims and Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, atheists and agnostics. Our religious diversity enriches our cultural fabric and reminds us that what binds us as one is not the tenets of our faiths, the colors of our skin, or the origins of our names. What makes us American is our adherence to shared ideals -- freedom, equality, justice, and our right as a people to set our own course. ... As we observe this day, let us celebrate America's legacy of religious liberty, embrace diversity in our own communities, and resolve once more to advance religious freedom in our time."

12 January 2014 Obama on Action on First Step Agreement on Iran Nuclear Program  "Today’s agreement to implement the Joint Plan of Action announced in November marks the first time in a decade that the Islamic Republic of Iran has agreed to specific actions that halt progress on its nuclear program and roll back key parts of the program. ... In return, over the next six months the United States and our P5+1 partners -- the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China, as well as the European Union –- will begin to implement modest relief so long as Iran fulfills its obligations and as we pursue a comprehensive solution to Iran’s nuclear program."


22 December 2013 Statement by the President on the passing on the passing of John S.D. Eisenhower (via  "Michelle and I send our condolences to the Eisenhower family on the passing of John S.D. Eisenhower. He grew up the son of an American hero, but emerged a great American in his own right - a brave soldier who served in World War II, the Korean War, and ultimately retired with the rank of Brigadier General, an accomplished writer and historian, a talented diplomat. "

20 December 2013 President Obama’s End-of-Year Press Conference

16 December 2013 Statement by the President on the Confirmation of Jeh Johnson as Secretary of Homeland Security (   "I am pleased the Senate has confirmed Jeh Johnson as our next Secretary of Homeland Security with broad bipartisan support.  In Jeh, our dedicated homeland security professionals will have a strong leader with a deep understanding of the threats we face and a proven ability to work across agencies and complex organizations to keep America secure."

10 December 2013 Obama Reflects on Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela   President Obama praised the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, who struggled to bring social justice and democracy to his beloved nation and influenced the world in ways few other leaders achieve.

07 December 2013 President Obama at Saban Forum on Iran, Middle East Peace, Syria  "And let’s remember where we were when I first came into office. Iran had gone from having less than 200 centrifuges to having thousands of centrifuges, in some cases more advanced centrifuges. There was a program that had advanced to the point where their breakout capacity had accelerated in ways that we had been concerned about for quite some time and, as a consequence, what I said to my team and what I said to our international partners was that we are going to have to be much more serious about how we change the cost-benefit analysis for Iran."

05 December 2013 President Obama Delivers a Statement on the Passing of Nelson Mandela  "We will not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again," the President said. "So it falls to us as best we can to forward the example that he set:  to make decisions guided not by hate, but by love; to never discount the difference that one person can make; to strive for a future that is worthy of his sacrifice."
 • Secretary Kerry on Death of Nelson Mandela

02 December 2013 Remarks by President Obama on World AIDS Day  "On World AIDS Day two years ago, I set new prevention and treatment targets for PEPFAR, like increasing the number of mothers we reach so that we prevent their children from becoming infected, and helping 6 million people get treatment by the end of 2013. Today, I’m proud to announce that we’ve not only reached our goal, we’ve exceeded our treatment target. So we’ve helped 6.7 million people receive lifesaving treatment. And we’re going to keep at it. ...  Which is why, after I leave here today, I’ll be proud to sign the PEPFAR Stewardship and Oversight Act, to keep this program going strong."

27 November 2013 President Obama on Hanukkah For the first time since the late 1800s – and for the last time until some 70,000 years from now – the first day of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving.

27 November 2013 Presidential Proclamation on World AIDS Day, 2013 (via   "Each year on World AIDS Day, we come together as a global community to fight a devastating pandemic. We remember the friends and loved ones we have lost, stand with the estimated 35 million people living with HIV/AIDS, and renew our commitment to preventing the spread of this virus ... "

26 November 2013 President Obama’s Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day 2013  "Our country has always been home to Americans who recognize the importance of giving back. Today, we honor all those serving our Nation far from home. We also thank the first responders and medical professionals who work through the holiday to keep us safe, and we acknowledge the volunteers who dedicate this day to those less fortunate. ... This Thanksgiving Day, let us forge deeper connections with our loved ones".
 • Thanksgiving: A Favorite U.S. Holiday

14 November 2013 Remarks by President Obama on Philippines, Iran  "Well, let me make a couple of points. Number one, I've said before and I will repeat: We do not want Iran having nuclear weapons. And it would be not only dangerous to us and our allies, but it would be destabilizing to the entire region, and could trigger a nuclear arms race that would make life much more dangerous for all of us. So our policy is Iran cannot have nuclear weapons. And I'm leaving all options on the table to make sure that we meet that goal."

05 November 2013 Proclamation by President Obama for Veterans Day 2013   "Under the most demanding of circumstances and in the most dangerous corners of the earth, America's veterans have served with distinction. With courage, self-sacrifice, and devotion to our Nation and to one another, they represent the American character at its best. On Veterans Day and every day, we celebrate their immeasurable contributions, draw inspiration from their example, and renew our commitment to showing them the fullest support of a grateful Nation."
 • Veterans Day Honors Those Who Served in U.S. Military

31 October 2013 Obama Seeks to Attract More Foreign Investors to United States  The United States has the most appealing investment environment in the world, and it’s going to get even better, says President Obama.  Addressing some 1,200 business people from nearly 60 countries and 47 U.S. states who attended the SelectUSA 2013 Investment Summit, Obama said: “When we do business together, and when we trade and forge new partnerships, it’s good for all of us.”

31 October 2013 Obama Proclamation on National Native American Heritage Month  "From Alaskan mountain peaks to the Argentinian pampas to the rocky shores of Newfoundland, Native Americans were the first to carve out cities, domesticate crops, and establish great civilizations. ... My Administration remains committed to self-determination, the right of tribal governments to build and strengthen their own communities."

28 October 2013 Remarks by the President and FBI Director James Comey (    Remarks by President Obama at Swearing-In of FBI Director James Comey.

24 October 2013 Remarks by President Obama on Immigration Reform  "It’s a bill that would continue to strengthen our borders.  It would level the playing field by holding unscrupulous employers accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers. ... It would modernize our legal immigration system, so that even as we train American workers for the jobs of the future, we’re also attracting highly-skilled entrepreneurs from beyond our borders to join with us to create jobs here in the United States. ...     It would make sure that everybody plays by the same rules by providing a pathway to earned citizenship for those who are here illegally -- one that includes passing a background check, learning English, paying taxes, paying a penalty, getting in line behind everyone who is trying to come here the right way."

17 October 2013  President Obama signed a continuing resolution that reopens the Federal government and held a press conference (via
 • Statement by the Press Secretary on H.R. 2775 (

15 October 2013 Statement by the President on Eid al-Adha (via  "Michelle and I extend our best wishes for a joyous Eid al-Adha to Muslims around the world and congratulate those performing the Hajj this year.  As our Muslim neighbors and friends gather for Eid celebrations, Muslim Americans are among the more than three million pilgrims joining one of the world’s largest and most diverse gatherings, which serves as a reminder of the shared roots of the world’s Abrahamic faiths."

09 October 2013 Obama: U.S. Will Continue to Pursue Terrorists Overseas  Just days after U.S. forces carried out raids in Libya and Somalia to bring wanted terrorists to justice, President Obama made clear October 8 the United States will continue to carry out similar strikes overseas as long as threats to the nation exist.

09 October 2013 Obama, Janet Yellen on Federal Reserve Nomination  Remarks by President Obama in Nomniating Dr. Janet Yellen as Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

08 October 2013 President Obama's Press Conference   Excerpts of the president’s October 8 press conference related to U.S. foreign policy and international engagement.

24 September 2013 Remarks of President Barack Obama at the United Nations General Assembly

14 September 2013 Obama on U.S.-Russian Plan for Syrian Chemical Weapons  "I welcome the progress made between the United States and Russia through our talks in Geneva, which represents an important, concrete step toward the goal of moving Syria's chemical weapons under international control so that they may ultimately be destroyed. This framework provides the opportunity for the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons in a transparent, expeditious, and verifiable manner, which could end the threat these weapons pose not only to the Syrian people but to the region and the world. The international community expects the Assad regime to live up to its public commitments."

11 September 2013 Obama at September 11 Observance Ceremony at Pentagon Memorial

10 September 2013 Obama's National Address on Why Syria Matters    "I have, therefore, asked the leaders of Congress to postpone a vote to authorize the use of force while we pursue this diplomatic path. I’m sending Secretary of State John Kerry to meet his Russian counterpart on Thursday, and I will continue my own discussions with President Putin. I’ve spoken to the leaders of two of our closest allies, France and the United Kingdom, and we will work together in consultation with Russia and China to put forward a resolution at the U.N. Security Council requiring Assad to give up his chemical weapons, and to ultimately destroy them under international control."

03 September 2013 Obama Before Meeting with Congress on Situation in Syria  "This is not Iraq and this is not Afghanistan. This is a limited, proportional step that will send a clear message not only to the Assad regime, but also to other countries that may be interested in testing some of these international norms, that there are consequences."
Kerry's Opening Remarks at Senate Hearing on Syrian Crisis

31 August 2013 Obama to Seek Congress' Support on Response to Syria Chemical Use   President Obama announced that he will seek support from the U.S. Congress to carry out a limited military response against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which executed a poison gas attack August 21 that killed 1,429 Syrian civilians in the Damascus suburbs.
Statement by President Obama on Syria (

28 August 2013 Obama on 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

22 July 2013 Statement by the President and Mrs. Obama Congratulating Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 

19 July 2013 Obama Proclamation on Captive Nations Week 2013   "As citizens of the oldest democracy on earth, we believe that all people are created equal with certaininalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. … Captive Nations Week is an opportunity to reaffirm America's role in advancing human rights worldwide. It is a task that can begin here, with the example we set and the understanding that we are stronger when all our people are granted opportunity -- no matter what they look like, where they worship, or who they love."

18 July 2013 President Obama's Call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu  (via IIPDigital)   President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke by phone today as part of their regular consultations. The two leaders discussed regional issues including recent developments in Egypt, Iran, and Syria.

13 July 2013 President Obama on Economic Impact of Immigration Reform  In his weekly address, President Obama says tthe immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in late June with a large bipartisan majority would be a big boost to the U.S. economy, strengthen Social Security and modernize the legal immigration system to make it more consistent with U.S. values. The president urges Congress to quickly take action to fix the broken immigration system and keep America strong for years to come.

09 July 2013 President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts   Please note that all such nominations require Senate confirmation before they can be finalized.

08 July 2013 President Obama's Message to Muslims on Ramadan

02 July 2013 Obama's Call with President Morsi of Egypt President Obama called President Morsy on Monday, July 1, to convey his concerns about recent developments in Egypt. The President told President Morsy that the United States is committed to the democratic process in Egypt and does not support any single party or group. He stressed that democracy is about more than elections; it is also about ensuring that the voices of all Egyptians are heard and represented by their government, including the many Egyptians demonstrating throughout the country.

Articles from President Obama's 2013 Africa Trip, 27 June - 2 July

01 July 2013 Obama Launches Major African Trade Initiative

01 July 2013 U.S. Boosts Support for Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Campaign

30 June 2013 Obama Unveils Massive Electric Power Initiative for Africa 

27 June 2013 Obama Praises Senegal as Example of Democratic Accountability 

24 June 2013 Obama to Highlight Trade, Democracy in Africa Visit and Briefing on Obama's Trip to Three African Countries (via IIPDigital)


29 June 2013 President Obama on Confronting the Climate Change Growing Threat  In his weekly address of 29 June 2013, President Obama told the American people about a plan he unveiled a few days earlier to confront the growing threat of climate change. The president said the plan would cut carbon pollution, protect against the impacts of climate change and lead the world in a coordinated assault on a changing climate.

27 June 2013 Obama on Senate Passage of Immigration Reform  "Today, with a strong bipartisan vote, the United States Senate delivered for the American people, bringing us a critical step closer to fixing our broken immigration system once and for all. …The bipartisan bill that passed today was a compromise. By definition, nobody got everything they wanted. Not Democrats. Not Republicans. Not me. But the Senate bill is consistent with the key principles for commonsense reform that I – and many others – have repeatedly laid out.

25 June 2013 Obama Has New Plan for Climate Change, Carbon Reduction  President Obama outlined his latest proposals to reduce U.S. carbon emissions and prepare the nation for climate change June 25. At the same time, he pledged that the United States will lead the world in helping other nations make the transition to cleaner fuels, allowing this generation to bequeath a cleaner, safer planet to the future.
 • Obama on New National Action Plan on Climate Change 

24 June 2013 Obama to Highlight Trade, Democracy in Africa Visit  President Obama’s second visit to sub-Saharan Africa will take him to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania June 26–July 3, where he will encourage greater U.S. trade and investment links with the continent, as well as the strengthening of African democratic institutions.

24 June 2013 Obama's Remarks Before Immigration Reform Roundtable 

22 June 2013 Obama on Need for Immigration Reform In this week’s address, President Obama discussed the bipartisan legislation being debated in the United States Senate that would take important steps towards fixing our broken immigration system, while growing our economy and reducing the deficit. The President urges Congress to pass immigration reform so that we can live up to our traditions as a nation of laws, and also a nation of immigrants.

19 June 2013 Statement from the President on the Confirmation of Michael Froman as United States Trade Representative 

19 June 2013 Obama Proposes Further Cuts in U.S. Nuclear Weapons Stockpile   President Obama says he wants to take “additional steps forward” with Russia to cut the number of deployed nuclear weapons and move further beyond the nuclear postures both countries held during the Cold War.   Speaking in Berlin June 19, Obama said he is pursuing his long-term goal of a world without nuclear weapons, first announced in Prague in 2009, and said that as a result of the 2011 New START Treaty with Russia, both countries are already on track to cut the number of deployed nuclear weapons to their lowest levels since the 1950s.
 • Facts on U.S. Nuclear Weapons Employment Strategy

17 June 2013 Remarks by President Obama and Mrs. Obama in Town Hall with Youth of Northern Ireland 

31 May 2013 Obama Proclamation on National Oceans Month  "By making smart choices in ocean management, we can give our businesses the tools they need to thrive while protecting the long-term health of our marine ecosystems. Let us mark this month by renewing those goals, reinvesting in our coastal economies, and recommitting to good stewardship in the years ahead."

23 May 2013 Statement by President Obama on the Attack in London "I condemn in the strongest terms the appalling attack against a British service member in Woolwich on May 22.   The United States stands resolute with the United Kingdom, our ally and friend, against violent extremism and terror. "
State Department on Attack in London, Woolwich

23 May 2013 President Obama on the Future of Fight Against Terrorism  "And the best way to prevent violent extremism inspired by violent jihadists is to work with the Muslim American community -- which has consistently rejected terrorism -- to identify signs of radicalization and partner with law enforcement when an individual is drifting towards violence."

21 May 2013 Oklahoma Tornadoes: Resources and Information  As the President told Oklahoma Governor Fallin tonight, the administration – through FEMA – is committed to providing all the assistance it can to Oklahoma as the response effort unfolds (via

17 May 2013 Obama Proclamation on World Trade Week 2013  "As a Nation, we need to do everything we can to create good, middle-class jobs right here in America. And one of the best ways we can do that is by boosting manufacturing and expanding trade that allows us to sell more of our goods and services all around the world. ... During World Trade Week, we recognize workers, growers, and entrepreneurs nationwide who share that ambition, and we rededicate ourselves to advancing it in the year ahead."

12 May 2013 President Obama on Elections in Pakistan

02 May 2013 Remarks by President Obama  and President Peña Nieto of Mexico in Joint Press Conference

02 May 2013 Obama Heads for Summits with Mexican, Central American Leaders President Obama travels to Mexico and Costa Rica May 2–4 to meet with his counterparts from Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic to talk about strengthening ties, especially economic ones.

30 April 2013 News Conference by President Obama  President Obama holds a press briefing for the White House press corps, covers Guantanamo, Syria, Boston, Health Care, Sequestration.

16 April 2013 Obama on Immigration Reform Proposal  "This afternoon, Senators Schumer and McCain briefed me on the bipartisan immigration reform bill that they have drafted with their colleagues in the Senate. This bill is clearly a compromise, and no one will get everything they wanted, including me. But it is largely consistent with the principles that I have repeatedly laid out for comprehensive reform."

15 April 2013 President Obama Announces Presidential Delegation to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Attend the Funeral of Baroness Margaret Thatcher 

15 April 2013 Obama on Bombing at Boston Marathon  "We still do not know who did this or why. And people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. But make no mistake -- we will get to the bottom of this. And we will find out who did this; we’ll find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. "

11 April 2013 Obama and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon After Their Meeting   After meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President Obama said “we both agree that now is the time for North Korea to end the kind of belligerent approach that they’ve been taking, and to try to lower temperatures -- nobody wants to see a conflict on the Korean Peninsula.”

10 April 2013 President Obama on U.S. Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Proposals
Key Facts on State, USAID Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Request
Senior State, USAID Officials on Obama’s FY 2014 Budget Proposal

08 April 2013 Statement from President Obama on the Passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher

28 March 2013 Obama on Nomination of Next Supreme Allied Commander Europe "Today I am proud to announce my intention to nominate General Philip Breedlove as the next Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Commander of U.S. European Command.…If confirmed by the Senate, General Breedlove will replace Admiral Jim Stavridis as the Supreme Allied Commander in late Spring.

28 March 2013 Statement by President Obama on the 15th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement  "As Easter approaches, we mark the 15th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.  The people of Northern Ireland and their leaders have traveled a great distance over the past fifteen years. … On behalf of the American people, I salute the people and leaders of Northern Ireland and the model they have given to others struggling toward peace and reconciliation around the world."

21 March 2013 Obama Tells Israelis that Palestinians Deserve Statehood  In a speech to the Israeli people, President Obama said they are not alone in facing their security concerns, but that peace is the only path to the true security of their country and the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and justice must be recognized.
Remarks by President and President Peres of Israel at State Dinner
Remarks of President Barack Obama To the People of Israel

21 March 2013 Obama: 'No Shortcut" to Sustainable Mideast Solution  President Obama said the United States is “deeply committed” to the creation of an independent Palestinian state and a future where Palestinian rights will be respected, but he urged Palestinian leaders to resume direct negotiations with Israel without preconditions and for both sides to have the courage and determination to pursue peace.

21 March 2013 Remarks by President Obama and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in Joint Press Conference 

20 March 2013 Obama Challenges Iran to Resolve Nuclear Standoff Diplomatically President Obama said the United States seeks to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, and he urged Iran’s leaders to resolve their dispute with the international community through diplomatic means.  The president said the United States and Israel agree that a nuclear-armed Iran would be “a threat to the region, a threat to the world and potentially an existential threat to Israel.”
Obama, Israeli PM Netanyahu's Joint Press Conference

20 March 2013 Remarks by President Obama in Arrival Ceremony, Tel Aviv, Israel 

19 March 2013 Statement by President Obama on the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War

15 March 2013 Obama Traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan  President Obama’s first overseas trip of his second term will take him to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan for discussions with Israel’s new government as well as to talk about Middle East peace efforts, Jordanian political reforms and the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

12 March 2013 Remarks by the President at Meeting with the President's Export Council (

07 March 2013 Obama on Confirmation of John Brennan as CIA Director 

04 March 2012 Remarks by President Obama in Personnel Announcements   Nominates Ernie Moniz as Secretary of Energy, Gina McCarthy for the Environmental Protection Agency, Sylvia Mathews Burwell for the Office of Management and Budget.

28 February 2013 Presidential Proclamation on Women's History Month 2013 

27 February 2013 Remarks by the President at Dedication of Statue Honoring Rosa Parks

27 February 2013 Obama on Jack Lew's Confirmation as Treasury Secretary 

26 February 2013 Obama on Hagel's Confirmation as Defense Secretary 

12 February 2013 President Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address
Obama Offers Sweeping Second-Term Agenda

01 February 2013 Proclamation on 100th Anniversary of Rosa Parks' Birth   President Obama issues a proclamation on the 100th anniversary of Rosa Parks’s birth. Rosa Parks began a process that changed the United States when she refused to give up her seat on a city bus to a white passenger.

29 January 2013 President Obama on Kerry's Confirmation as Secretary of State   "I am pleased that the Senate has confirmed John Kerry as our next Secretary of State with overwhelming bipartisan support.  ... John has earned the respect of leaders around the world and the confidence of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, and I am confident he will make an extraordinary Secretary of State."

29 January 2013 Obama Encouraged by Bipartisan Efforts for Immigration Reform  Speaking at a Nevada school with a student body that is more than half Hispanic, President Obama said he is upbeat about the prospects for U.S. immigration reform. Partisan politics have prevented any concrete proposals for dealing with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants thought to be living in the United States.
White House: Key Facts on Immigration Reform

24 January 2013 Obama on Opening Combat Units to Women  Today, by moving to open more military positions — including ground combat units — to women, our armed forces have taken another historic step toward harnessing the talents and skills of all our citizens. This milestone reflects the courageous and patriotic service of women through more than two centuries of American history and the indispensable role of women in today’s military.

22 January 2013 Statement by the President on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

21 January 2013 Obama, Biden Begin Their Second Terms  In a public ceremony attended by nearly 1 million supported and watched by millions more on television, President Obama challenged Americans to work together to uphold the promise of democracy and meet the challenges of the 21st century. Officially, both men’s second terms began the day before, on January 20.

21 January 2013 President Obama's Second Inaugural Address  "For now decisions are upon us and we cannot afford delay. We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate. (Applause.) We must act, knowing that our work will be imperfect. We must act, knowing that today’s victories will be only partial and that it will be up to those who stand here in four years and 40 years and 400 years hence to advance the timeless spirit once conferred to us in a spare Philadelphia hall."

16 January 2013  President Obama Announces New Measures to Prevent Gun Violence ( "Our nation has suffered too much at the hands of dangerous people who use guns to commit horrific acts of violence." As President Obama said following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, “We won’t be able to stop every violent act, but if there is even one thing that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try.”
 • Read the transcript
 • Watch the video at 

12 January 2013 President Obama on Ending the War in Afghanistan  Following his meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karza on January 11, President Obama used his weekly address to update the American people on how the United States will end the war in Afghanistan, and how the goal of ensuring that al-Qaida never again uses Afghanistan to launch attacks against America is within reach.
 • Joint Statement by Presidents Obama, Karzai

10 January 2013 Jack Lew Nominated as Obama's Treasury Secretary  President Obama has nominated White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew to serve as the secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department. If confirmed by the Senate, Lew will be in charge of overseeing U.S. financial security and will serve as the president’s chief economic adviser, replacing outgoing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

07 January 2013 Obama Nominates Two for National Security Team   President Obama rounded out his second-term national security team January 7 by nominating former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel for defense secretary and White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to head the Central Intelligence Agency.


31 December 2012 Proclamation on 150th Anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation  As the weariness of an old year gave way to the promise of a new one, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation -- courageously declaring that on January 1, 1863, "all persons held as slaves" in rebellious areas "shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free."

31 December 2012 "Faith in America's Future" Is 2013 Obama Inaugural Theme   Ceremonies for President Obama’s inauguration for a second term will have “Faith in America's Future” as an overall theme.

31 December 2012 Planners Look to Precedents if Inauguration Day Falls on Sunday  Only six times in U.S. history has the constitutionally mandated date for a presidential inauguration fallen on a Sunday.  And, in a tradition that dates back to 1917, the White House will likely arrange a private swearing-in before noon on January 20, 2013.

27 December 2012 Inaugural Balls Are a Long, Varied American Tradition  For the 2013 inauguration, President Obama, citing the state of the economy, has asked for only two official inaugural balls, down from 10 after his 2009 inauguration. One of the 2013 balls will be for the president’s invited guests, with some tickets for the public. The other will be for military families.

27 December 2012 Why Is U.S. Inauguration Day Held in Cold of January?  For nearly 80 years, January 20 has been the day of America’s presidential transition. Because the 20th falls on a Sunday in 2013, President Obama will take the oath of office January 20 in private, and again publicly on January 21 as part of the now familiar inaugural proceedings.

26 December 2012 Inauguration Celebrates Continuity of American Democracy  When Barack Obama takes the oath of office on January 21, 2013, it will mark the 57th time that a U.S. president has been sworn in for a four-year term since 1789, when George Washington first took the same oath.

21 December 2012 Obama on Nomination of John Kerry as Secretary of State
 • Obama Says John Kerry Is "Perfect Choice" for Secretary of State

19 December 2012 Remarks by President Obama in a Press Conference  

14 December 2012 Statement by President Obama on the School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut 

13 December 2012 Obama's Statement on Ambassador Rice  "Today, I spoke to Ambassador Susan Rice, and accepted her decision to remove her name from consideration for Secretary of State. ... While I deeply regret the unfair and misleading attacks on Susan Rice in recent weeks, her decision demonstrates the strength of her character, and an admirable commitment to rise above the politics of the moment to put our national interests first."

03 December 2012 Obama on Reducing Threat of Nuclear Weapons   "Missile by missile, warhead by warhead, shell by shell, we’re putting a bygone era behind us."

21 November 2012 Remarks by the President at the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon 

20 November 2012 Presidential Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day 2012 
Thanksgiving: A Favorite U.S. Holiday

19 November 2012 Obama's Remarks at University of Yangon, Burma     Said President Obama, “This nation that's been so isolated can show the world the power of a new beginning, and demonstrate once again that the journey to democracy goes hand in hand with development.”
 • Obama: As Burma Reforms, It Will Have U.S. Support 

16 November 2012 Obama's Asia Visit Highlights Region's Priority for Second Term President Obama’s first trip since his re-election will be to the Asia-Pacific region, which sends a “powerful signal” that the region will remain a strategic priority for the United States and a focus for its diplomatic activity, resources and engagement, says the president’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon.

14 November 2012 President Obama's News Conference  President Obama held a news conference to answer questions about his plans for the next four years.

11 November 2012 President Obama's Remarks at Veterans Day Ceremony 

07 November 2012 President Obama's Victory Speech  in Chicago, Illinois "I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We're not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and forever will be, the United States of America"

07 November 2012  Presidential Proclamation for Veterans Day 2012 

01 November 2012 Presidential Proclamation on National Entrepreneurship Month  "America is known around the world as a country that empowers the inventor and the innovator. Ours is a Nation where men and women can take a chance on a dream -- where they can take an idea that starts around a kitchen table or in a garage and turn it into a new business or a new industry. During National Entrepreneurship Month, we celebrate the hard work, ingenuity, and courage of our thinkers, doers, and makers."

24 October 2012 Obama Proclamation on United Nations Day 2012

01 October 2012 Presidential Proclamation for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2012 

25 September 2012 Obama Vows to Intensify Fight Against Human Trafficking  Speaking at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, the president said that more than 20 million people have been ensnared in what he called “modern slavery,” which distorts markets, endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime.

25 September 2012 World Cannot Contain Challenge of Nuclear-Armed Iran, Obama Says   President Obama says the United States “will do what we must” to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon because of the global and regional threat that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose.

25 September 2012 President Obama's Address at 67th U.N. General Assembly, New York

19 September 2012 White House on Obama's Videoconference with Afghan President

13 September 2012 Summary of Obama's Call with Yemeni President Hadi 

13 September 2012 U.S. a "Nation that Respects All Faiths"   In condemning the attacks on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya, President Obama reaffirms the United States' commitment to religious tolerance.

12 September 2012 Obama Condemns Attack that Killed Four U.S. Diplomats in Benghazi   President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton condemned a rocket attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that took the lives of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador John Christopher Stevens.

12 September 2012 Remarks by the President On the Deaths of U.S. Embassy Staff in Libya

12 September 2012 Statement by the President on the Attack in Benghazi    "I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi, which took the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Right now, the American people have the families of those we lost in our thoughts and prayers. They exemplified America's commitment to freedom, justice, and partnership with nations and people around the globe, and stand in stark contrast to those who callously took their lives."
Statement by Secretary Clinton on the Death of American Personnel in Benghazi, Libya

11 September 2012 Marking the Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11  President Obama and the First Lady marked the eleventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks.  They began the day at the White House, observing a moment of silence on the South Lawn just after 8:45 a.m., around the time the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. Afterward, they traveled to the Pentagon, where the President spoke at a memorial service in honor of those who died there, as well as in New York and Pennsylvania.

08 September 2012 President Obama on Coming Together to Remember September 11   President Obama marked the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks in his weekly address to the American people September 8 by remembering the innocent lives lost, honoring the first responders and men and women in uniform who have served and sacrificed to keep the nation safe and citing strengthened alliances across the world to fight terrorism.

26 August 2012 President Obama on Death of Neil Armstrong  "Neil was among the greatest of American heroes — not just of his time, but of all time. When he and his fellow crew members lifted off aboard Apollo 11 in 1969, they carried with them the aspirations of an entire nation."
Astronaut Neil Armstrong: 1930–2012

18 August 2012 Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-al-Fitr

14 August 2012 President Obama Holds White House Iftar President Obama hosted his fourth iftar as president in the State Dining Room of the White House on August 10.

13 August 2012 Obama’s Remarks to NASA's Curiosity Rover Team

09 August 2012 President Obama Announces Presidential Delegation to the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games

06 August 2012 Statement by the President Remembering those lost in Munich  "Today, the United States is proud to stand in solemn remembrance with the Israeli people to remember the eleven Israeli athletes who were  killed forty years ago. The passage of time cannot dim the memory of  the hope and promise that those members of the Israeli Olympic team  embodied, just as time does not dull the horror at the brutal  terrorist attack the took their lives."

05 August 2012 Statement by the President on the Shooting in Wisconsin   "Michelle and I were deeply saddened to learn of the shooting that tragically took so many lives in Wisconsin. At this difficult time, the people of Oak Creek must know that the American people have them in our thoughts and prayers, and our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed and wounded. My Administration will provide whatever support is necessary to the officials who are responding to this tragic shooting and moving forward with an investigation. As we mourn this loss which took place at a house of worship, we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by Sikhs, who are a part of our broader American family."
 • Readout of the President’s Calls on the Wisconsin Shooting

 31 July 2012 Obama on Additional Sanctions Related to Iran
 • White House Fact Sheet on Additional Iran Sanctions

27 July 2012 Obama at Signing of U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act 
 • Fact Sheet: Advancing Israel's Security and Supporting Peace

23 July 2012 Remembering Sally Ride: President Obama Salutes an American Hero
  • Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Sally Ride

20 July 2012 Obama on Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously  Op-ed by President Obama.
 • President Calls for Legislation for Cyber Defense

20 July 2012 President Obama on the the Tragedy in Colorado (Whitehouse blog)   "Michelle and I are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in Colorado. Federal and local law enforcement are still responding, and my Administration will do everything that we can to support the people of Aurora in this extraordinarily difficult time. We are committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice, ensuring the safety of our people, and caring for those who have been wounded. As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family. All of us must have the people of Aurora in our thoughts and prayers as they confront the loss of family, friends, and neighbors, and we must stand together with them in the challenging hours and days to come."
 • Remarks by the President on the shooting in Colorado

17 July 2012 President Obama, First Lady on Nelson Mandela International Day  "On behalf of the people of the United States, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his 94th birthday and the fourth annual Nelson Mandela International Day."

04 July 2012 Remarks by President Obama at Fourth of July Celebration 

28 June 2012 Obama's Health Care Law Survives Supreme Court Review  The court, in a 5–4 decision, found most provisions, including the so-called “individual mandate,” of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act constitutional. Only one portion of the law — the right of the federal government to withhold funding from states that refuse to participate in an expansion of the Medicaid program — was rejected by the court.
 • The Affordable Care Act: Secure Health Coverage for the Middle Class

23 June 2012 President Obama Reflects on the Impact of Title IX  "Women are not just taking a seat at the table or sitting at the head of it, they are creating success on their own terms. The women who grew up with Title IX now pioneer scientific breakthroughs, run thriving businesses, govern states, and, yes, coach varsity teams."

22 June 2012 U.S. Presidential Delegation to 2012 Olympics Opening  President Obama announced the Presidential Delegation to the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. First Lady Michelle Obama will lead the delegation this summer, accompanied by Olympic and Paralympic greats to attend the Opening Ceremony, meet with U.S. athletes, and encourage American children to be active in their daily lives.

20 June 2012  Obama Confident in Europe's Economic Recovery   The president said Europe has the resources to solve its crisis, and mainly needs “a sense of specifics and the path” to the solution, which in turn will help “build confidence and reverse psychology” for global investors.

18 June 2012 Joint Statement by Obama, Russian President Putin at their meeting in Mexico 

15 June 2012  Obama Announces "More Fair and More Just" Immigration System  The United States will immediately stop deporting certain young immigrants who were brought to the country as children, President Obama announced, a change that he said will make the U.S. immigration system “more efficient, more fair and more just.”
 •  Remarks by the President on Immigration

08 June 2012 Remarks by President Obama on the U.S. Economy and European Economic Challenges The President said "The bottom line is the solutions to these problems are hard, but there are solutions. The decisions required are tough, but Europe has the capacity to make them."

26 May 2012 President Obama : Honoring Our Fallen Heroes this Memorial Day  In this week’s address, President Obama paid tribute to our men and women in uniform who have died in service to our country.  The President also reaffirmed our nation’s dedication to serving our veterans as well as they have served us, and thanked our men and women in uniform for their unwavering commitment to the United States.  As we come together on Memorial Day, we remind our military families and veterans that they are not alone, and give our thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and helped make America the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth.

20 May 2012 President Obama on Results of NATO Summit   "This was a big undertaking, some 60 world leaders not to mention folks who were exercising their freedom of speech and assembly, the very freedoms that our alliance are dedicated to defending. And so it was a lot to carry for the people of Chicago, but this is a city of big shoulders. Rahm, his team, Chicagoans proved that this world-class city knows how to put on a world-class event."
 • NATO Announces Interim Missile Defense Capability 
 • NATO Allies: Afghan Forces Will Take Security Control in 2013
 • White House Fact Sheet on NATO Capabilities
 • NATO's Chicago Summit Declaration

20 May 2012 President Obama's Remarks at Closing of G8 Summit
• Camp David Declaration by G8 Leaders
G8 Nations Agree to Promote Economic Growth, Job Creation

17 May 2012 Obama Hosts 2012 G8 and NATO Summits  President Obama will host the 2012 Group of Eight (G8) Summit of advanced economies at the Maryland presidential retreat, Camp David, to discuss the global economy and the current situation in Europe and will host the 28-member NATO Summit in Chicago for talks on defense and security cooperation, including the transition in Afghanistan.

15 May 2012 Obama at Barnard College Commencement Ceremony  "Now more than ever -- now more than ever, America needs what you, the Class of 2012, has to offer. America needs you to reach high and hope deeply. And if you fight for your seat at the table, and you set a better example, and you persevere in what you decide to do with your life, I have every faith not only that you will succeed, but that, through you, our nation will continue to be a beacon of light for men and women, boys and girls, in every corner of the globe."

01 May 2012 President Obama in Kabul on Transition in Afghanistan 

23 April 2012 Obama Says National Sovereignty Is No Excuse for Atrocities President Obama said what ultimately led to deaths camps in Treblinka and Auschwitz actually began inside the “hearts of ordinary men and women.”
 • Remarks by the President at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

27 March 2012 Obama Welcomes Global Cooperation Against Nuclear Terrorism  Nuclear terrorism is one of the most serious and urgent threats to global security, with the danger that civilians and popular locations can be targeted with a “dirty bomb” or some other nuclear device that could kill hundreds of thousands of people says President Obama.

27 March 2012 Remarks by President Obama at Opening Plenary Session of the Nuclear Security Summit 

26 March 2012 Obama Calls for More Cuts to U.S., Russian Nuclear Weapons  President Obama said he plans discussions with Russian leaders aimed at further reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. and Russian arsenals, as part of his commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and eventually achieving a world without them.
 • Obama’s Speech at Hankuk University in Seoul 

25 March 2012 Obama, South Korea’s Lee Discuss Regional Security, Global Economy  President Obama and Korean President Lee Myung-bak discussed a range of issues affecting the United States and the Republic of Korea, including a recently signed free trade agreement, the global economy, regional issues and North Korea. Earlier in the day, Obama visited U.S. troops stationed at the demilitarized zone that has separated North and South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953.
 • Press Conference by Obama, South Korean President Lee

20 March 2012 Remarks of President Obama Marking Nowruz Today, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to all those who are celebrating Nowruz around the world.  In communities and homes from America to southwest Asia, families and friends are coming together to celebrate the hope that comes with renewal.   To the people of Iran, this holiday comes at a time of continued tension between our two countries.  But as people gather with their families, do good deeds, and welcome a new season, we are also reminded of the common humanity that we share. 

15 March 2012 President Obama on Trafficking in Persons  "Slavery remains the affront to human dignity and stain on our collective conscience that it has always been.  That is why members of my cabinet and senior advisors gathered at the White House today, at a meeting chaired by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to lay out their plans for meeting this challenge."

12 March 2012 Obama: 2012 G8 and NATO Summits Scheduled for May  President Obama says he will host the 2012 Group of Eight (G8) summit of advanced economies outside Washington at the Maryland presidential retreat of Camp David to discuss long-term global economic recovery. He will also host the 28-member NATO Summit in Chicago this spring for talks on defense and security cooperation.  When the two summits were first announced, the White House had said it would host both events back-to-back in Chicago, the president’s hometown. But the president said during a news conference recently that splitting the two summits was an idea proposed to him after the initial announcement.

11 March 2012 President Obama on Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan   "I offer my condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives, and to the people of Afghanistan, who have endured too much violence and suffering. This incident is tragic and shocking, and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan."

06 March 2012 Obama Says Iran Can Show It Is Serious in Upcoming Nuclear Talks  President Obama says it is in every country’s interest that widespread concerns that Iran is developing nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian program are resolved diplomatically. “We have a window of opportunity where this can still be resolved diplomatically,” he said.  Earlier the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, announced that she had offered to resume discussions with the Iranians.

05 March 2012 Obama Will Prevent Iran from Getting Nuclear Weapon  President Obama says he is dedicated to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, arguing that if Iran becomes a nuclear-armed power it would spark an arms race in the Middle East and Iran could supply a nuclear device to a terrorist group.

04 March 2012 Excerpt: Obama on Iran at AIPAC Policy Conference  “A nuclear-armed Iran is completely counter to Israel’s security interests. But it is also counter to the national security interests of the United States. Indeed, the entire world has an interest in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. A nuclear-armed Iran would thoroughly undermine the non-proliferation regime that we have done so much to build.”

13 February 2012 Obama Budget to Cut Deficit, Support Economic Recovery  President Obama has sent to Congress his federal budget for fiscal year 2013, a White House road map for how the United States can “grow the economy, create jobs and give Americans everywhere the security they deserve.”   The president’s budget needs the approval of Congress to pass before fiscal year 2013 begins October 1.
Fact Sheet: Overview of Obama’s FY2013 Budget for State and USAID

09 February 2012 President Obama's Remarks after bilateral with Prime Minister Monti of Italy  “And we discussed a wide range of diplomatic concern, including the situation in Syria, where we both have a great interest in ending the outrageous bloodshed that we've seen and seeing a transition from the current government that has been assaulting its people.”

08 February 2012 Summary of Obama’s Meeting on Afghanistan, Pakistan  President Obama met today with his national security team as a part of his regular meetings on Afghanistan and Pakistan. The President received an update on our engagement with the Pakistani Government on a range of issues of mutual interest, including efforts to strengthen cooperation along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

08 February 2012  Obama Wants More Math and Science Students - and Teachers   Even as President Obama welcomed a crowd of more than 100 students with their science exhibits to the White House, he made it clear he wants to see a whole lot more.  At the second White House Science Fair celebrating the student winners of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) competitions around the country, Obama announced a private-public commitment totaling more than $100 million to prepare 100,000 STEM teachers in the next decade.

04 February 2012 Statement by President Obama on Violence in Syria  The international community must work to protect the Syrian people from this abhorrent brutality.  Earlier this week, our Arab partners called on UN Security Council members to take action to support a political solution to the crisis in Syria and stop Assad’s “killing machine.”  The Council now has an opportunity to stand against the Assad regime’s relentless brutality and to demonstrate that it is a credible advocate for the universal rights that are written into the UN Charter.
U.S. “Disgusted” by Security Council Inaction on Syria Peace Plan

30 January 2012 Obama Has Overseen Major Shifts in U.S. Foreign Policy  In the three years since President Obama’s inauguration, the world has seen significant shifts in U.S. foreign policy as the United States has ended its involvement in Iraq, focused its efforts on nuclear nonproliferation and security, and emphasized the importance of the Asia-Pacific region to American interests.

24 Janaury 2012 A U.S. Economy “Built to Last” Must be Fair, Obama Says   As the United States recovers from an economic recession, Obama said January 24, it needs “an economy built to last” that will support all who want to work, as well as risk-takers and entrepreneurs who will create new jobs in startup companies and small businesses.
 • President Obama's State of the Union Address 2012
 • Blueprint for an America Built to Last (PDF, 8-pages)

19 January 2012 Obama Announces Visa Process Improvements for Visitors to U.S.   President Obama says the departments of State and Homeland Security are working together to improve and speed up the visa process for foreign travelers to the United States.  He announced a new visa pilot program that will “simplify and speed up the non-immigrant visa process for certain applicants, including the ability to waive interviews for some very low-risk applicants” seeking to renew a visa.

13 January 2012  Presidential Obama's Proclamation for the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday, 2012   "At a time when our Nation was sharply divided, Dr. King called on a generation of Americans to be "voices of reason, sanity, and understanding amid the voices of violence, hatred, and emotion."  His example stirred men and women of all backgrounds to become foot soldiers for justice, and his leadership gave them the courage to refuse the limitations of the day and fight for the prospect of tomorrow.  Because these individuals showed the resilience to stand firm in the face of the fiercest resistance, we are the benefactors of an extraordinary legacy of progress."

05 January 2012 Obama Announces New Defense Strategy   President Obama announced a new defense strategy that emphasizes U.S. strategic interests for a fast-changing world after a decade of war.  The new strategy reflects both a shift in global strategic thinking and the realities of a more austere national budget climate that is mandated by the U.S. Congress.


30 December 2011 President Obama signs National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012   "I have signed the Act chiefly because it authorizes funding for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad, crucial services for service members and their families, and vital national security programs that must be renewed. ... The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it. In particular, I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists."

30 December 2011  Proclamation on Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month   Nearly a century and a half ago, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation -- a document that reaffirmed the noble goals of equality and freedom for all that lie at the heart of what it means to live in America. In the years since, we have tirelessly pursued the realization and protection of these essential principles.

22 December 2011 President Obama on the Horn of Africa Famine Today, on behalf of the U.S. Government and the American people, I am announcing an additional $113 million in emergency relief assistance for the Horn of Africa.

18 December 2011 Obama Statement on Death of Vaclav Havel   I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing today of Vaclav Havel, a playwright and prisoner of conscience who became President of Czechoslovakia and of the Czech Republic. .. Like millions around the world, I was inspired by his words and leadership, and was humbled to stand with the Czech people in a free and vibrant Hradcany Square as President.

12 December 2011 The End of the War in Iraq  President Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to discuss the end of the Iraq war and the steps necessary to realize a new phase in the relationship between the two countries.

06 December 2011 Presidential Proclamation on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, 2011

01 December 2011 Remarks by the President on World AIDS Day  "This is a global fight, and it’s one that America must continue to lead.  Looking back at the history of HIV/AIDS, you’ll see that no other country has done more than this country, and that’s testament to our leadership as a country".
 • Working Toward an AIDS-Free Generation

28 November 2011 Obama, EU Leaders Meet amid Euro Crisis The United States urged European Union officials to move forcefully and decisively in responding to the mounting crisis involving the euro and a potential threat to the world economy.   President Obama met with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso at the White House for an annual summit.

21 November 2011 Presidential Proclamation of the 50th Anniversary of the United States Agency For International Development (USAID)    Since President John F. Kennedy founded USAID in 1961, the men and women of USAID have worked on the front lines of poverty and conflict to support communities and countries as they build a better future. ... And by delivering aid in the wake of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, we express the generosity and goodwill that unite us as a people.

21 November 2011 President Obama on Additional Sanctions on Iran   Today, my Administration has taken yet another step to further isolate and penalize Iran for its refusal to live up to its international obligations regarding its nuclear program.  ... Today, my Administration has taken action to impose an additional cost on Iran for its actions.
 • Clinton : New Sanctions on Iran
 • Fact Sheet : New Sanctions on Iran
 • White House Executive Order -- Iran Sanctions

19 November 2011 President Obama : Creating an Economy Built to Last   In this week’s address, President Obama spoke from Indonesia and told the American people that during his trip to the Asia Pacific, he has made progress opening up markets to support thousands of American jobs and keep us on track to double American exports by 2014.  The President’s trip underscores his belief that our businesses will always be successful competing around the world and that he will continue to do everything possible to create jobs for the American people.

17 November 2011 Free People Create Economic Growth, Obama Says  A country’s greatest economic resource is the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of its people, President Obama says, and open and accountable governments that treat all of their citizens equally and with dignity are in a better position to enjoy economic growth that will benefit everyone in their society.

16 November 2011 Proclamation by President Obama for Thanksgiving Day 2011  President Obama: "One of our Nation's oldest and most cherished traditions, Thanksgiving Day brings us closer to our loved ones and invites us to reflect on the blessings that enrich our lives.  The observance recalls the celebration of an autumn harvest centuries ago, when the Wampanoag tribe joined the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony to share in the fruits of a bountiful season. "
 • Thanksgiving: A Favorite U.S. Holiday

09 November 2011 President Obama's Proclamation for Veterans Day, 2011   "Today, our Nation comes together to honor our veterans and commemorate the legacy of profound service and sacrifice they have upheld in pursuit of a more perfect Union. ... This year, as our troops in Iraq complete their mission, we will honor them and all who serve by working tirelessly to give them the care, the benefits, and the opportunities they have earned."

08 November 2011 Obama, NATO Chief Discuss Libya, Afghanistan  President Obama and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met to discuss NATO’s just-ended mission to support Libya and to discuss goals for the 2012 Chicago summit, which will feature discussions on Afghanistan.  A significant part of their meeting in the Oval Office was focused on NATO’s defense capabilities to meet future security threats, which is expected to be a dominant theme at the next summit. Obama is hosting the 25th NATO summit May 20–21 in Chicago.

08 November 2011 Presidential Proclamation on World Freedom Day 2011  On November 9, 1989, the German people broke through a barrier that divided their nation, demonstrating no wall is strong enough to hold back the rising tide of human liberty. There could be no clearer rebuke of tyranny, nor a stronger affirmation of freedom. On World Freedom Day, we commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, and stand with all those who live in the darkness of oppression and believe in the hope of a brighter day.

04 November 2011 Obama: Advanced Economies Lay Plans for Economic Growth  President Obama says the Group of 20 nations have worked together and made progress toward strengthening the global economy, averting another recession and putting the world on the path to recovery.  At a press conference Obama said the G20 nations agreed to stay focused on jobs and economic growth through an extensive plan that calls for greater coordination on individual national actions and policies.
 • Fact Sheet: G20 Cannes Action Plan for Growth and Jobs
 • Fact Sheet: G20 on U.S. Financial Reform, G20 Leaders’ Agenda
 • Fact Sheet: G20 on Common Global Challenges

05 November 2011 Statement by the President on Hajj and Eid al-Adha The President and Mrs. Obama extend greetings for a happy Eid al-Adha to Muslims worldwide and congratulate those performing Hajj.

03 November 2011 Obama Meets with French, German Leaders on Debt Crisis President Obama met separately with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel before the opening of the Group of 20 advanced economies leaders summit in Cannes, France, and resolving the European debt crisis was at the center of their talks.

03 November 2011 Remarks by President Obama and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France in a Joint Statement

03 November 2011 Remarks by President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel Before Bilateral Meeting

31 October 2011 White House Preview of Obama’s Upcoming Trip to G20 Summit 

28 October 2011 Obama: A Firewall to Stop Europe’s Crisis Spreading  An op-ed by President Obama was published in the Financial Times on October 28.

24 October 2011 Obama Congratulates Libya on Its Liberation  President Obama offered his congratulations to the people of Libya on the nation’s declaration of liberation. ...  “Now that the fighting in Libya has reached an end, the Transitional National Council (TNC) must turn its attention to the political transition ahead,” the president added.

24 October 2011 Proclamation by President Obama on United Nations Day

24 October 2011 Readout of the President’s call with Egyptian Field Marshal Tantawi  President Obama called Egyptian Field Marshal Tantawi today to reaffirm the close partnership between the United States and Egypt and to underscore his full support for Egypt’s transition to democracy. The two leaders agreed that Egypt’s upcoming elections must be free and fair and be held in accordance with democratic standards.

23 October 2011 President Obama's Statement on Declaration of Liberation in Libya "On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Libya on today’s historic declaration of liberation.  After four decades of brutal dictatorship and eight months of deadly conflict, the Libyan people can now celebrate their freedom and the beginning of a new era of promise."
 • Secretary Clinton on Liberation of Libya

23 October 2011 President Obama on Elections in Tunisia  "Today, less than a year after they inspired the world, the Tunisian people took an important step forward.  I congratulate the millions of Tunisians who voted in the first democratic elections to take place in the country that changed the course of history and began the Arab Spring."

21 October 2011 Obama: All U.S. Forces to Leave Iraq by End of 2011  President Obama announced that by the end of 2011 all U.S. military forces will be withdrawn from Iraq.  Obama made the announcement at the White House shortly after conferring with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in a secure video conference between Washington and Baghdad.

20 October 2011 Obama: Qadhafi’s Death Was Inevitable End of Dictatorship   Former Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi’s death is “a momentous day in the history of Libya,” President Obama said, and marks the end of “a long and painful chapter” for its people as they continue to transition from his 42-year rule.
 • President Obama on Announcement of Death of Libya’s Qadhafi
 • Ambassador Rice on Death of Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi

16 October 2011 Obama Dedicates Memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.  President Obama dedicated a new memorial in Washington to Martin Luther King Jr. the nation’s foremost civil rights leader, saying King’s legacy proves “change can come if you do not give up.”  He said the United States today is more fair, free and just than during the 1950s and 1960s when King fought for racial equality.
 • Obama’s Remarks at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication

12 October 2011 Obama: Iranian Plot a Flagrant Violation of International Law  President Obama says an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir and kill Americans in the United States is “a flagrant violation of U.S. and international law.”  The president also met with his national security team at the White House to thank members for disrupting the plot and for the close coordination between law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the White House said.

10 October 2011 Obama’s Calls with U.K. Prime Minister, French President  Today the President spoke by phone separately with British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, continuing his close consultations with these key allies about the situation in the eurozone.

06 October 2011 Obama Says European Debt Crisis Could Have “Real Effect” on U.S.  President Obama says the European sovereign debt crisis could hurt the U.S. economy, and he urged European leaders to “act fast” in support of Greece and other countries in the European Monetary Union that are having difficulty paying their debts.

05 October 2011  President Obama on the Passing of Steve Jobs  Following the loss of visionary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, President Obama released this statement on the White House website:

"Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve was among the greatest of American innovators - brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.
The world has lost a visionary. And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to Steve’s wife Laurene, his family, and all those who loved him."
(read the statement)

21 September 2011 Obama Urges Leaders to Seek Lasting Peace in Imperfect World  Saying that pursuing peace in an imperfect world is their greatest responsibility, President Obama called on world leaders at the United Nations to recommit to seeking a lasting peace — for nations and for individuals — that is built on a sense of justice and opportunity, of dignity and freedom.

21 September 2011 Remarks by President Obama in Address to the United Nations General Assembly

20 September 2011 Remarks by President Obama at the High-Level Meeting on Libya 

20 September 2011 White House Fact Sheet: Advancing U.S. Interests at the United Nations

11 September 2011 President Obama’s Remarks at “A Concert for Hope”

11 September 2011 Remarks by the President at the September 11th 10th Anniversary Commemoration
•  Obama Says U.S. Is a Stronger Nation After 9/11 Attacks

10 September 2011 President Obama : Coming Together as One Nation to Remember   President Obama marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks and pays tribute to the first responders, those serving our nation in the military, and those who lost their lives on that tragic day.

08 September 2011 President Obama On The American Jobs Act   President Obama: “The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working.”
 • The White House blog : The American Jobs Act
 • Fact Sheet: The American Jobs Act

30 August 2011 President Obama’s Message on Occasion of Eid al-Fitr

22 August 2011 Readout of the President's Call with Prime Minister Cameron of the UK   The President and Prime Minister Cameron spoke today about the evolving situation in Libya.  They agreed that the situation had reached a tipping point and that Qadhafi needed to relinquish power once and for all.
 • Statement by President Obama on Libya

22 August 2011 President Obama on Latest Events in Libya  "Tonight, the momentum against the Qadhafi regime has reached a tipping point. Tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant. The Qadhafi regime is showing signs of collapsing. The people of Libya are showing that the universal pursuit of dignity and freedom is far stronger than the iron fist of a dictator."

18 August 2011 President Obama on Syria's President Assad   Today, President Obama called for the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, to step aside and took the strongest financial action action against the Syrian regime thus far.
 • Fact Sheet on Syria (

13 August 2011 Summary of Obama’s Call with U.K. Prime Minister Cameron  The President and Prime Minister Cameron spoke today, continuing their frequent and close consultations on global matters of mutual interest.

11 August 2011 Obama, Bernanke Discuss Economic Recovery as Growth Lags  President Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke talked at the White House on the state of the U.S. economy as financial indicators continue to show slower-than-expected economic growth.

10 August 2011 President Obama Honors American Muslims at White House Iftar   President Obama, continuing the White House tradition of hosting a dinner in recognition of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, told guests the United States will continue to stand for a society where people have the right to worship as they chose.
  • President Obama's remarks at White House Iftar

08 August 2011 President Obama's Remarks on U.S. Credit Rating 

07 August 2011 Summary of President Obama’s Calls on Afghanistan  President Obama received a call today from President Karzai of Afghanistan, who reiterated his condolences for the tragic loss of 30 American service-members yesterday in Afghanistan.

01 August 2011 Statement by the President on the Occasion of Ramadan President Obama wishes Muslims around the world a blessed month.

25 July 2011 A Balanced Approach President Obama says that both parties have a responsibility to solve the debt problem.

23 July 2011 Weekly Address: A Bipartisan Approach to Strengthening the Economy President Obama discussed the urgency of Democrats and Republicans coming together to take a balanced approach to cutting the deficit to strengthen the economy.

19 July 2011 Remarks by the President on the Status of Efforts to Find a Balanced Approach to Deficit Reduction

11 July 2011 Press Conference by the President  President Obama held a press conference to give an update on the ongoing efforts to tackle the U.S. national debt and deficit.

09 July 2011 President Obama on U.S. Recognition of South Sudan’s Independence
  • U.S. Recognizes South Sudan, Pledges Steadfast Partnership
  • Secretary Clinton on Independence Day for South Sudan

30 June 2011 President Obama at Armed Forces Farewell for Defense Secretary Gates

29 June 2011 U.S. Goals in Afghanistan Are Meeting with Success, Obama Says  President Obama says the U.S. mission in Afghanistan will be successful if U.S. forces leave behind a country where the Afghan government and people can provide for their own security, and al-Qaida is unable to attack the United States, its allies or its overseas interests.

22 June 2011 Remarks by the President on the Way Forward in Afghanistan  President Obama addressed the nation about the way forward in Afghanistan and his plan to remove 10,000 American troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and a total of 33,000 by next summer.

22 June 2011 Statement from President Obama on Sudan 

20 June 2011 Obama: U.S. Committed to Remain Top Choice for Foreign Investors  President Obama says the United States is committed to remaining “the most attractive place for businesses to locate, invest, grow and create jobs” as a new study finds that foreign direct investment in the United States jumped 49 percent from 2009 to 2010.

15 June 2011 Letter from President Obama on the War Powers Resolution  

07 June 2011 Obama Supports Second Term for U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon  President Obama supports U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s bid for a second term as head of the world’s largest international organization, said the White House.  At a June 6 press conference, Ban formally announced he was seeking a second five-year term.

President Obama's State Visit to the UK

The President and Mrs. Obama accepted the invitation of Her Majesty the Queen, and travelled to the United Kingdom for a state visit on May 24-26, 2011.  Buckingham Palace have released this press release.

The President and Mrs Obama first visited the UK in 2009 from 31 March to 3 April  where President Obama attended the G20 Summit.

All official texts are posted on the official visit webpage.  During the event we kept you informed on our our Presidential blog which you can also still view!


19 May 2011 Remarks by the President on the Middle East and North Africa  Speaking at the U.S. State Department in Washington DC, President Obama lays out his vision for a new chapter in American diplomacy as calls for reform and democracy spread across the Middle East and North Africa.
 • Secretary Clinton's Introductory Remarks for President Obama's Speech
 • FACT SHEET: "A Moment of Opportunity" in the Middle East and North Africa

13 May 2011 Presidential Proclamation on World Trade Week

11 May 2011 Obama: Immigration Reform Will Strengthen U.S. Security, Economy  President Obama says the ultimate solution for fixing an immigration system that penalizes immigrants and citizens alike is comprehensive reform that strengthens the nation’s security, economy and global competitiveness.

11 May 2011 Speech by President Obama on Immigration and Border Security 

09 May 2011 Obama Says Benefits Outweighed Risks in Getting bin Laden   President Obama said he ordered the commando raid that ended with the death of al-Qaida terrorist leader and mass murderer Osama bin Laden knowing that deadly force might be necessary for the man who had eluded justice for a decade after the September 11, 2001, attack on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people from almost 90 nations.

05 May 2011 President Obama Visits New York City, Ground Zero  In New York City this afternoon, there was a profound mix of old grief and perhaps some new closure just a few days after the death of somebody responsible for such immense suffering in that city.   The President didn’t speak as he laid a wreath at the National September 11th Memorial. And he kept it private when he met with 9/11 family members afterwards.  But speaking separately to police officers from the city and firefighters at the "Pride of Midtown" Firehouse, Engine 54, Ladder 4, Battalion 9 -- which lost 15 firefighters at the World Trade Center on 9/11 -- the President had messages for all of America.
 • Remarks at "Pride of Midtown" Firehouse, Engine 54, Ladder 4, Battalion 9
 • Remarks to Police Officers in New York, New York

02 May 2011 Obama Calls Death of bin Laden an Act of Justice  President Obama says the death of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden allows the world to tell the families of bin Laden’s victims: “Justice has been done.”   U.S. forces killed bin Laden in a firefight, part of a raid on his compound in Pakistan early on May 2, Pakistani time. In announcing the death, Obama called bin Laden “a terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.”

01 May 2011 Remarks By The President on Osama Bin Laden

20 April 2011 Remarks by the President at a Facebook Town Hall   Facebook Headquarters, Palo Alto, California.

15 April 2011 President Obama Releases the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace

14 April 2011 Libya’s Pathway to Peace  Joint Op-ed by President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy 

09 April 2011 President Obama's Statement on the Bipartisan Agreement on the Budget   Transcript of President Obama's remarks via 

05 April 2011 Obama Says Côte d’Ivoire’s Gbagbo Must Give Up Power
 • Statement by President Obama on Situation in Côte d’Ivoire

02 April 2011 Energy Security Can Only Come If We Invest in Cleaner Fuels and Greater Efficiency In his weekly address, President Obama discussed his strategy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and secure our nation’s energy future.  When the President was elected, America imported eleven million barrels of oil a day.  This week he announced a bold, but achievable goal of cutting this number by one-third by 2025.

30 March 2011 Obama Announces New Energy Security Measures  The United States will begin an effort to reduce its dependence on imported oil by a third over 10 years by increasing domestic energy production, increasing the use of biofuels and natural gas, and improving the fuel efficiency of U.S.-built cars and trucks, President Obama says.
 • Fact Sheet on U.S. Energy Security

28 March 2011 Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on Libya  
 • Obama's Videoconference with Three European Leaders

26 March 2011 The President's Weekly Address: The Military Mission in Libya
 • Read transcript 

20 March 2011 Obama Meets with Top Aides on Libya  President Obama held a conference call with top national security advisers March 20 to discuss the international effort to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya to stop Libyan military forces from attacking civilians, the White House says.

19 March 2011 International Coalition Strikes at Libyan Military  President Obama said March 19 that U.S. Navy and coalition ships and submarines have launched missiles against Libyan military forces to support an international coalition to stop attacks on Libyan civilians.

18 March  2011  Remarks by the President on the Situation in Libya
  • Secretary Clinton on Libya and UN Resolution 1973
  • Paris Summit for the Support to the Libyan People: Communique

17 March 2011 Readout of President Obama’s Calls with Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy 

14 March 2011 For Globetrotting Presidents, Air Force One Provides Perfect Ride   It is unquestionably the most exclusive ride in the world: the gleaming, blue-and-white jumbo jet that answers to the call signal Air Force One. It’s an American icon, as recognizable as the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon — the airplane that will take President Obama on his second journey to Latin America March 19.

08 March 2011 Readout of the President’s call with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom

07 March 2011 Statement by President Barack Obama: New Actions on Guantanamo Bay and Detainee Policy
  • Fact Sheet: Guantanamo and Detainee Policy (PDF - 36Kb)
  • Executive Order on Periodic Review (PDF - 24Kb)

02 March 2011 Obama on Shooting of American Service Members in Germany

01 March 2011 White House Releases First Comprehensive Federal Report on the Status of American Women in Almost 50 Years
 • President Obama’s Proclamation on Women’s History Month

28 February 2011 President Obama on the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps
 • YouTube : Happy 50th Birthday Peace Corps !
 • Secretary Clinton's Remarks at the Reception Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps

27 February 2011 Obama Calls for Libya’s Qadhafi to Leave Power Now  President Obama calls on Libya’s leader, Muammar Qadhafi, to leave power now, saying that he and his government must be held accountable for violating the human rights and brutalization of the Libyan people.

24 February  2011 Readout of President Obama's Calls with President Sarkozy of France, Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy

23 February 2011 Remarks by the President on Libya 

17 February 2011 President and Mrs. Obama to Visit the UK  President and Mrs. Obama have accepted the invitation of Her Majesty the Queen, and will travel to the United Kingdom for a state visit on May 24-26 .

15 February 2011 Obama Urges Mideast Leaders to Be Proactive in Reforms  Noting the political unrest that has spread from Tunisia to Egypt and elsewhere in the region, President Obama says young people are seeking better opportunities and ways to improve their lives. He urges governments in the region to “get out ahead of change” and respond to their peoples’ aspirations in a manner that doesn’t lead to violence.

15 February 2011 Press Conference by President Obama on U.S. Budget, Middle East

12 February 2011 Summary of President Obama's Calls to Discuss Egypt

11 February 2011 President and Mrs. Obama to Visit the UK  The President and Mrs. Obama have accepted the invitation of Her Majesty the Queen, and will travel to the United Kingdom for a state visit on May 24-26, 2011.  Buckingham Palace have released this press release.

11 February 2011 President Obama's Remarks on Egypt  President Obama said the Egyptian people have inspired the world through their nonviolent struggle to change their country’s government.

10 February 2011 Statement of President Barack Obama on Egypt The President releases a statement saying "the Egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they have not yet seized that opportunity."

28 January  2011  Remarks by the President on the Situation in Egypt  "My administration has been closely monitoring the situation in Egypt, and I know that we will be learning more tomorrow when day breaks.  As the situation continues to unfold, our first concern is preventing injury or loss of life.  So I want to be very clear in calling upon the Egyptian authorities to refrain from any violence against peaceful protestors. 
  The people of Egypt have rights that are universal.  That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny.  These are human rights.  And the United States will stand up for them everywhere.  
   I also call upon the Egyptian government to reverse the actions that they’ve taken to interfere with access to the Internet, to cell phone service and to social networks that do so much to connect people in the 21st century.
  At the same time, those protesting in the streets have a responsibility to express themselves peacefully.  Violence and destruction will not lead to the reforms that they seek."

26 January 2011 Obama Outlines Ambitious Energy Agenda  Continued heavy investment in clean energy is necessary to help the United States transition to a stronger and more sustainable economy, President Obama said in his January 25 State of the Union address to Congress.  With more research and incentives, the United States can be the first country that has 1 million electric vehicles on the road five years from now, he said. A quarter century from now, the country should be able to get 80 percent of its electricity from wind, solar, biomass, natural gas and nuclear plants, he added.

25 January 2011 Obama Urges Americans to Meet 21st Century Challenges  In the annual State of the Union address, President Obama urged American lawmakers to support innovative research and educational opportunities as a means of maintaining U.S. economic competitiveness and ensuring its progress in the 21st century. “This is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” the president said January 25 in his address to a joint session of Congress. He was referring to the rapid American technological and scientific response that created the U.S. space program and new economic opportunities after the Soviet Union launched the first satellite into space in 1957. As a result of its quick mobilization, the United States became the first nation to put a man on the moon in 1969.
 • President Obama's State of the Union Address
 • Fact Sheet: Obama's Plan to Win the Future

24 January 2011 Obama Condemns "Outrageous" Moscow Attack  President Obama strongly condemned the bombing of Moscow's busiest airport, calling the attack an "outrageous act of terrorism against the Russian people."

20 January 2011 Remarks by the President at the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Inauguration

17 January 2011 Remarks by President Obama on Martin Luther King's Birthday

10 January 2011 Obama Urges Peaceful Sudanese Referendum Vote  President Obama praised the timely start of the referendum on self-determination for southern Sudan and urged all sides to refrain from intimidation, coercion or violence and to allow voters to freely and peaceably express their will.

2010 Articles

18 December 2010 Obama's Letter to Senate on Missile Defense and New START

16 December 2010 Obama: "Significant Progress" in Afghanistan and Pakistan  President Obama says there is significant progress in Afghanistan and Pakistan toward the core U.S. goal of disrupting, dismantling and defeating violent extremists and that while in some areas the gains are "fragile and reversible," more Afghans are reclaiming their communities from the Taliban.
 • Statement by the President on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review
 • Overview of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review (PDF, 40Kb)

15 December 2010 Terror Attack on Iranian Mosque "Disgraceful," Obama Says   President Obama denounced a bombing attack targeting Iranian civilians in Chabahar as "disgraceful and cowardly" and said that those who carried out the attack "must be held accountable."

13 December 2010 Statement by President Obama on Richard Holbrooke

10 December 2010 Statement by President Obama on the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize

28 November 2010 Statement by the White House Press Secretary on Wikileaks

23 November 2010 Presidential Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day 2010

20 November 2010 Obama, NATO Sign Afghan Power Transfer Plan  President Obama has joined NATO allies in a formal agreement to transfer security control of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces to Afghan forces starting in 2011.  Speaking to reporters November 20 in Lisbon, Portugal, at the end of the 2010 NATO Summit, Obama said the transition of security forces would begin in July, with a target of completion by the end of 2014. He said the plan, proposed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, was endorsed by NATO partners.

20 November 2010 Statement by President Obama After EU-U.S. Summit in Lisbon

20 November 2010 Obama's Press Conference After NATO Summit in Lisbon

19 November 2010 Obama Praises U.S.-Europe Relations   President Obama praised the U.S.-European relationship for its deep cooperation and close ties as he arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, for the 2010 NATO Summit and U.S.–European Union Summit. “With no other region does the United States have such a close alignment of values, interests, capabilities and goals,” Obama wrote in an editorial for the International Herald Tribune November 19.
 • President Obama: 'Europe and America, Aligned for the Future'   Op-ed text

17 November 2010 The Obama Administration's European Agenda  Remarks at the Atlantic Council by Philip Gordon, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs.

15 November 2010  Statement by the President on Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha  "Michelle and I extend our greetings for a happy Eid-ul-Adha to Muslims worldwide and wish safe travels to those performing Hajj.  This year, nearly three million pilgrims from more than 160 countries - including the United States - have gathered in Mecca and neighboring sites to perform the Hajj rituals and stand together in prayer".

12 November 2010  G20 Agrees on Ways to Prevent Future Economic Crisis  The Group of 20 (G20) major economies have agreed to implement tighter financial regulations designed to help prevent the types of investment and trading practices that led to the global financial crisis, and they pledged to achieve more sustainable and balanced economic growth.

12 November 2010 President Obama's Press Conference Following G20 Meetings

11 November 2010 Remarks by President Obama, China’s Hu Jintao Before Meeting

09 November 2010 President Obama's Speech in Jakarta, Indonesia  Remarks of President Barack Obama at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

09 November 2010  Indonesia: Follow-Up To The President’s Cairo Speech  In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, the vision the President articulated in his June 2009 speech in Cairo is flourishing.  There continues to be significant progress in the areas of science and technology, entrepreneurship, education and exchanges, regional democracy promotion, and interfaith dialogue.  The burgeoning U.S. Comprehensive Partnership with Indonesia embodies how the United States is implementing the President’s vision for a New Beginning.

08 November 2010 Remarks by the President to the Joint Session of the Indian Parliament in New Delhi, India. President Obama said that "... with India assuming its rightful place in the world, we have an historic opportunity to make the relationship between our two countries a defining partnership of the century ahead."
 • The U.S. - India Partnership: the fact sheets

06 November 2010 Obama Praises India's Resolve Against Terrorism  President Obama paid tribute to terror victims and the resilience of Indian society in the face of security threats, and said the United States and India are cooperating more closely than ever against terrorism.

05 November 2010 Proclamation by President Obama on Veterans Day 2010  "On Veterans Day, we come together to pay tribute to the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. Americans across this land commemorate the patriots who have risked their lives to preserve the liberty of our Nation, the families who support them, and the heroes no longer with us. It is not our weapons or our technology that make us the most advanced military in the world; it is the unparalleled spirit, skill, and devotion of our troops. As we honor our veterans with ceremonies on this day, let our actions strengthen the bond between a Nation and her warriors."  The United States will celebrate Veteran's Day on Thursday, 11 November 2010.

03 November 2010 Midterms Show Voters Still Worried About Economy, Obama Says   Reacting to the 2010 midterm elections November 2 that resulted in the Democratic Party losing control of the House of Representatives, slimming its majority in the Senate and losing some gubernatorial contests, President Obama said American voters had sent a message that they are frustrated with the state of the U.S. economy and acknowledged he had not made as much progress as he had hoped on several domestic concerns.
Press Conference by President Obama on Midterm Elections

02 November 2010 Strengthening Global Economy Tops APEC, G20 Agendas  Fostering global economic growth through the Group of 20 (G20) advanced economies is fundamental to a lasting recovery at home, says a senior Obama administration official.  Economic policy figures strongly in President Obama’s final two stops of a four-nation Asian trip .

30 October 2010 Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister David Cameron on the terrorist plot
 • Statement by the President on the Security Alert [ video]
 • Summary of President Obama’s Call with Saudi King Abdullah

18 October 2010 Readout of President Obama's call with Prime Minister David Cameron  The Prime Minister briefed the President on the U.K. National Security Strategy that was published today and they discussed the Strategic Defense and Security Review that the U.K. government will announce tomorrow.

15 October 2010 Presidential Proclamation on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month   While considerable progress has been made in the fight against breast cancer, it remains the most frequently diagnosed type of non skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in our country. 

11 October 2010 Readout of the President's Call with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom  The President called Prime Minister Cameron to offer his deepest condolences for the death of Linda Norgrove, whose service in Afghanistan represented her extraordinary commitment to advance the lives of others.

08 October 2010 Statement by the President on the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo 

24 September 2010 Obama Chastises Ahmadinejad, Challenges Iran to Change Course  A day after an inflammatory speech in New York by Iran's president, President Obama is offering Iranians a scenario for better relations with the U.S., an end to sanctions and a role to play from the Palestinian Territories to Afghanistan.  The common thread: Iran's government must choose a more responsible path.

24 September 2010 President Obama's Interview with BBC Persian  Interview of President Obama by Bahman Kalbasi, BBC Persian

23 September 2010 Remarks by President Obama to the United Nations General Assembly The President spoke of the challenges facing America, the world, and particularly Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

17 September 2010 Obama U.N. Speech to Address Extreme Poverty   President Obama will talk about eradicating extreme global poverty when he address a high-level meeting of world leaders during the opening of the 65th U.N. General Assembly in New York, a senior U.S. diplomat says.

11 September 2010 Remarks by the President at the Pentagon Memorial President Obama says ".. this is a day of remembrance, a day of reflection, and -- with God’s grace -- a day of unity and renewal."

10 September 2010 White House Press Conference by President Obama The President discussed the U.S. economy, religious diversity, and the September 11 anniversary.

09 September 2010  Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr

09 September 2010 Obama Condemns Plans to Burn the Quran  President Obama said that a plan by a small Florida church to burn copies of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, on September 11 is contrary to American values of religious freedom and tolerance of all faiths and religions.

07 September  2010 Readout of the President's Call with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom

06 September 2010 Remarks by President Obama at Laborfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  Obama: The Fight for America's Workers Continues.

01 September 2010 Remarks by President Obama, Four Mideast Leaders  Leaders speak on eve of direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

01 September 2010 Remarks by Obama and Netanyahu After Their Meeting   Obama says U.S. is unwavering in its support of Israel's security

01 September 2010 Obama Welcomes Netanyahu, Abbas to the White House  President Obama welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House for brief consultations before the two leaders meet later to begin direct peace talks.

31 August 2010 President Obama on End of U.S. Combat Mission in Iraq  Iraqi people now have responsibility for security of their country.
 • President Obama Talks to U.S. Soldiers About Iraq
 • Facts and Figures on U.S. Troop Drawdown in Iraq
 • U.S. Civilian Engagement with Iraq
 • Examples of U.S.-Iraqi Partnerships

30 August 2010 Remarks by President Obama on the Economy  Acknowledges that the economy remains extremely fragile.

29 August 2010 President Obama Marks Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina  Obama vows to stand with Gulf Coast and fight until the job is done.

13 August 2010 President Obama’s Iftar Remarks “Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America,” he says.

11 August 2010 Message from President Obama on Occasion of Ramadan President Obama wishes Muslims around the world a blessed month during Ramadan.

03 August 2010 President Obama’s Town Hall at Young African Leaders Forum
 • Fact Sheet: The President's Engagement in Africa (White House)

02 August 2010 U.S. Is Meeting Pledge to End Combat Missions in Iraq  President Obama says his administration is on track to fulfill its promise of ending U.S. combat operations in Iraq by August 31.  U.S. forces are transitioning to a role of supporting and training Iraqi security personnel and the United States is turning its focus toward civilian efforts in the country.
 • President Obama on the End of Combat Operations in Iraq

30 July 2010 Obama Hosts Young African Leaders August 3–5  President Obama is convening a first-ever, three-day conference in August with more than 100 young leaders from a cross section of African life to examine how they see Africa’s future over the next half century, and to help craft innovative solutions to regional challenges.
 • The President's Forum with Young African Leaders

20 July 2010 Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron in Joint Press Availability  President Obama says that the U.S. and the UK "enjoy a truly special relationship. We celebrate a common heritage. We cherish common values."
 • Watch the video of the meeeting

20 July 2010 President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron, in Words and Photos (White House blog)

20 July 2010 Obama, Cameron Reaffirm Commitment to Afghanistan    A key component for peace in Afghanistan is to build the country’s capacity so that its security forces "can take responsibility for their future," President Obama said after meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House.  At a joint press conference Obama and Cameron said they both agree that the right strategy is twofold: break the former Taliban regime’s insurgency and build Afghan capacity.

15 July 2010 Remarks by the President on the Passage of Financial Regulatory Reform President Obama says that the bill will bring greater economic security to families and businesses across the country.

14 July 2010 Obama Offers Redoubled U.S. Support for Africa Against Terror  President Obama said the United States will redouble its cooperation with Uganda and other African Union members against the Somali terror group al-Shabaab to try to ensure that it and similar organizations “are not able to kill Africans with impunity.”

14 July 2010 Interview of President Obama by the South African Broadcasting Corporation

13 July 2010 Obama Expresses Support for Palestinian President’s Leadership  President Obama recently spoke with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas about progress in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian indirect or "proximity" talks that are designed to lead to negotiations for a peace agreement and Palestinian statehood, the White House said.

16 June 2010 Obama Vows to Fight Oil Spill “With Everything We’ve Got”  President Obama told Americans his administration will fight the Gulf of Mexico oil spill “with everything we’ve got for as long as it takes,” and that he will tell BP executives to set aside money for an independently administered compensation fund for businesses and workers harmed by the spill. Obama also urged Americans to accelerate the country’s transition to a clean energy economy.

16 June 2010 Obama's Letter to G20 Leaders on Upcoming Meetings in Toronto  President looks forward to working collectively to renew global economy.

15 June 2010 Remarks by President Obama to the Nation on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (White House)

09 June 2010 Obama on U.N. Security Council Resolution on Iran Sanctions  Says Iran has failed to live up to its obligations under NPT.

06 June The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill (White House)

04 June 2010 Obama Postpones Asia Visit with “Deep Regret”  President Obama has had to postpone for a second time his planned trip to Australia and Indonesia in order to oversee continuing efforts to stop a massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and clean up the environmental damage.

01 June 2010 Obama Expresses Concern, Regret over Israeli Ship Raid   President Obama supports a U.N. Security Council statement that condemns an Israeli raid on a humanitarian aid flotilla headed for Gaza and calls for a full investigation, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says.

28 May 2010 Obama: We Will Stop Gulf Oil Leak  President Obama said the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is a tragedy that is difficult to stop, but the U.S. government is exploring all reasonable strategies in an effort to plug the leak and mitigate the ecological and economic damage. Speaking to reporters at a White House press conference, Obama said the federal government is overseeing the actions taken by British Petroleum to plug the leak at its offshore well, saying government officials are “authorized to direct BP in the same way that they’d be authorized to direct those same teams if they were technically being paid by the federal government.”

27 May 2010 President Obama Releases New National Security Strategy
• National Security Strategy [PDF 1.5MB]
• President Obama’s Introduction to National Security Strategy Report
• White House Fact Sheet: Actions in Support of Obama’s National Security Strategy
• Overview of 2010 National Security Strategy Report
• Remarks By Secretary Clinton On the Obama Administration's National Security Strategy

27 May 2010 Remarks by President Obama on Gulf Oil Spill

27 May 2010 U.S. Men’s World Cup Team Receives Presidential Send-Off

22 May 2010 Remarks by President Obama at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point

12 May 2010 Obama Offers Support for Afghan Peace Jirga  President Obama expressed support for the Afghan government’s planned consultative peace jirga aimed at discussing how to reconcile Taliban fighters with the rest of the country, describing the national council as “an important milestone that America supports.”

11 May 2010 Statement by the President on his call with Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom

10 May 2010 Message from Obama on Peaceful Nuclear Agreement with Russia  Resubmits proposed agreement by U.S. and Russia for congressional review.

08 May 2010 Obama's Interview on Channel Rossiya, Russian TV  Discusses Russian-American relations, the New START Treaty and Iran.

02 May 2010 Remarks by President Obama on Oil Spill  President Obama promises help as disaster worsens


26 April 2010 Remarks by the President at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship

12 April 2010 Remarks by the President at the Opening Plenary Session of the Nuclear Security Summit 

29 March 2010 Obama Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan to Honor Troops  President Obama made his first trip to Afghanistan as commander in chief March 28, using his surprise visit to honor U.S., Afghan and international troops and to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai to discuss anti-corruption efforts, energy and agricultural production and other civilian issues.

26 March 2010 Remarks by the President on the Announcement of New START Treaty

20 March 2010 Remarks of President Obama Marking Nowruz  President Obama extends best wishes to all who are celebrating Nowruz in the United States and around the world and also discusses U.S. relations with Iran.

07 March 2010 President Obama’s Remarks on Iraqi National Election  Obama says today’s vote is clear, future of Iraq belongs to people of Iraq.

05 March 2010 Statement by President Obama on the 40th Anniversary of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty  "Forty years ago today, in the midst of a Cold War, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) entered into force, becoming the cornerstone of the world’s efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.  Today, the threat of global nuclear war has passed, but the danger of nuclear proliferation endures, making the basic bargain of the NPT more important than ever: nations with nuclear weapons will move toward disarmament, nations without nuclear weapons will forsake them, and all nations have an “inalienable right” to peaceful nuclear energy. Each of these three pillars -- disarmament, nonproliferation and peaceful uses -- are central to the vision that I outlined in Prague of stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and seeking a world without them."

18 February 2010 Remarks from First Lady Michelle Obama Meeting with British Essay Contest Winners  First Lady Michelle Obama met with ten students from schools across the London borough of Islington today. The visit to the White House is part of a tour of Washington D.C. funded by the American Embassy for the winners of a Black History Month essay competition held in the Islington secondary schools.
 • Related clips from news organizations: Sky News and  BBC News
 • Photos from the event (FCO on Flickr)
 • First Lady Michelle Obama to Meet London Students at the White House

18 February 2010 First Lady Michelle Obama to Meet London Students at the White House  The American Embassy in London is pleased to announce that First Lady Michelle Obama will meet with ten students from schools across the London borough of Islington today. The visit to the White House is part of a tour of Washington D.C. funded by the American Embassy for the winners of a Black History Month essay competition held in the Islington secondary schools.

13 February 2010 President Obama’s Remarks to U.S.-Islamic World Forum  U.S. seeks new partnerships in Muslim communities around the world.

02 February 2010 Sudan Tops Foreign Policy Concerns in Obama YouTube Appearance  While President Obama was delivering his first State of the Union address, thousands of Americans went online and submitted their own questions via the popular video Web site YouTube. People could also vote on the 11,000 questions that were sent in, and on February 1, Obama — who had not seen them in advance — responded to the questions with the highest approval ratings. His responses streamed live from the White House.

01 February 2010 2011 U.S. Budget Would Increase Security and Development Aid  When President Obama foreshadowed his budget priorities for the 2011 fiscal year, which begins in October, he stressed the importance of U.S. domestic concerns such as job creation, but he also said there would not be cuts to national security programs. The $52.8 billion budget request for the State Department unveiled February 1 reflects a $4.6 billion increase from fiscal year 2010 levels, with an emphasis on ongoing programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, as well as global development programs to provide humanitarian, health and economic assistance around the world.
 • Remarks by the President on the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget (
 • Factsheet on the FY 2011 Budget (via, PDF, 69KB)

More details on the FY 2011 budget including online download links are on the Federal Budget section of our Economy page.

27 January 2010 Remarks by The President In State of the Union Address (redirects to our State of the Union section)  

18 January 2010 U.S. Government Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response Update  On January 12, a massive earthquake struck the nation of Haiti, causing catastrophic damage inside and around the capital city of Port-au-Prince.  President Obama has promised the people of Haiti that "you will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten." The United States Government has mobilized resources and manpower to aid in the relief effort.  Below please find some key facts and examples of government actions to date.  All numbers below are accurate as of noon, Monday, January 18.

18 January 2010 U.S., International Community Conquering Problems to Help Haiti  Tons of food, water and medical supplies are reaching the survivors of last week’s earthquake in Haiti and U.S. military personnel are on the ground to speed the distribution of aid and maintain security.

15 January 2010 Secretary Clinton Announces Launch of State.Gov Person Finder Tool for Those Missing in Haiti  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced today the launch of a new tool on, the “Person Finder,” to allow people to find and share information on missing loved ones in Haiti. The tool can be found at

18 January 2010 Proclamation by President Obama on the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday, 2010

14 January 2010 Remarks by the President on the Recovery Efforts in Haiti

13 January 2010 Remarks by the President on Rescue Efforts in Haiti

07 January 2010 Obama Announces Enhanced Airline Security Measures  The United States is strengthening airline security measures and taking other corrective actions in the aftermath of a thwarted terrorist attack on a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day, announced President Obama. Obama outlined four areas that two top-level reviews have indicated need correcting to prevent a similar incident from happening. However, part of the problem, the president said, is that the U.S. intelligence community had sufficient information about the alleged terrorist and the possibility of an attack, but because of lapses and miscues, authorities did not intercept him before he boarded a flight to the United States from Europe.
 • Remarks by the President on Strengthening Intelligence and Aviation Security
 • Read the summary of the security review (White House, PDF, 405KB)
 • Read the President's Directive on corrective actions (White House, PDF, 153KB)

07 January 2010  Background Briefing Following Security Review  Background Briefing by Senior State Department Officials following release of Security Review conducted after the failed Christmas terrorist attack.

05 January 2010 Intelligence Not Fully Analyzed Before Airline Attack, Obama Says  President Obama says a Nigerian man affiliated with al-Qaida in the Arabia Peninsula was able to board a U.S.-bound flight with explosives on December 25, 2009, because U.S. intelligence officials had failed to “connect the dots” of information that could have prevented him from being allowed onto the aircraft.

2009 Articles

07 January 2009 Background Briefing Following Security Review  Background Briefing by Senior State Department Officials following release of Security Review conducted after the failed Christmas terrorist attack.

05 January 2010 Intelligence Not Fully Analyzed Before Airline Attack, Obama Says  President Obama says a Nigerian man affiliated with al-Qaida in the Arabia Peninsula was able to board a U.S.-bound flight with explosives on December 25, 2009, because U.S. intelligence officials had failed to “connect the dots” of information that could have prevented him from being allowed onto the aircraft.

31 December 2009 Obama Adapts New Foreign Policy During First Year in White House   In his first year in office, President Obama tackled an impressive array of foreign policy challenges, adapting a response focusing more on cooperation than confrontation, say foreign affairs specialists. Threats to world peace ranging from nuclear proliferation to war in Afghanistan are being handled “remarkably well” by Obama, says Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser from 1977 to 1981.

31 December 2009 Observers Hail Obama’s Early Focus on Africa, Asia, Americas  While President Obama is building international consensus on pressing issues like climate change and nuclear nonproliferation, his administration’s focus on Africa, Asia and the Americas has not lagged, say foreign policy specialists who recently reviewed his first year in office.

29 December 209 President Obama on Review of Terrorist “Watchlisting System”  Directs examination of all intelligence on suspect in airliner attack.

29 December 2009 President Obama on Aviation Security Procedures  Directs immediate review of aviation screening technology.

29 December 2009 Statement by the President on Preliminary Information from his Ongoing Consultation about the Detroit Incident

29 December 2009 Obama: United States Doing Everything to Protect Americans President Obama says those responsible for the attempted Christmas Day attack on an American airliner will be held to account. In his first public comments on the incident, Obama also outlined additional steps to improve air safety. The president said many questions surround the attempted attack and that the search for answers is well under way. “A full investigation has been launched into this attempted act of terrorism. And we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable,” he said.

19 December 2009 Statement by the President on Health Care and Climate Change   "There’s still much work left to be done, but not a lot of time left to do it. But today is a major step forward for the American people. After a nearly century long struggle we are on the cusp of making health care reform a reality in the United States of America."

19 December 2009 Remarks by President Obama on Copenhagen Agreement  “Meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough” to fight global warming

19 December 2009 Obama Calls Climate Change Accord an Important Milestone

18 December 2009 Remarks by President Barack Obama at Copenhagen Summit

15 December 2009 Presidential Memorandum--Closure of Dentention Facilities at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

14 December 2009 Fact sheet: Clean Energy Technology Announcements  Today at the Copenhagen climate conference, on behalf of President Obama, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the launch of a new initiative to promote clean energy technologies in developing countries.  Secretary Chu also welcomed progress under the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) and invited his counterparts in MEF and other countries to a first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial next year.

10 December 2009 Obama Accepts Nobel Prize with Call for Faith in Human Progress  With “deep gratitude and deep humility,” President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize with an acknowledgement as the commander of a military involved in two wars that he and other world leaders are challenged to reconcile “two seemingly irreconcilable truths: that war is sometimes necessary, and war at some level is an expression of human folly.”

10 December 2009 A Just and Lasting Peace - Remarks of President Barack Obama at the acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway (as prepared for delivery).

10 December 2009 Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Stoltenberg of Norway during joint press availability

10 December 2009 Remarks by the President after Nobel Peace Prize signing ceremony

04 December 2009 Joint Statement by Presidents Obama, Medvedev on START Treaty. Both countries will continue to work in spirit of treaty after its expiration.

01 December 2009 The New Way Forward  Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on the Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
 • Fact Sheet : The Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan
 •  Watch the President's Address (links to White House)

30 November 2009 Obama Addresses Afghanistan Strategy December 1st  President Obama will lay out his strategy for Afghanistan in a speech from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, according to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. After meeting with his closest national security advisers nine times since July, the president will announce his plans for sending additional forces to Afghanistan, announce plans for enhanced training for the Afghan army and national police force, and make clear that this is not an indefinite commitment, according to White House officials over the past several weeks.

25 November 2009 Presidential Proclamation on World AIDS Day

25 November 2009 President Obama to Attend Copenhagen Climate Talks  The White House announced today that President Obama will travel to Copenhagen on the 9th of December to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where he is eager to work with the international community to drive progress toward a comprehensive and operational Copenhagen accord.

23 November 2009 Proclamation by the President for Thanksgiving Day 2009

17 November 2009 Joint Statement by President Obama, Chinese President Hu in China  Obama welcomes China as a strong, successful member of community of nations.

16 November 2009 Societies Free of Internet Censorship Are Stronger, Obama Says  The free flow of information on the Internet builds a stronger society, encourages creativity and helps people around the world participate in the political process and hold their governments accountable, President Obama told Chinese students in Shanghai. Speaking at a town hall meeting ahead of meetings with Chinese leaders in Beijing, Obama said he is “a big believer” in technology and openness and a “big supporter of noncensorship” even though it means that he finds himself the subject of constant criticism. In the United States, “the fact that we have free Internet or unrestricted Internet access is a source of strength,” and the president said open Internet use should be encouraged.

15 November 2009 President Obama’s Remarks at APEC Leaders’ Summit

09 November 2009 Obama: Iraq Election Law an “Important Milestone”  President Obama says the approval of a long-delayed election law by the Iraqi parliament is an important milestone. Obama says it helps clear the way for a planned withdrawal of American combat troops. Shortly after the Iraqi parliament approved the new election law, Obama went before reporters at the White House. “This is an important milestone as the Iraqi people continue to take responsibility for their future,” he said.

09 November 2009 Presidential Proclamation : World Freedom Day

07 November 2009 Statement of President Barack Obama on House Passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act .
 • The White House : Health Care
 • The Obama Plan: Stability & Security For All Americans
 • White House blog History: The House Debates Health Reform

02 November 2009 Obama Congratulates Afghan President and Urges Internal Reforms President Obama has congratulated Afghan President Hamid Karzai on winning re-election but also called for a “new chapter” to improve Afghan governance and end corruption. Obama also cited a need to increase the ability of Afghan forces to provide security for their own country.

25 October 2009 Statement by the President on Today's Bombings in Baghdad, Iraq  "I strongly condemn these outrageous attacks on the Iraqi people, and send my deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones. These bombings serve no purpose other than the murder of innocent men, women and children, and they only reveal the hateful and destructive agenda of those who would deny the Iraqi people the future that they deserve. "

20 October 2009 Obama Lauds Afghan President’s Participation in Runoff Vote  Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s agreement to participate in a runoff vote for his country’s presidential election is "an important step forward" toward ensuring a credible electoral process and it strengthens Afghanistan’s democracy, President Obama says. Obama issued a statement October 20 welcoming Karzai’s decision, which came after the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan determined that the incumbent president had received a majority of votes from the August 20 election, but at 49.67 percent had come just short of the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff vote. The second round voting has been scheduled for November 7.

20 October 2009 Obama Praises Democratic Advances in Iraq  President Obama praised the democratic commitment of the Iraqi people and their government as he also called for timely passage of a new election law for January 2010 parliamentary elections. Obama met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki October 20 at the White House.

19 October 2009 Statement of President Barack Obama on Sudan Strategy

09 October 2009 Obama Wins Nobel Prize for Nuclear Disarmament, Multilateralism  Why did President Obama win the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize after only nine months in office? The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited Obama’s "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," particularly his work to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

09 October 2009 Remarks by the President on winning the Nobel Peace Prize

09 October 2009 President Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (links to   Today, Friday, the Nobel Committee awarded President Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

01 October 2009 Obama Says Iran Talks "Constructive" but Need Follow-Up Action  President Obama says the first day of talks between Iran and representatives from the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany (collectively known as the P5+1) were a "constructive beginning," but Iran's government needs to follow up pledges of cooperation with "constructive action."

01 October 2009 Obama Facing Critical Decisions in Afghanistan, Pakistan  President Obama met with his national security team in the White House Situation Room on September 30 to evaluate the progress that has been made and the challenges that lie ahead in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Among the challenges are recent U.S. public-opinion polling numbers that show declining support for continued U.S. military operations in Afghanistan.

01 October 2009 The Obamas Visit Copenhagen to Support Chicago’s Olympic Bid  President Obama will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to support Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games at the 121st International Olympic Committee Session, according to the White House. The president will depart Washington on October 1, arriving in Copenhagen on the morning of October 2 just before Chicago’s presentation to the IOC voting members. He will join his wife, Michelle Obama, who arrived in Copenhagen on September 30. Mrs. Obama is leading the U.S. delegation to the IOC session.

25 September 2009 Key Accomplishments of the Group of 20 Pittsburgh Summit  Countries to continue economic stimulus plans, reform financial regulation.

26 September 2009 President Affirms Commitment to International Cooperation in Strengthening Economy and Stopping Nuclear Proliferation

25 September 2009 Remarks by President Obama at G20 Closing Press Conference

24 September 2009 Remarks by the President at the UN Security Council Summit on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmament

23 September 2009 Remarks by the President to the United Nations General Assembly

22 September 2009 Remarks by the President at UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's Climate Change Summit

21 September 2009 President Obama Promotes Tougher Rules on Wall Street to Protect Consumers

20 September 2009 Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr

17 September 2009 Remarks by the President on strengthening missile defense in Europe

17 September 2009 Obama Announces New Plan to Defend Europe from Iranian Missiles

10 September 2009 Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, 2009

10 September 2009 Readout of the President's call with UK Prime Minister Brown  The President and Prime Minister Brown had a productive call earlier today on several issues on our shared strategic agenda. The two leaders discussed preparations for the upcoming G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, including the issues of growth and jobs. They discussed ways to reform international institutions to provide key international players a greater role.

10 September 2009 Obama Urges Congress to Pass Health Care Reform  The U.S. Congress is grappling with proposed legislation to substantially reform America's $2.5 trillion health care system, despite the daunting challenge posed by solutions that may conflict with one another. In a nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress September 9, President Obama implored representatives and senators to overcome doubts and considerable misinformation that has plagued debate on reform since earlier this year, and support his proposals. Five committees in the Senate and House of Representatives are considering comprehensive reform proposals and four have completed work on bills. The White House did not submit its own proposed legislation, but instead submitted its objectives.

09 September 2009 Excerpts of the President's Address to a Joint Session of Congress Tonight

08 September 2009 Address by President Obama to America's Schoolchildren  Obama focuses on responsibility, staying in school.

01 September 2009 Remarks by the President at Iftar Dinner

01 September 2009 Obama on 2009-H1N1 Flu Preparedness and Response  Flu vaccination program expected to begin soon.

26 August 2009 Presidential Proclamation on the Death Of Senator Edward Kennedy

26 August 2009 Statement from President Obama on the Death of Senator Edward Kennedy

21 August 2009 Remarks by the President on the Recent Elections in Afghanistan

21 August 2009 Ramadan Kareem    President Obama extends his best wishes to Muslim communities in the United States and around the world.

17 August 2009 Transcript of the President's Remarks at the annual VFW convention in Phoenix.  Terrorists who attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, are plotting to do so again, so defeating them is “fundamental to the defense of our people,” President Barack Obama told veterans at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention.

05 August 2009 President Obama’s Video Message to AGOA Forum  President Obama addresses the African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

22 July 2009 Obama Pledges Full Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Iraq by 2011  Stating that the United States is in the midst of a transition to Iraqi responsibility, President Obama said all U.S. forces are on schedule to be fully withdrawn from Iraq by the end of 2011. "Violence continues to be down, and Iraqis are taking responsibility for their future," Obama said at an afternoon press conference at the White House with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. "The success of this transition is critically important to the security and prosperity of our people, and it is a top priority of my administration."

21 July 2009 Obama Letter on U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Report  Report to Congress covers activities from October 4, 2008, to June 30, 2009.

17 July 2009 President Obama on July 17 Bombings in Indonesia  Obama condemns attacks in Jakarta and extends deepest condolences.


06 - 11 July 2009  Obama In Russia : A New Start  (an website)

11 July 2009 As Delivered Remarks by President to the Ghanaian Parliament

11 July 2009 Obama: Ghana Shows Democracy Can Thrive in Africa  Capping his historic visit to Ghana, President Obama told the Ghanaian people his visit to their country had been "particularly meaningful" and that Ghana sends a message to the world: "Democracy can thrive in Africa."

10 July 2009 Press Conference by the President in L'Aquila, Italy

09 July 2009 G8 Nations Agree to Cut Carbon Emissions 80 Percent by 2050  The effects of climate change are putting every country at risk and no one nation can address it alone, President Obama says, adding that the United States and other developed countries have a responsibility to take the lead in reducing carbon pollution that is causing global temperatures to rise.

09 July 2009 Obama Calls for Global Nuclear Summit in March 2010  President Obama, at the G8 Summit in Italy, added another element to his goal of a nuclear-free world by calling for a global nuclear summit in March 2010, White House aides said. The purpose of the summit would be to achieve the highest levels of nuclear security, which the president believes is essential for enhanced international security and for the peaceful development and the global expansion of nuclear energy, said presidential aide Mark Lippert.

09 July 2009 White House Press Briefing by U.S. Officials in L'Aquila, Italy  Officials discuss upcoming Ghana visit, trade and security

09 July 2009 Meeting the International Clean Energy and Climate Change Challenges

08 July 2009 Addressing the Nuclear Threat: Fulfilling the Promise of Prague at the L'Aquila Summit

08 July 2009 G8 Leaders Focused on Global Economic Recovery Leaders of the Group of Eight major industrialized nations believe the outcome of the economic crisis is still uncertain and that significant risks remain to global economic and financial stability.

08 July 2009 G8 Leaders Urge Economic Action to Prevent Deeper Social Crisis  At a time of global economic turmoil, the leaders of the Group of Eight major industrialized nations say they will help developing nations to cope with the crisis.

08 July 2009 Remarks by President Obama and Italian President Napolitano  Discuss U.S. and Europe raising standards on financial institutions

08 July 2009 White House Press Gaggle En Route to Rome, Italy Press secretary Robert Gibbs briefs on Air Force One

08 July 2009 Joint Understanding by Obama, Medvedev on Missile Defense  Leaders outline elements in the START follow on treaty.

07 July 2009 Remarks by President Obama and Russian President Medvedev  Leaders to discuss bilateral relations and international issues.

07 July 2009 Remarks by President Obama and Russian Prime Minister Putin  Leaders to discuss U.S.-Russian relations

07 July 2009 Remarks by President Obama in Meeting with Opposition Leaders

07 July 2009 Remarks by the President at Parallel Business Summit

07 July 2009 Remarks by the President at Parallel Civil Society Summit

07 July 2009 Non-Nuclear Iran Would Reduce Need for Missile Defense  President Obama urges Russia to support efforts to prevent nuclear arms races in East Asia and the Middle East, saying the successful enforcement of international law will remove causes of disagreement between the United States and Russia.

07 July 2009 Remarks by the President at the New Economic School Graduation  Gostinny Dvor, Moscow, Russia.

06 July 2009 Joint Statement by Presidents Obama, Medvedev on Afghanistan

06 July 2009 Press conference by President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia

 • Obama, Russia's Medvedev Agree to Further Missile Defense Talks

 • Russia, U.S. Seek to Lead Nonproliferation Efforts by Example

06 July 2009 Transcript of President Obamas Interview with Novaya Gazeta

06 July 2009 Fact Sheet for the Moscow Summit, July 6-8

01 July 2009 Press Briefing on the President's Trip to Russia, Italy and Africa

 19 June 2009 Statement from President Obama on the Occaision of Juneteenth

09 July 2009 The Obama Administration's arms control and non-proliferation strategy.   Gary Samore, Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation, and Terrorism spoke on “The Obama Administration's arms control and non-proliferation strategy” at the International Institute For Strategic Studies.
From the IISS: Watch the  Speech and the  Q&A Session.

04 July 2009 Fourth of July Message by President Obama (PDF)  "Today we are called upon to remember not only the day our country was born, but also the indomitable spirit of the first American citizens who made that day possible. We are called to remember how unlikely it was that our American experiment would succeed at all; that a small band of patriots would declare independence from a powerful empire; and that they would form, in the new world, what the old world had never known - a government of, by, and for the people."

29 June 2009 Remarks by the President on Energy

26 June 2009 Obama Praises Demonstrators' "Enduring Pursuit of Justice"  President Obama says the bravery of Iranian demonstrators as they face brutality from their government is "a testament to their enduring pursuit of justice," and he said if the Iranian government wants respect from the international community, it must respect the rights of its people.

17 June 2009 Obama’s Remarks on 21st-Century Financial Regulatory Reform  New rules would let markets promote innovation while discouraging abuse.
 •  Treasury Department White Paper (PDF 2.11MB)

14 June 2009 Statement on Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech  President is committed to two-state solution and peace in the region.
 • U.S. Welcomes Israeli Leader's Endorsement of Palestinian State



Obama begins his trip June 3 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for consultations with King Abdullah on issues including the Middle East peace process, energy and terrorism. He travels June 4 to Cairo for meetings with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his long-anticipated speech at Cairo University, which is being co-hosted by Al-Azhar University, regarded as one of the world's leading Islamic institutions of higher education.
On June 5 Obama travels to Dresden, Germany, for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel, a visit with wounded U.S. troops at the military hospital in Landstuhl and a tour of the former Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald. He closes his trip June 6 with a trip to France, a meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy in Caen, and participation in ceremonies commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day. Obama will give a speech at the American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer.


06 June 2009 Obama: D-Day Changed an Entire Century  It was unknowable on June 6, 1944, but much of the progress that defined the 20th century began when Allied forces stormed a slice of French beach only six miles long and two miles wide, President Obama said in a speech commemorating the 65th anniversary of the World War II D-Day landings.

05 June 2009 Obama, Germany’s Merkel Confer on a Range of Security Issues  President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said now is the moment to forge ahead with the Middle East peace process. At a joint press briefing in Dresden, Germany, June 5, Obama said, "We discussed my recent trip to the Middle East and the need for all of us to redouble our efforts to bring about two states, Israel and a Palestinian state, that are living side by side in peace and security. The moment is now for us to act."

05 June 2009 Many Muslims Saw Hope, Change in Obama's Cairo Speech  "The speech gave me hope that change can happen, especially by collaboration and by seeing common ground and interest," 19-year-old Ingy Hassieb said. The Egyptian college student reflected on the words he had heard when the new American president, Barack Obama, came to Cairo with the call to initiate "a new beginning between the United States and Muslims."

04 June 2009 Obama Calls for a New Beginning with Muslims Around the World  Saying he came to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, President Obama told an audience in Cairo that the cycle of suspicion and discord that has defined the relationship for so long must end.

04 June 2009 A New Beginning President Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt.
 • Fact Sheet: The U.S. and Muslim communities around the world (PDF)
 • U.S. Embassy London Hosts Guests for "A New Beginning"

04 June 2009 Remarks by President Obama and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt before Bilateral Meeting

03 June 2009 Obama Opens Talks with Saudi King Abdullah  President Obama says he wanted to seek the counsel of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah as he begins a major initiative to address many of the thorny issues that confront U.S. relations in the Middle East and with the Muslim world.
 • Readout of The President's Meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

03 June 2009 Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on Cairo Speech

03 June 2009 Remarks by President Obama and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Before Their Meeting

02 June 2009 Transcript of the Interview of the President with Justin Webb of the BBC on 1st June 2009.

01 June 2009 Obama Seeks Enhanced Engagement with the Middle East, Europe  The centerpiece of President Obama's five-day visit to the Middle East and to Europe will be his speech June 4 at Cairo University on U.S. relations with the Muslim world, say White House advisers. "President Obama's speech will be an important part of this engagement with the Muslim world, which began in his inaugural (speech) and has continued through venues such as his interview with Al Arabiya, his Nowruz message, and his speech and town hall (meeting) in Turkey," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.
  President Obama speaks with the BBC's North America Editor Justin Webb  (BBC website

29 May 2009 Briefing on Presidents Upcoming Trip to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany and France

29 May 2009 President Obama to Speak to Muslim World from Cairo June 4  Shortly after his election, President Obama announced plans to deliver a major foreign policy speech from a Muslim capitol. This promise becomes a reality June 4, when the president will speak from Cairo. The speech will be about America's relations with the Muslim world, and it is expected to be indicative of Obama's perspective, recently broadcast in an interview with Al Arabiya.

10 June 2009 White House Document on Advancing the Role of Women  Series of documents central to Obama administration’s agenda.

29 May 2009 Obama Administration Breaks New Ground on the Internet  During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama impressed Americans and the world with his deft use of the Internet and social networking technologies. Now his administration is using the Internet to make government more accessible and include citizens in the policymaking process. The Open Government initiative, calls for more citizen participation to enhance government effectiveness and for greater collaboration across all levels of government and with the private sector to harness innovative tools.

28 May 2009 Remarks by President Obama and President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority

26 May 2009 Remarks by the President in Nominating Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court

26 May 2009 Obama Picks Sonia Sotomayor to Serve on U.S. Supreme Court  President Obama announced May 26 that he will nominate U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be a Supreme Court justice. If confirmed by the Senate, Sotomayor, who the president said has "a depth of experience and a breadth of perspective that will be invaluable as a Supreme Court justice," would be the first Hispanic to serve on the highest court in the United States.

25 May 2009 Remarks By The President On Memorial Day

21 May 2009 Obama Sets Framework for Trying Terrorist Detainees  Saying that this generation of Americans faces "a great test in the specter of terrorism," Obama laid out a framework for how the U.S. will proceed in trying and treating detainees accused of acts of terrorism that conforms to accepted U.S. legal practice, and how they will be confined if convicted by U.S. federal district courts or revised military commissions.

21 May 2009 Remarks of President Barack Obama on National Security  President says “There is a core principle that we will apply to all of our actions: even as we clean up the mess at Guantanamo, we will constantly re-evaluate our approach, subject our decisions to review from the other branches of government, and seek the strongest and most sustainable legal framework for addressing these issues in the long-term.”

14 May 2009 Remarks of President Barack Obama at Arizona State University Commencement

12 May 2009 Statement on White House Visit of Middle East Leaders  President Obama to discuss achieving peace in the Middle East.

11 May 2009 Flags at Half Staff for Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week  Proclamation by the President of the United States of America on Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, 2009

07 May 2009 Obama Proposes Massive Global Health Initiative  The U.S. is launching a six-year global health initiative that will help some of the poorest regions of the world fight health challenges that kill people who could otherwise be saved with improved health care, says President Obama.

05 May 2009 Statement by the President on Global Health Initiative

02 May 2009 Weekly Address by President Obama on 2009 H1N1 Flu  President Obama outlines U.S. government actions to address new strain of flu virus.

01 May 2009 Statement by the President in honor of World Press Freedom Day

30 April 2009 Obama Marks His First 100 Days  Marking an odyssey that began 100 days ago when he became the first African-American president in U.S. history, President Obama reflected for long moments before the nation on what his presidency has achieved and what still needs to be done.

29 April 2009 News Conference by the President

29 April 2009 Remarks by the President in Arnold, Missouri Town Hall  In his opening remarks the President took a moment to be retrospective.

23 April 2009 Remarks by the President at the Holocaust Days of Remembrance Ceremony

20 April 2009 Remarks by the President to CIA Employees  Remarks during the President's visit to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

16 April 2009 President Obama on Choosing a Better Future in the Americas  Obama says it's time for U.S. to “move in a new direction” in the region.

14 April 2009 Speech by President Obama on U.S. Economy: A New Foundation  Addresses progress, economic challenges in America’s future.

10 April 2009 Obama Letter to Congress on Funding for Iraq, Afghanistan  Money to support U.S. military, diplomatic and intelligence operations.

07 April 2009 Obama Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq  President Obama made a surprise visit to Iraq April 7, where he said that a gradual withdrawal of U.S. forces will help cement security gains as the Iraqi government continues gaining strength.
 • President Obama's Remarks to the Troops in Iraq

07 April 2009 Remarks by President Obama at Student Roundtable in Turkey  Obama committed to rebuilding U.S. relations with Muslim world.

06 April 2009 Repairing Ties in Turkey, Obama Reaches Out to Muslim World  President Obama completed his first overseas tour in Turkey, where he said America’s new efforts to engage with the Muslim world are part of his administration's commitment to a foreign policy rooted in mutual respect and seeking common solutions to global challenges.

05 April 2009 Obama Seeks World Free of Nuclear Weapons  President Obama vowed that the United States will take concrete steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons. "We will reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and urge others to do the same," Obama said in an April 5 speech in Hradcanske Square outside the medieval Prague Castle in the Czech Republic.
 • President Obama Remarks in Prague, Czech Republic

05 April 2009 Obama Condemns North Korea's Missile Launch  President Obama condemned North Korea's launch of a long-range Taepodong-2 missile April 4 as a threat to the security of Northeast Asia and international peace and security. "With this provocative act, North Korea has ignored its international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations," said Obama.

03 April 2009 Obama Seeks Renewed Trans-Atlantic Ties  The U.S. is taking a new approach to a host of emerging global challenges, but friends and allies such as Europe must shoulder their share of the burden, says President Obama, making the case for renewed trans-Atlantic ties.

31 March 2009 - 3 April 2009   President Obama's Visit to the United Kingdom

31 March 2009 Press Gaggle by Robert Gibbs Aboard Air Force One en-route London, England

31 March 2009 New Afghan-Pakistan Plan a Comprehensive Strategy, Obama Says  America's new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan is focused on dismantling terrorist networks but will employ a wide array of tactics, from strengthening regional security forces to a renewed focus on diplomacy, development and international cooperation, says President Obama.

30 March 2009 President Obama's Interview with the Financial Times

30 March 2009 Obama Heads to Europe with Extensive Schedule  President Obama heads to Europe to address issues that range from the global economy and financial regulation to security, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan, nuclear nonproliferation and the Middle East.

28 March 2009 Press Briefing on Agenda for G20 Summit, NATO Summit, and EU Summit

27 March 2009 A New Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan   Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama

26 March 2009 Obama Urges Renewed NATO Effort in Afghanistan  As NATO prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday, President Obama calls for a renewed commitment to Afghanistan and other shared security challenges facing the 26-nation alliance.

26 March 2009 President Obama to Hold Bilateral Meetings While in London  The President will meet with a number of leaders.

25 March 2009 Obama Names Ambassador to Combat Trafficking in Persons  President Obama nominates Counsel to U.S. House Committee Luis de Baca.

23 March 2009 Barack Obama: A time for global action  President Obama on the urgent need for global economic cooperation.

21 March 2009 President Obama to Focus on Budget Priorities Next Week  In his weekly address, President Barack Obama announced that in the coming week, he will highlight the core principles of his budget: cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term and making investments in long-delayed priorities like energy independence, education and health care reform.

20 March 2009 Obama Calls for New Beginning in U.S.-Iranian Relations  In a special video message to the people of Iran, President Obama called for a "new day" in relations between Washington and Tehran and a future rooted in honest engagement and mutual respect.

20 March 2009 President's Video Message in Celebration of Nowruz
 •  Video of the President's remarks on

11 March 2009 Analysis: Obama Adds Turkey to Upcoming European Tour  By adding Turkey to the itinerary of his upcoming European tour, President Obama seeks to continue America’s outreach to the Muslim world as well as renew relations with a key ally and increasingly active diplomatic partner straddling Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

07 March 2009 President Obama Presses the Case for Bold Action to Address the Economic Crisis  Remarks of President Barack Obama in his Weekly Address

05 March 2009 Visit by President Obama to Europe  The President and Mrs. Obama will visit the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic from 31 March to 05 April 2009.

03 March 2009 Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown  "I think that there are a set of shared values and shared assumptions between us," President Obama said following a meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
 • View video of joint remarks on C-SPAN
 • Watch the PM's speech on C-SPAN
 • Call to Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain

03 March 2009 Financial Crisis Tops Agenda in British Prime Minister's Visit  America's "special relationship" with Britain is more vital than ever as both nations stand together to face a host of emerging challenges, from a global financial crisis to international efforts to stabilize Afghanistan, says President Obama.

27 February 2009 Remarks of President Barack Obama -Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq

26 February 2009 Remarks by the President on the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget
 • Obama Submits U.S. Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2010
 • The full text of the proposed budget for fiscal year 2010 (PDF, 2 MB) is available on the Government Printing Office Web site.

25 February 2009 President Lays Out Economic Recovery Agenda  President Obama spoke to Americans before a joint session of the U.S. Congress about his plans to stabilize, revitalize and expand an American economy that has been weakened and buffeted by an array of conflicting forces, from tight credit to stumbling stock markets.
 • Overhaul of the Economy

24 February 2009 Remarks of President Barack Obama -- Address to Joint Session of Congress

21 February 2009 Weekly Address by the President  President Obama remarks on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

18 February 2009 Obama's First Foreign Visit Is to Canada  Economics, energy and the environment will top the agenda when President Obama makes his first official trip to northern neighbor Canada.

18 February 2009 Statement by President Obama on Afghanistan  "To meet urgent security needs, I approved a request from Secretary Gates to deploy a Marine Expeditionary Brigade later this spring and an Army Stryker Brigade and the enabling forces necessary to support them later this summer. This increase has been requested by General McKiernan and supported by Secretary Gates, the Joint Chiefs and the Commander of Central Command."

17 February 2009 Remarks by Obama at Signing of Economic Stimulus Bill  "Today does not mark the end of our economic troubles. Nor does it constitute all of what we must do to turn our economy around. But it does mark the beginning of the end – the beginning of what we need to do to create jobs for Americans scrambling in the wake of layoffs; to provide relief for families worried they won’t be able to pay next month's bills; and to set our economy on a firmer foundation, paving the way to long-term growth and prosperity."
 • Signed, sealed, delivered: ARRA (White House blog)

17 February 2009 Webchat with Reporter Juan Williams and Forum on Obama's Election  

Juan Williams, a leading news analyst and journalist for National Public Radio, answered questions in a webchat on the significance of President Obama’s election and what it says about America today. The webchat ended with an open forum.

13 February 2009 Abraham Lincoln "Made My Own Story Possible," Obama Says  Marking the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth February 12, President Obama said he feels "a special gratitude to this singular figure who in so many ways made my own story possible and in so many ways made America's story possible."

12 February 2009 Remarks by the President at the Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration  As we mark the bicentennial of our 16th President's birth, I cannot claim to know as much about his life and works as many who are also speaking today, but I can say that I feel a special gratitude to this singular figure who in so many ways made my own story possible -- and in so many ways made America's story possible.

11 February 2009 Remarks By the President at Re-Opening of Ford's Theatre  Michelle and I are so pleased to be here to rededicate this hallowed space. We know that Ford's Theatre will remain a place where Lincoln's legacy thrives, where his love of the humanities and belief in the power of education have a home, and where his generosity of spirit are reflected in all the work that takes place.

10 February 2009 Obama: Spend Now or Face Catastrophe Later  The U.S. Senate passed its version of an economic stimulus bill, one that would pump more than $800 billion into the U.S. economy through a combination of public spending and tax cuts. The bill now must be reconciled with an earlier, different version passed by the House of Representatives. Congress hopes to achieve a compromise between the two bills quickly, in an effort to stimulate the economy by spending on infrastructure improvements, renewable energy projects and health care.

09 February 2009 The First Press Conference by the President

05 February 2009 Americans Need Swift, Bold, Wise Action on Economy, Obama Says  "By now, it's clear to everyone that we have inherited an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the days of the Great Depression."..."What Americans expect from Washington is action that matches the urgency they feel in their daily lives -- action that's swift, bold and wise enough for us to climb out of this crisis."

26 January 2009 Interview of the President by Hisham Melhem, Al Arabiya

24 January 2009 President Obama delivers Weekly Address  In his first weekly address since being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, President Barack Obama discusses how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will jump-start the economy.

22 January 2009 Obama Names Special Envoys for Middle East, Afghanistan-Pakistan  President Obama joined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton January 22 to announce former Senator George Mitchell as his special envoy to the Middle East peace process and Ambassador Richard Holbrooke as his special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan — moves that underscore the new administration’s commitment to renewing America's leadership through reinvigorated diplomacy.

22 January 2009 Obama Orders Guantanamo Shut Down  President Obama issued orders closing the detention center at the Guantánamo Bay U.S. naval base in Cuba within a year and placing new restrictions on interrogation of terrorism suspects. "The message we are sending around the world is that the United States intends to prosecute the ongoing struggle against violence and terrorism and we are going to do so vigilantly," Obama said at a January 22 White House signing ceremony.

21 January 2009 Senate Confirms Group of Obama's Cabinet Picks  In one of his first official acts after being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, President Obama signed papers formally nominating his Cabinet selections and other top advisers. The U.S. Senate subsequently convened and confirmed seven of his 25 nominations.

21 January 2009 Obama Asks for 120-Day Delay for Guantanamo Trial System  At the request of President Obama, trial proceedings of detainees at the detention center in the Guantánamo Bay U.S. naval base in Cuba have been suspended until approximately May 20, a Pentagon official says.

21 January 2009 Remarks by President Obama at White House Staff Meeting  Obama welcomes senior staff, Cabinet secretaries to White House.

20 January 2009 Barack Obama Becomes 44th President of the United States  Shortly after noon EST (1700 GMT) January 20, Barack Obama took the presidential oath of office, becoming the 44th president and first African-American leader of the United States. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts administered the oath of office to Obama on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. "I will faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States," Obama said as he placed his hand on the Bible last used to inaugurate President Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

20 January 2009 Elizabeth Alexander's Inaugural Poem   Poet writes and reads "Praise Song for the Day".

20 January 2009 President Obama’s Inaugural Address   "America, in the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come. Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations."

 • Americans Heed Barack Obama's Call to Service
 • January 20 Is Moving Day at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
 • Michelle Obama Enters White House with Substance and Style
 • Hillary Clinton Outlines Obama's Africa Policy

20 January 2009 A National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation  Moments ago, in his first official act since taking the oath of office, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation, calling on Americans to serve one another and our common purpose on this National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.

State of the Union Address

In his address, Obama cited “a wave of change” that has washed across the Middle East and North Africa.

In his address, Obama cited “a wave of change” that has washed across the Middle East and North Africa.



State of the Union 2014

28 January 2014 President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address  In a world of complex threats, American “security and leadership depends on all elements of our power — including strong and principled diplomacy,” President Obama told the nation in his 2014 State of the Union address.
 • Obama Cites U.S. Diplomatic Goals in State of the Union Address


State of the Union 2013

12 February 2013 President Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address

State of the Union 2012

24 Janaury 2012 A U.S. Economy “Built to Last” Must be Fair, Obama Says   As the United States recovers from an economic recession, Obama said January 24, it needs “an economy built to last” that will support all who want to work, as well as risk-takers and entrepreneurs who will create new jobs in startup companies and small businesses.
 • President Obama's State of the Union Address 2012
 •Blueprint for an America Built to Last (PDF, 8-pages)

State of the Union 2011

25 January 2011 Obama Urges Americans to Meet 21st Century Challenges  In the annual State of the Union address, President Obama urged American lawmakers to support innovative research and educational opportunities as a means of maintaining U.S. economic competitiveness and ensuring its progress in the 21st century. “This is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” the president said January 25 in his address to a joint session of Congress. He was referring to the rapid American technological and scientific response that created the U.S. space program and new economic opportunities after the Soviet Union launched the first satellite into space in 1957. As a result of its quick mobilization, the United States became the first nation to put a man on the moon in 1969.
 • President Obama's State of the Union Address
 • Fact Sheet: Obama's Plan to Win the Future

State of the Union 2010

27 January 2010 Remarks by The President In State of the Union Address  President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address on Wednesday, 27 January at 9:00 EST (0200 GMT on 28 January).


President Obama - Europe

  • President Obama's visit to Europe June 2014

Official Texts

  • Official texts from the State Visit 24-26 May 2011