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London 2012 Games

The United Kingdom has begun the count down to the 2012 Olympics & Paralympic Games which will take place between 27 July-12 August 2012 and 29 August-9 September 2012 respectively.  Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to travel to London for the games.  If you are one of them, the dedicated 2012 pages on our website may be of interest to you in planing your stay and during your visit.  This site will be updated periodically with new information, so please be sure to visit us again and plan early to avoid disappointment!

What to expect from your Embassy

We provide a variety of emergency and non-emergency services to Americans in England and Wales.  You may wish to review the information on the Department of State's website for a list of the services you can expect from us during your visit.  

Additional Information for planning your visit, including important information on security, can be found by clicking on the relevant tabs on the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page.  

The Pre-Flight Zone

  • Video for what you need to do before travelling to the United Kingdom! What you need to do before travelling to the United Kingdom!  View our Youtube by clicking here

London 2012 Games Blog

  • 2012 London Olympics Blog Follow us as we blog on issues of interest to American citizens visiting the United Kingdom for the London 2012 Games. 

Denied Entry to the UK ?

Advice for Americans who have been denied Entry into the UK

U.S. citizens are generally allowed to travel to the U.K. without a visa if they are coming only for tourism and only for a short time.  However, the decision on admission to the U.K. is made by British authorities (the UK Border Agency – UKBA) in accordance with British law.  Under British law, some common activities may not be considered “tourism.”  Religious volunteers, charity workers, interns, prospective students and others pursuing special programs may need to get a visa before traveling to the U.K.  Read more.

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Top-10 FAQs Youtube

  • Youtube video about the top 10 questions when visiting the UK

For American Citizens

Currency Exchange Rates

  • Currency Exchange Rates

    An exchange rate is the rate at which one currency may be converted into another, also called rate of exchange of foreign exchange rate or currency exchange rate. Below are government and external resources that provide currency exchange rates.

    Governmental Resources

    The above resources should be used as a guide only.  Always check with your card provider for their current rate of exchange.